Chapter 58:

Rifle, sniper and submachine gun: The mortal symphony

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Kurone had that doubt from the moment he had been reincarnated: ‘Don't the laws of physics apply to this world?’

Inri had warned him before he left not to refer to Eragon as a city, but rather as a kingdom. The place was like the Vatican. At first a city, but in the year 1300 of the Magic Age, the church declared independence.

In the end, it was an illusory independence, as Elisabella had clarified that the country received resources from Andeavor. ‘They are a bunch of religious NEETs.’

The city, kingdom, country, or whatever it was, was floating in the night sky. Yes, it floated! It was a real island in the sky! How was it there?

After encountering dragons, demons and beasts, Kurone thought that nothing else would surprise him, but he was completely wrong. What was this unexpected turn of events? If he had looked at the sky a few days ago, he could have seen that island and would not have been so angry.

“It's all beautiful and everything, but how do we get up there? I don't want to climb up a rope,” Rory made another of her usual comments.

But she was right. Not everyone could climb up a ladder or a rope. Would there be an escalator nearby, or would it be too convenient?

The young man scanned the scene, but found nothing with a shape close to the objects he imagined. Before turning his eyes back to Rory, Kurone saw a small boy approaching.

“Nui!” he greeted the little boy with the canine ears.

It took a few minutes for his short legs to traverse the space between his carriage and Kurone's.

“We have arrived, Mr. Nakano! We're here at last! Roof!”

“We've barely arrived, and already I want to leave. How are we going to get up there?”

“C-calm down, Miss Rory, there's a very quick way up…”

“Get down!” shouted Kurone.

Luckily, the Holy Eye was still active, if it wasn't… a .338 caliber bullet would have hit Nui right in the face. ‘Crack!’ The bullet lodged itself inside the carriage. ‘Amelia!’ Kurone yelled internally, but there was no time to run and make sure the coachwoman was okay. Kurone heard another ‘crack’, the weapon was being loaded again!

“Rory, they're in the trees!”


Orcus pulled Nui by the collar of his doctor's clothes and hid behind the carriage with the little boy. A wooden vehicle would not protect them, but Kurone shrugged. For some reason, the sniper's focus was on Rory.

“Don't move!” ordered the young man, to which the pair nodded with a ‘right!’.

‘Bang!’ Another shot passed grazing Rory's head. The projectiles were wrapped in mana, which gave Kurone an advantage in seeing that flow. It would be easy to dodge like this, however….

‘Voosh!’ The bullet ricocheted off a rock and back into the arrogant little girl's back. It was as if the bullet was being guided by a remote control.

“Damn!” As fast as she was, there was no way for the loli to dodge. However, she surprised Kurone once again.

The sense enhancement allowed the young man to see Rory syllabizing the following: ‘Chan-ge-pla-ce.’

By the time the comprehension reached his head, it was too late. Kurone had his back to the projectile… yes, he had switched places with the arrogant loli!

‘Clack!’ The sickening sound of the bullet entering human flesh echoed. “Argh!” The place hit was the shoulder. ‘What the fuck does that loli have on her head?!’

Kurone rolled for approximately five meters before touching the hit site and writhing in pain. In the end, it was only a momentary pain.

Somehow, after being blessed with the Holy Eye, the young man's [Self-Recovery] skill increased exponentially. A wound like that would heal in a matter of minutes. Was this really the influence of the Eye, or maybe it was something related to the contract with Dora?

“Argh! That was something terrible, Rory!!”

“You are still alive, why are you complaining? You are only useful at these times.”

There was no time to counter-argue with the wretched loli. The shooter was ready for another round.

“This is a game of two. Where are they?”

“Over there!”

Rory squinted her eyes in the direction the boy had pointed. Within seconds, a black object materialized in her small hand.

The advantage of the military rifle was clear. From the shots, Kurone deduced that the shooter's weapon was some kind of ‘AWM’. It would take a few minutes for the sniper to prepare the next shot. In the meantime…


‘Bam! Bam! Bam!’ Rory would not let that gap pass!


‘Bam! Bam! Bam!’

“Rory! It's two people! They're going up the mountain!”

“I won't let them.”

‘Clack!’ The rifle lock shifted. The sick automatic mode was on. ‘Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!’


