Chapter 54:

Good night, Amelia

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Dear mom, how are you? Have you been taking your medicines properly?

Rin, Eriko, Miss Kanade and Teruhashi don't worry, I will also write letters especially for you. So far this is the second letter I have written (the first one was especially for Raika).

Why these letters? Next time I meet Cecily, I want to ask her if there is a way to send these letters to Japan (hopefully I will meet her without dying).

Since the last letter, several things have happened, one more strange and unexpected than the other:

First, we managed to defeat the marquis Soul Za (or sort of, but what matters is that he's dead!), we returned safely to Miss Sophiette's manor, and there, we found out about the death of the king of Andeavor.

If it wasn't enough that Inri had declared me the ‘Saint of Heretics’, somehow his precious son had become engaged to a princess...

Her reaction would probably be: ‘Hurrah! I'm going to be a grandmother at last!’, but unfortunately, the princess is only sixteen! I am not a lolicon and I have not been rejected by Miss Kanade yet!

Anyway, back to the point. After the burial of the king, we find out that Azazel van Elsie was once again involved in the story. No one knows exactly what that demon's goals are, but one thing is certain: she is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

Still in the cathedral where the king was buried, the most bizarre event of all happened: a loli girl with cat ears invaded the cathedral with an army of half-humans. The invader was carrying an Ingram... a submachine gun! They threatened to blow everything up to ‘rescue’ me. Don't you understand? I didn't either!

Luckily, Inri (a girl also reincarnated) managed to talk peacefully with the hairy-eared terrorist.

Briefly, the little girl named ‘Kawaii Kyuto’ was also a reincarnate and was working looking for more reincarnates around the neighboring kingdoms of Eragon (her hometown). After discussions and more discussions, we were invited to Eragon for a visit to a festival to be held there. Unfortunately, Inri could not go with us.

Sure, there was reluctance on Rory's part, but when she heard Kawaii say: ‘We have a military tank in Eragon’, she changed her mind on the spot. The reason? I don't know! Rory is unpredictable. But a military tank in this world is something very peculiar. From what Kawaii said, there is another one reincarnated in Eragon.

Finally, Princess Elisabella didn't agree at first either, but she eventually accepted. Dora, the Black Beast, said she needed to do something important, she transformed into her bestial form and flew off... It's been a week, and she hasn't returned, I'm really worried about her. You know, it never crossed my mind that I would worry about people from this world, but apparently I was wrong.

Maybe it was because I didn't really have any friends in Japan, so I didn't know ‘worry’ and ‘want to protect’. I hate to admit it, but Raika was right, having friends is cool!

At the moment, myself, Mr. Orcus, Amelia and Rory are close to the border between Andeavor and Eragon. The trip so far has been a pain in the ass (sorry for the swearing, mom!). It is breeding season for the ‘strouths’, so there is a bird traffic jam on almost every road.

Eragon's festival starts in two weeks... and…

“Amelia, what is the name of the festival again?”

“It's called the ‘Festival of the Moon Goddess’, and it's celebrated every four years.”

“Don't have one of those in Andeavor?”

“Hahaha! Hic! Of course not!” A thick voice came from behind the young man.

Kurone's body was thrust forward violently as he received the slap from the hairy hand. The owner of a sloppy physique, unshaven beard, and rough voice was Orcus, the leader of Grain's guard, and at that moment responsible for the safety of the future king of Andeavor.

“Damn, are you drunk at this hour, Mr. Orcus?” The young man scolded the red-faced man.

“We have to enjoy... a.... life... Hic!”

The fire in front of Kurone was burning wood slowly. For the past few days, the chariots had to camp out every night. According to Kawaii: ‘It was very dangerous to walk across the border at night.’

There were eight Eragon carriages spread out across the vast clearing. One carriage was provided exclusively for Kurone's group. As usual, the coachwoman of the vehicle was none other than Amelia.

‘Amelia, Orcus and Rory... What a strange formation,’ thought Kurone, turning his attention to the silver-haired little girl in her fifth sleep inside the vehicle. ‘Will Dora be able to keep up with us? I've had a bad feeling since we said goodbye in Andeavor.’

“It turns out…” Amelia caught the young man's eye and explained: “Andeavor is not a country with an official religion, although more than half the population belongs to the church of the goddess Annie.”

“I see... so this event would only bring discord between the two churches…”

“Three... Hic!... Don't forget the... Hic!... Goddess Lucy.”

“Ah! Inri told me something about that, there are three goddesses... Uuaahhhh…”

“We'd better go to sleep, we don't want to be left behind,” suggested Amelia as she poked at the fire.

“Really, you too, Mr. Orcus, go to sleep!”

“Yes, yes. As Your Majesty wishes... Hic! But I'll have another drink first... Hic!”

Although the location was a clearing on a small mountain, Kurone had no problems with the cold in the last few days. Was it the Body Strengthening? Considering the way Orcus and Amelia also dealt with the cold, this was not the case.

He didn't suffer from the icy wind, he had a comfortable sheet to sleep on, and he was very sleepy, he would probably have peaceful dreams... But it wasn't quite like that.

Since leaving Andeavor, Kurone had started to have trouble sleeping, due to an old nightmare that had come back to haunt him.

When was the last time he had that nightmare? Before he started college life?

The time didn't matter. The most important thing was that the dream was the same. It would start out nostalgic and happy and turn into hell. Once this nightmare started, it was impossible to wake up before the end.

But it was impossible to fight the nature of the human body. As a medical student, he knew this well. The young man's eyes saw the night dimly. He would have to face the infernal dream again...

“Ah!... Good night, Kurone.”

But Amelia's sweet ‘good night’ made the young man's heart warm. He would have the strength to resist the nightmare for one more night. The calm voice of the masculine-looking coachwoman reminded the young man of that little tsundere girl, his sister, Eriko, who would sneak into his room every night and wish her brother ‘good dreams’. Could that be the reason he didn't have nightmares in Japan?

“Good night, Amelia…”