Chapter 60:

Tour of Eragon

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“We got off on the wrong foot, so why don't we introduce ourselves again? Nyah?”

Seeing that everyone nodded in agreement, she continued:

“I'll start! My nyame is Kawaii Kyuto. I am the leader of the half-humyans, and in my past life I was a South Korean nyamed Kim Suk-Min, an idol-addicted otaku. I… died in a shamyeful myanner and I don't want to commyent on it! Who goes now?

“Next up is ME. I don't think anyone has forgotten, but I will be benevolent and introduce myself again. My magnanimous name is Rhyan Gotjail. As I said before, I am the great hero…”

“Nyah! Stop stalling and tell us about the past life!”

“Hmpf! I'll do what I want, but I'll be benevolent and talk. My former name was Igor Fernandes, and I was an ordinary young Brazilian. That is all you need to know. Wanting to know more is a violation of my privacy. Now it is you.”

Noticing the master's look, the shy little girl took her turn:

“M-m-my name is Fran! I-I am master Rhyan's slave! I-It's a pleasure to meet you all!”

“Ahhh! So now it's me! My name is Kurone Nakano. I'm Japanese and twenty years old. It's a pleasure to meet you… Rory?…”

“I don't have to answer.”

“And this here is Rory Nakano! My little tsundere sister!”

“Who the hell gave you permission to call me ‘Nakano?! And this ‘tsundere’!? Do you want to die that badly?”

Kurone shrugged off the loli's hostile behavior and went back to devouring his delicious plate of who knows what.

After the confusion in the bedroom, the group of reincarnated people — and Fran — moved to the kitchen, with a table filled with spices unknown to the young man.

As they walked down the vast hallway on their way to the kitchen, Kurone gained important information about the situation he was in.

The place he woke up was the room of a place secretly called the ‘Institute for Reincarnated’, but in the eyes of the people, this place was a simple orphanage. This had been the place mentioned by Nui in the carriage.

At that moment, Amelia and Frederika were in a special room, being accompanied by several doctors. According to Kawaii, to move the ‘cursed little girl’, magicians who mastered [Levitation] magic were needed.

The prediction was that Amelia would be recovered in two days, and as for Frederika… she was already fine! Being half vampire and receiving Kurone's mana helped in the quick recovery. The little girl was like the young man, who possessed an ability similar to [Self-Recovery].

“Nyow that we have all been introduced, how about a tour of Eragon? I have somye things to buy, and we will also myake reservations at the inn.”

“Humpf! I have better things to do! I don't have time to waste on sightseeing.”

‘This guy…’

“I-I will stay with Master Rhyan!”

-”And you… Rory, aren't you? Are you comying with us?”

“I'm more interested in that tank.”

“‘Tank’? Ah, that old tin can! It's in the church. We'll go there later.”

“So if we're going to pass the church anyway, we'd better stay together. I'll call Orcus.”

“I don't think that will be nyecessary.”


With just a flick of Kawaii's finger, the kitchen door opened, knocking an overweight man into the room. “I should have used a glass to listen!”

Orcus had probably overheard the entire conversation, but to him, things like ‘reincarnated’, ‘otherworldly’, and ‘otaku’ sounded like alien words. He was like an elementary school student in a college classroom.

“Na-Nakano! I was just passing by and…”

“Okay, okay. I don't need to tell you what we're going to do now… but I wanted to check on Amelia and Frederika before I left.”

“Nyah! Everything will be fine. Nyui will take good care of them! You nyeed somye distraction after all that's happenyed.”


Unlike the gaze of the people of Fallen — angry, delinquent, and incorrigible — that of the residents of Eragon seemed to be charged with fear.

They all walked with their heads down.

Morbid eyes widened at the sight of the young man crossing the square. Well, it was not for nothing. In that country, unlike Andeavor, the official religion was that preached by the church of the goddess Annie. Someone walking there with a cloak from the church of goddess Cecily — Cecily! — was a real affront. But Kurone couldn't care less.

The boy frowned and continued to walk with his head held high, demonstrating his position to the hostile stares. Pathetic. He had been through worse in Japan! Compared to that time, this was absolutely nothing.

Glancing at Rory, Kurone noticed that she was a little restless. The abnormal tuft of hair was swaying from side to side. In fact, the arrogant loli had started acting strangely since her troubled encounter with Azazel van Gyl.

According to Cecily, that was not Rory's first time in that world. Was there a possibility that she would meet van Gyl? The little girl had many secrets, but honestly, it didn't matter at that moment. At least for that moment. Kurone had more important things to worry about. It wasn't as if he was going to die for neglecting them just yet.

Sighing, the young man shrugged and shifted his gaze to the place they were approaching: the largest of all the buildings in the city-kingdom. However, the church was not yet the group's objective.

Kawaii suggested registering at the inn first, because the institute could not accommodate everyone comfortably.

There were crowds and more crowds all over the place. It was incredible. The influence of Earth could be seen in the tents being built for the festival that would soon take place.

Kurone recognized a yakisoba stand and another with fishing games. Indeed, the reincarnated had a great influence on the Lunar Goddess Festival. The thought led the boy to wonder: ‘Whose plan was it to gather reincarnates into Eragon?’ Considering the reincarnated little girl's appearance, he kicked that Kawaii would be no older than fourteen.

For an influence to take root like that, it would need customs and new habits to be repeated for decades until they became part of the local culture. The young man's guess was that the person responsible for gathering the reincarnated was someone in his seventies, and this person was also the owner of the Institute for the Reincarnated.

“Hey, Kawaii…”

‘Gwraaaaaaaar!’ The question was interrupted by a deafening scream followed by a shudder. He didn't have a second's peace anyway! However, the most bizarre thing was the reaction of the residents.

Instead of panicking, the people simply shook momentarily and then went back to their business. What were they thinking?

‘Gwraaaaaaaar!’ The roar was closer. It could not be for less, after all, the owner of the roar was a bizarre looking creature! Kurone could see it clearly from the position he was in.

In the distance, the creature's shape was like that of a giant grayish stone. The beast's tiny head and obese body were supported by nothing more than a pair of small wings. Yes, fuck the laws of gravity! In that world, gravity seemed to have a will of its own, and decided who could float.

‘Gwraaaaaaaaaaa!’ The beast would invade the city in a matter of seconds, but nobody cared.

“Rory, the rifle!” Even before the order, the arrogant loli already had the weapon in hand. All she had to do was pull the trigger and send the beast back to hell.

“Wait. Just look,” Kawaii scolded the pair.

Wait for what exactly? Reluctantly, Rory lowered her rifle and just stared at the approaching creature.

“H-hey Nakano, that thing is going to kill everyone!”

“Wait, they must have something in mind,” Kurone tried to calm Orcus.

Should they really trust Kawaii? Indeed, Ingram could eliminate the monster, but it didn't look like she had any intention of fighting. When they separated from the caravan, she didn't even bother to look for the scattered carriages.

In the end, he could just trust, considering that that little girl also had a love of life and didn't want to turn into monster feed.

‘I just hope that thing there doesn't turn into another loli…’

‘Gwarrrrrrrrrrrr!’ The creature shouted one last time, before it reached the city wall.

Why was there a wall in a floating city? From what was happening, at that moment, Kurone was only sure that the inhabitants of Eragon were not normal.

Maybe the wall was a mere ornament, or maybe it really could be of some use, but the young man would question Kawaii about this another time.

Within ten seconds, the creature arrived at the wall, ready to spew flames all over the city. Considering its size, it would succeed, and its first targets would be the people in the square.