Chapter 18:

Legendary Meridians Part 2

Legend Of Yuki: The Wrath Of The Tailed Asura

Right as Elder Nishikawa spoke, a white streak of light burst into the room. It began to dim before transforming into a white paper crane and landing on Elder Nishikawa’s hand. The paper beak opened, and Takeichi’s voice could be heard coming from the paper crane. “Elder Nishikawa. We need you to come to the recruitment area. We have a girl here with…. One hundred and eight meridians….”


Almost all the elder’s heads exploded upon hearing this. Elder Nishikawa’s mind went blank for a second before suddenly disappearing in a streak of light out the window. The paper crane slowly fluttered to the floor before turning into balls of white light and floating up into the air before it reached the ground. After almost an entire minute, the other elders suddenly snapped back to reality, and all stood up at the same time.

“Damn it, she is going to get a head start on us!” All the old men in the room also disappeared in a streak of light, chasing after Elder Nishikawa.

Back down in the open field. Kenji was watching things from the side with a mocking smile on his lips. He had been waiting for the show to start. He wondered what the street rat did to gain the ire of both the senior disciples who were doing the test. He gloated at the fact that a street rat even thought she could join the sect in the first place. “Heh. Serves you right!”

Seconds later, multiple figures suddenly appeared in the air, catching everyone’s attention. These were the elders of the sect people who stood up high on the power ladder of the sect. Only the direct disciples of the sect master and the sect protectors were above them. Their word was law.

“Little Rin, is this the girl?” Elder NishiKawa floated to the ground. Her beautiful womanly figure caught the eye of the young disciple hopefuls mainly because her chest had two bountiful lumps on it that liked to bounce with each step she took.

“Elder Nishikawa! You can’t just go and try to jump the gun on us!” The group of old men also landed and rushed over.

Yuki, seeing the group of people walking over, frowned. She wondered just what was going on. It never dawned on her that her having one hundred and eight meridians would cause a fuss. She gazed coldly at the old men walking up and unconsciously put her hand on the hilt of her sword while taking a step back. She was not really too fond of old men.

Elder Nishikawa frowned when she heard the old men behind her until she realized that the little girl was actually taking a defensive stance. This made her lips curl up as she stopped and turned towards the old men. “You are scaring her! Stand back! I am the only one who can redo her test anyway. So get back, you old coots!”

“You! Elder Nishikawa!” The old men knew they could do nothing because they really could not walk over and place their hands on the chest of a young maiden! With pursed lips, they stop in their tracks. “Then hurry up and verify it!”

“Humph!” Elder Nishikawa walked over to Yuki and smiled as she knelt down to be more at her height and said: “Don’t worry. I am an Elder of the Heavenly Cloud Sect. My name is Elder Nishikawa. I am just going to do the same test as Little Rin here.”

Yuki nodded and released her grip on her sword. Seeing this, Elder Nishikawa smiled as she gently placed her hand on Yuki’s chest. Her spiritual qi spread out through Yuki’s body, stopping at the fate meridian. She did not need as long as Rin to do the test, but she checked all three parts of the first evaluations at the same time. The more she saw, the more she was stunned. In her mind, she was going over what she had discovered. ‘Thirteen years old, one hundred and eight meridians. All of which are legendary yin yang meridians with veins wide enough to boost one's cultivation to the max!’

Elder Nishikawa was stunned. Such a young girl, and her aptitude for cultivation was crazily insane. She had only ever heard of yin yang meridians, and now she was actually seeing something that was only written about in ancient texts! Elder Nishikawa took a deep breath before smiling and placing her hand on top of Yuki's head. “Little one, what's your name?”

“Yuki….” Yuki replied flatly. She did not say any more.

“Hehe… Yuki is a beautiful name. Then Yuki, as of now, you pass the first phase of the tests. The second phase will not start until tomorrow, so how about coming with me? You can take a bath, and I will also get you a new set of robes.”

Yuki thought for a moment and was not sure if she should follow this woman or not. She had a hard time trusting anyone. But she really did wish to bathe and get new clothes. Plus, this woman was an elder of the sect she was going to be joining, so it would not be good to get on her bad side. With a slight nod of her head, she decided to take up Elder Nishikawa’s offer.

“Good! Come. I will bring you to my immortal cave.” After saying this, Elder Nishikawa put her arm around Yuki’s waist and then turned into a stream of light, carrying the girl off and leaving everyone there speechless.

“Ahhh! That woman stole her! Hurry after her!” The elders who were waiting for the results and to speak to Yuki to try to make a good impression on her suddenly realized their target was stolen away! They once more turned into streams of light and charged after ELder Nishikawa.

As for Rin and Takeichi, they were stunned at what had just happened. But they knew one thing. The little girl had passed the first phase of testing. Probably the ones who were the most dumbfounded were Kenji and Ai. Kenji because he was waiting to see the girl get kicked out but instead witnessed her being taken away by the elders. And Ai because she never thought that the young girl she felt pity for was something amazing. There was no way around it. For a street rat to be taken away like that meant one thing! She was a talent that the sect wanted no matter what!