Through the Holy Eye, the young man could see the flow of mana from the two silhouettes running back and forth to avoid the loli's shots. With nowhere to run, the sniper duo approached.

‘Bang!’ Despite their close proximity, whoever was handling the sniper did not lose accuracy. Kurone and Rory were forced to use a log as a trench.

‘Bam! Bam! Bam!’


‘Bam! Bam!’


The AWM's reload speed increased. Not even a highly trained soldier could do such a feat. The bearer of the weapon was not someone normal! ‘Bang!’

In one hour, their bullets would run out? If they also used mana as ammunition, that battle would stretch on for a few more hours, maybe days or even months. It would then be a battle of who could take it the longest. However, Kurone could play at this for a whole year and his mana would not run out.

‘Bam! Bam! Bam!’


“Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata!” A different sound echoed through the hostile air, bringing the deadly symphony to an end. It was like the noise produced by typewriters. If I was not mistaken, that was the roar of the submachine gun carried by Kawaii: an Ingram M10.

The consecutive shots were not aimed at anyone, they were simply lost in the night sky.

“Oh, what are you doing?” That irritated voice was familiar. The cat-like speech tone and the childlike silhouette could belong to none other than the little girl with black hair and purplish feline ears.

“Ms. Kawaii! Roof!”

Orcus and the little boy, who were sheltering uselessly behind the carriage, appeared when they heard the sound of the submachine gun.

“Aren't you going to answer me? I've seen you! This is no way to treat our guests!” The girl shouted at the shooters behind the bushes.


“Guests? How disrespectful!You didn't warn me that we would have nasty demons invading MY land!” The male voice overpowered the childish one.

The bushes rustled, and two silhouettes emerged from them.

The first to emerge was a young man with long red hair and fancy clothes. In contrast to the arrogance emanating from that young man, the little girl next to him kept her body rigid and her eyes moist. Even though she looked like a helpless little animal, Kurone closed his eyes when he saw her holding, or rather, hugging the AWM.

The pair coming out of the bush was the target of Kawaii's scolding gaze. “What kind of crazy idea was it to shoot our guests?”

“I, as a noble hero, could not ignore the presence of a demon in MY holy city. But don't worry, I managed to neutralize the aberration!”

What was he talking about? Rory was standing right next to him…!


Kurone heard a pair of feet touching the ground. It couldn't be. It was impossible. Frederika was sleeping inside the…


The blindfolded little girl jumped out of the carriage with her hand over her chest. There was blood all over her tattered clothes. Was that the first shot? Was it aimed at Frederika sleeping inside the vehicle?

Seeing the young man in the white cloak, the little girl tried to walk further, but her body would not allow it.

“…! …! …! …!”

Kurone froze. All he could do was stare at the almost crawling little girl. What was happening? Was this real?

The final blow woke the young man up to reality.

“…! …! K… K… Kuro… Kuron…” The almost inaudible voice contained a pleading tone. She was begging, but lost her strength before she could finish. How could anyone do that to a child?

Before reaching the group, the blindfolded little girl staggered and fell to the ground. The blood kept pouring out. Could Nui perform emergency surgery? How could anyone save her without touching her body!!!?

‘Clack!’ The trigger was unlocked. No, it was not that of a weapon. It was that imaginary trigger that Kurone vowed never to pull again. He was on edge.

First Amelia, and then Frederika. Every man had his limit, and in order not to let it all pile up to overflowing, one had to pull the trigger to vent one's anger.

“I just…” The speech of the arrogant redhead was interrupted by the shadow in front of him.

Not even Rory could keep up with the speed of her companion. In a matter of seconds, Kurone was in front of the monster that had shot Frederika.


The last thing the arrogant redhead young man saw before he blacked out was Kurone's furious fist, enveloped by the deafening scream.

‘Crashhhhhhhhhh!’ The sickening sound of bones, teeth and who knows what else breaking echoed through Eragon's night air.

The arrogant redhead in noble clothing was hurled for over two hundred meters, shattering trees and rocks.

Before he could be reprieved, Kurone's exhausted body collapsed. The last thing his vision caught was his hand in a pitiful state, with fingers bound by a thin layer of skin. How could one punch do so much damage? Blood was also dripping from his mouth, forced to the edge of his scream.

This always happened when he lost control, like that time in Japan…