Chapter 1:

(S1) Chapter 2 - Perpetrator


Haywin fled through the large building dressed in her black form-fitting battlesuit, wich a mechanical sword paired with a set of guns to aid her in battle. Regardless of her prosperity with hand-to-hand combat. Leaving many of the other soldiers who have seen her in battle believe that she was from foreign descent.

The Poises noticed her presence as she rushed through the deserted street that led to the main highway which instantly led towards the large pillaring tower that situated ahead of it. Slashing her way through the robotic creatures like they were nothing.

“There are more Poises than usual. What could there be lying beyond this highway?”

The highway itself was deserted, as well. A few cars lying around, with nobody inside of them. It became obligatory for every resident to immediately seek refugee whenever a Pois Raiding occurred. Unfortunately, Poises were known to use their surroundings as extended weapons, such as throwing cars to their targets.

Haywin ran at a faster pace as she felt more aggravated. The situation felt more tense, Poises were appearing from left to right, and she kept getting slowed down by them. Because she had to destroy every single Pois that caught her eye.

“Damnit, I might not even make it in time…”

“Yerda. Initiate Void Pocket.”

Void Pocket initiated. Remaining capacity: 2500 vaals

“That should be enough for the rest of this mission. Yerda, summon Twin Moon Blades.”

Haywin pulled out a black square out of her pocket, she threw it in the air, it served as a sort of inventory for its users. The maximum capacity of Vaal one was able to achieve was no more than 5000. The Yerda allowed Haywin to summon special weapons.

Twin Moon Blades (Tier 3) summoned.

*Yerda summons weapons based on its tier. The higher the tier, the stronger the weapon becomes. However, the higher the tier, the more Vaal one must offer.

Tier 1 – 500 Vaal

Tier 2 – 1500 Vaal

Tier 3 – 2500 Vaal

Tier 4 – 3500 Vaal

Tier 5 – 4500 Vaal

This is but a mere extension of one’s overall powers, however.

Yerda also uses two other specific types of things that would enhance one’s fighting abilities. Which are the following:

Transmuter – This lets its user use Vaal to temporarily enhance any separate material they wish to enhance to aid them in battle. In most cases, it is their own weapons. This also comes in 5 tiers.

Enhancer – This makes its user able to enhance their bodysuits. This is mostly used for its user to be able to jump to great heights, and boost their overall feats. This is not very effective with soldiers who have been under heavy influence of Pois, like Haywin. This only comes in one tier, that deducts Vaals overtime, and often takes a great toll on its user's body.

Summoner – (What I explained above ^^)

Silver-colored dual-wield blades fell from the Void Pocket into Haywin’s hands. She swung through the Poises like a butterfly, swirling around, the sounds of the metals clattering with each other sounded eminent. Haywin seemed to be having her day, today.

She afterwards ran inside the metal Tower, its main gate was strangely closed, and shut off. As if someone did not want anyone to enter it.

It seems like we have a perpetrator inside of the Tower. Be careful, Haywin.