Chapter 57:

Floating island

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Because they had become separated from the caravan, the lead changed to the carriage of the little boy with the dog ears, Nui. Since they had lost Amelia, Kurone drove the carriage slowly — it was time to show what he had learned in all his travels!

It had been five hours since they had said goodbye to the residents of the half-breed village, and the young man was beginning to feel bad for having them say that sentence to Brain. ‘Hmmm… she will probably think it is more of a joke.’

“When you want to switch, just let me know.”

“That was in extremely bad taste!”

“I just wanted to make a joke like the little girl does.”

“Please don't do that again!” Kurone scolded Orcus who was rubbing himself against him.

The deal was for one to keep an eye on Amelia's condition while the other drove, but of course, Rory did what he wanted, and she decided to sleep longer!

“You haven't said anything yet…” The boy turned his attention from the rude guard to the little girl with the blindfold on. She, frightened at first, was still with him.


“You can't speak, can you?”

From what the peasant woman told him before leaving, that little girl was something between a human and a vampire. However, the vampires in that world did not date teenagers or suck blood, they fed on mana.

Probably the girl had undergone some kind of crazy experiment that modified her body, turning it into a life energy sucking machine. The blindfold was meant to identify the girl. It was like a sign saying: ‘Look! This is the rumored vampire half-breed! Don't touch her or you will die!’

What would have been this girl's thought when Kurone touched her? She probably thought that she would live forever without knowing what it was like to have contact with another being. She didn't know a hug or a loving gesture. Yes, an unhappy life!

However, the first touch with another being was something stirring and intense. She had been kidnapped by a stranger!

Still, she didn't care. The little girl was happy just to be at Kurone's side, and this was reflected in her smile.

“I still don't think we should take this child.”

“Orcus, it's been decided. We'll take this little girl to Eragon's orphanage.”

The idea was suggested by Nui. Perhaps because he was someone connected to the science of that world, the little furry-eared boy gritted his teeth and cursed whoever had turned the girl into a monstrosity. He was sad too, after all, he couldn't touch to try to help her, but from what he explained, people from the orphanage could help.



“Nature is calling me, but this little girl won't let me go, what do I do?”

“Just go!”

“But she won't let me go! Please… I have to go! Let go!”


“Haha! Now turn around, Nakano!”

Sleep breaks were reduced by three hours, and the driver change in Kurone's chariot took place every half day.

Since he had managed to relieve himself in a bush, there had been six driver changes, that is… three days had passed!

‘Where the hell was the caravan?!’

In his last conversation with Nui, the boy had said: ‘There are two more days until Eragon.’ By Kurone's reckoning, they were one day from the city, but there had been no sign of life for miles!

“Are we there yet?” Rory repeated for the fifty-ninth time the irritating question in his usual cold tone.

“Rory… I will gag your mouth with this blindfold.”

“Humpf. You can try.”

Of course, Kurone's psychology, which was already not the best, was worn down. It would only be a matter of time before he would shoot high with Rory’s rifle until the others appeared.

“Hey, Nakano!” shouted Orcus. It was probably another stupid remark. “I wonder what that little girl's eyes look like?”

“Hmm… I don't know. She bit me when I tried to remove the blindfold.”

“Still haven't given it a name?” Rory commented.

“Why are you bothered? You never call anyone by their name.”

“It's because they all go better with ‘idiot’. That should be the name of all humans.”

“Hey!” Orcus shouted, clearly annoyed.

“Ahhh! I've been giving too many names lately…” The young man looked at the little girl clutching his arm. “I've got it! Your name will be Frederika!”

“Frederika? That's a very normal name. Any special reason for this name?” asked the guard.

“She reminded me of a magical girl in a manga I used to read. The heroine's name of the magical girl was Frederika.”

“I don't know what this ‘magical girl’ and ‘manga’ thing is, but if they inspired you, then fine.” Orcus finally shut up.

“Kurone! Wake up Kurone!” The rude man's irritating voice snapped Kurone out of his peaceful sleep.

Bedtime and dinner were completely extinguished due to the lack of supplies. It was decided that Orcus would sleep during the day and Kurone at night, and Rory… She again did what she wanted!

The young man was becoming increasingly worried. The deadline set by Nui passed in the blink of an eye, but Amelia had not woken up. Even though the little boy said ‘she will wake up soon’, Kurone still held an uneasiness in his heart. It was just like that time in Japan with the girl he admired so much. At least this time the doctor was someone kind…

“What? Is it time to change places?”

“It's not that, we seem to have arrived at the place, but…”

The boy looked at the scene ahead. The place that was supposed to be Eragon's kingdom was perhaps only a little larger than the capital of Andeavor.

A sea of grass spread over the entire kingdom and… that was it! There was only grass! No houses, people, castles, or anything indicating human presence.

Was it really there? There was nothing, absolutely nothing! Was it a trap? Kurone used the Holy Eye to expand his field of vision. ‘Vooosh!’ The left eye hidden by the fringe glowed in an intense yellow. The brain, imbued with an insane amount of mana, scanned the night scene in an infrared filter.

It picked up a few signs of life: pseudo-rabbits running through the tall grass. Nothing else. Disappointing!

“What is this nonsense?” Rory, who had just woken up, spoke up, irritated.

All the time wasted to get there was for nothing? Amelia got hurt because of a stupid prank?


Kurone was about to get down from the carriage and take issue with Nui, when the little girl beside him, Frederika, pulled at his cloak. She pointed upwards with her small fingers.

“It seems that the place is right here,” Orcus sighed as he looked at the place pointed out by Frederika.

Following everyone's gaze, Kurone also raised his head to the night sky, to see the majestic construction floating above their heads. Since it was night, they did not realize how close they were to the city.

The expression that best described their situation was: ‘It was right above their heads the whole time!’

Kurone Nakano's group had arrived in Eragon, the city-kingdom, according to Inri, ruled dictatorially by the church.

The festival of Goddess Annie would begin in a week.