Chapter 52:

Epilogue: Sabbat of the Demons

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“Finally, the Duchess Leviathan ‘ford’ Ingrid from the underwater city.” The voice announced in a firm tone.

The upright man exuded a dignified air. A smile formed at the corner of his mouth. Everything was perfect, or rather, organized!

Perfectly clean and unmarked black clothes, white hair, combed strand by strand, and white gloves to avoid dirt. The covered hand was brought to the chest, bowing exaggeratedly to the guest: the Duchess Leviathan.

The woman with her washed hair, well-groomed skin, and beautiful clothes looked stunning! Someone who made a point of demonstrating her standing before the inner beings was admirable.

“Doing a good job as always, Al.” The Duchess bowed before passing the servant.

Although he found it rude for a noblewoman to greet a lowly butler with a nickname, the man, Baal, decided to ignore it.

“I believe everyone is present…” said the butler, running his eyes down the guest list.

He was about to turn his attention away when he found something that made him frown: three abnormalities. Why would anyone invite those freaks to an event restricted to the elite?

The names written in ‘demonish’ could only be a red herring! ‘Black Beast, Devil of the Orient and Azazel van Elsie, this is outrageous!

Abnormalities were natural enemies of a splendid servant like Baal. They ignored all existing hierarchy, made fun of their Titles, and wasted precious time with inferior creatures like humans.

They probably wouldn't show up anyway, after all....

‘The Devil of the Orient doesn't like meetings, Azazel wouldn't have the guts to show up after the last meeting, and the Black Beast... Hmmm... He's probably dead.’

“Al, aren't you going to ‘announche’ that I have arrived?” The obscene voice reached the man's ears suddenly.

Cold sweat dripped down the butler's back. Unbelievably, she really had appeared.

Although everyone was wearing a mask, you could tell by the clicking of tongues and exaggerated gestures that the guests twisted their faces as they heard the disgusting voice reverberating through the hall. It was one of the abnormalities: Azazel ‘van’ Elsie, a demon who despised good manners and was late to events.

To further demonstrate her disrespect, she was wearing nothing more than a maid's uniform - and what's more, it was a garment worn by humans.

The Infernal Mask was on in a lazy way, as if to say: ‘This is just a cheap accessory.’

Baal clenched his fists. That demon was making a mockery of the great demon hierarchy. It was an outrage! If he could, he would kill her right there, however, a butler defying the Inferno's President was also a disrespect to the hierarchy. ‘Just calm down.’

“Come on, announce that Azazel van Elsie has arrived.” Azazel's voice changed from ‘cute’ to sadistic and intimidated Baal with its obscene aura.

He took a deep breath. He was ready to introduce van Elsie, but...

“Where does this presence come from!?” shouted Duchess Ingrid as she felt the overwhelming pressure coming from that room.

It was nothing coming from Elsie. It was impossible that only an ordinary demon could exude an aura like that. Could it be the Demon King? Would he really come in person to this meeting? If so, then that would be the end of Azazel van Elsie.

“Uhhh! Satiel, protect me!” Duke Belphegor ‘dé’ Halls hid behind his servant.

The nineteen guests – twenty one, adding Elsie and Baal – showed a different reaction to the other side's presence.

‘Traaaaaaaaaaat!’ When the wooden door opened, it was as if an evil flurry flooded the entire room. Two silhouettes stared at each other, one half the size of the other.

“Heh… you guys showed up too!” Elsie said in a contemptuous tone.

The silhouettes answered nothing, just stepped forward and entered the room, spreading hostile air to the nineteen members of the ‘Inferno's Council’.

Baal's eyes widened as he realized who the beings were that had invaded the meeting. No, they were not invaders.

The identity of the silhouettes were known to all. The butler swallowed dryly. He would have to do his humble job: introduce the guests.

“Nakano, the ‘Devil of the Orient’, and the Black Beast…” Baal introduced the two missing abnormalities.

How did this happen? The three beings he hated the most were present at the same meeting. He meant, from the theme of the meeting, he imagined the possibility of Nakano showing up, but what about the others?

At worst, he could think of Nakano and van Elsie at the same meeting but...

‘The Black Beast is in a humanoid form, could that human have really done that?’

If the rude and disrespectful form that invaded the meeting wasn't enough, the Black Beast wore a white cloak with a star in the center. That was the symbol of the church of the goddess Cecily. Could she be being manipulated by religious fanatics?

“It seems that the subject of the meeting interests everyone.” Azazel van Elsie said. “No wonder, he's so cute.”

“A-am I the only one who doesn't know the topic of the meeting?” The trembling Belphegor dé Halls, still behind his servant, asked.

“These young people nowadays don't read an invitation longer than two lines.” Elsie threatened to answer, but was interrupted:

“The subject of the meeting is my new friend, Kurone Nakano, the... the loli... lo... li... Ah! The loliom sleyar!” The Black Beast, speaking inelegantly, replied.

The name ‘Kurone Nakano’ again caused a commotion in the guests, most turned their gaze from behind their Masks to Nakano, the Devil of the Orient.

The Demon Sabbat began inelegantly.