Chapter 9:



The train station in Magus was filled with random citizens, with the same goal of journeying to the capital of the Edessa Kingdom for safety. They all had black circles under their eyes, pale skin and not a single smile. The acts of war are truly terrible indeed, not only for the soldiers, who fight to protect the people, but also the innocents that just try to live a normal life, those who were forced to abandon their homes in order to survive. 

Amongst the crowd two women were trying so hard to blend in, they both had hoods over their heads, covering their beautiful faces and a strange aura around them. It was clear that they were trying to hide the fact that they were mages. 

The first girl's name was Christina Strider, she was a beautiful young girl, around 23 years old, wearing a red, short sleeved bodysuit, long brown pants that covered her legs, a short, red cape with white fur around the ends of the hood and a pair of brown heels. Her most notable feature however was her aggressive, yet beautiful blue eyes that seemed to look like they could replace the sky. Her elegant, straight, brown hair reached her waist, which indicated that she likes to take care of it. 

The companion next to her was Alexandra Marou, an intelligent woman with black glasses that sat over her red eyes, which contrasted her neck-length, black hair that framed her face and kept some strands on the right side of her face. Just like her hair, the jacket she had on top of a white shirt was also black, a skirt hid her waist and thigh highs covered her legs. 

Alexandra looked around and noticed that all of the men and some of the women were staring at her, which made her panic and grabbed Christina by the collar of her cape. 

Alexandra: "Why did you make me wear this?!" - She said nervously.

Christina raised an eyebrow before she giggled and said cheerfully. 

Christina: "Oh c'mon, you look so cute in that skirt! I thought you wanted people to notice you more!" 

Alexandra: "it's not like I want their attention or anything!! And if you think the skirt looks cute then why aren't you wearing one?!" 

Christina blushed and held her hands down in embarrassment. 

Christina: "Well I uh… I don't want people to look at me…" 

Alexandra: "Why, because you are short?" - She said mischievously.

Christina: "So we are going to talk like that, huh? If you haven't noticed yet, my intimidating eyes are the only thing keeping all those men around us from talking to you. What do you think will happen if I just go to the bathroom for a second?" - She said as she made a peace sign and walked to the bathroom. 

Alexandra: "No, no, no, no I'm sorry I called you short, please don't go!" - Her face began to turn red. 

Christina turned around to wink at her, but as she did that she noticed two men with hoods over their heads following her inside. She washed her hands and splashed her face, but when she faced the mirror she saw the two men standing behind her with wide smugs. 

Joe: "So what do you think, Henry? Is this one really worth killing? I mean look at her!" 

Henry: "You are talking with your balls, Joe! Of course she is worth killing, did you see how much her heart is worth?!" 

In this world the mages are born with a unique mutation, upon birth the mage is born with one random organ crystalized. The crystal organs don't do anything practical and work pretty much like any other organ. However they are more of a downside, since they are made out of pure crystals they are really expensive, a deal which is irresistible to mage hunters who do this for a living. 

Christina: "Hey, I'm here, you know?" - She waved at them and said amusingly.

Joe: "Awww look how cute she is when she acts all tough!" 

Henry: "Stop this, you idiot!" - Henry grabbed Christina by the arm and dragged her to the exit. "You are coming with us!" 

Christina: "Oh wow you are such a gentleman." - She twisted his arm and fingers, the man growled in pain and bent over as she giggled. "Care for a dance?" 

Henry: "Go to hell, bitch!" 

Christina: "Boring…" - She punched him in the face and knocked him out unconscious, at that moment she shifted her gaze to Joe with a nice smile. "Would you dance with me?" 

Joe: "Oh fuck that, I'm sorry, Henry!" - Joe said before he ran away. 

Christina: "Why was he so scared, I wasn't going to hurt him that much? Anyway, I guess I should head back before something happens to Alexandra…" 

Upon exiting the bathroom, she observed Alexandra surrounded by a group of men, she sat comfortably on a chair with her legs crossed, her cheeks completely red and the men appeared to be worshiping her. 

Man 1: "Would you marry me?" 

Man 2: "No, I'm going to be a better husband!" 

Man 3: "Become my wife and we can have lots of children!" 

Alexandra's cheeks turned even redder, she closed her eyes and upon hearing those words she punched the three men in the faces. 

Alexandra: "YOU PERVERTS!" 

She saw Christina coming out of the bathroom, took her hand and quickly dragged her inside the train, then took a seat in one of the cabins on the train. 

Christina: "What, couldn't handle the love those men had for you?" - She said in an amusing tone. 

Alexandra: "Those idiots tried to get married to me, of course I will run away!!" 

Christina: "Oh wow, don't underestimate the power of the skirt!" - She giggled.

Alexandra: "Very funny…" 

Somebody knocked on the cabin's door, Alexandra raised an eyebrow before opening the door. In front of her stood a young woman with a baby boy in her hands, she looked worried and a little terrified, her black hair was messy and she had dark circles under her eyes. 

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, but can we please stay in your cabin? My son is sick and all of the other passengers refused to let us in, can we please come in?" - The woman asked, nearly tearing up. 

Alexandra: "Of course, please come in!" 

"Thank you so much, you are a lifesaver. It's just that everyone is seeking shelter in the capital, so the trains have more people than they can handle." 

Christina: "It's okay, we are always looking forward to helping. My name is Christina and my friend here is Alexandra. What's yours, if you don't mind me asking?" 

"My name is Phillippa and this here is my son Yakon." 

The train began to move and a little more light came inside the cabin, for the first time she was about to take a good look at the baby. He was less than a year old, no hair, his skin was as pale as the clouds and he was crying. 

Philippa: "Shhh it's okay, my love, we are safe now." - She whispered to her son. 

Christina: "Here let me help you…" 

Christina reached out her hand towards the baby, but Philippa backed away out of terror.

Christina: "Just trust me, I'm not going to hurt him. May I please help?" 

Philippa allowed her to touch the baby on the stomach. Christina's hand engulfed in green flames, that seemed so gentle and beautiful, like they were dancing through the air. In a matter of seconds, his skin returned back to normal and stopped crying. 

Philippa: "You are a mage? Oh my gosh, how can I repay you for healing my son?!" 

Christina: "Please, you don't have to repay me anything, the pleasure was all mine." - She smiled warmly.

Tears appeared in Philippa's eyes as she hugged Christina. 

Philippa: "Thank you so much! You two are the first people ever since… ever since…" 

Alexandra: "Take it easy, you don't have to tell us, if it is too painful." 

Philippa: "No, it's okay. You are the first people who showed us any kindness ever since my husband died in the war. With him out of our lives I wasn't able to pay our bills and we were kicked out of our house, so we decided to move to Allenwall to live with friends. I've been walking for days with Yakon in my hands, but I couldn't feed him properly so he got sick and now here we are." 

Alexandra: "I'm so sorry for everything that happened to you, I truly mean it. You are such a strong woman for making it this far, you have my deepest admiration and also my condolences for your husband." 

Philippa: "I'm so glad that even in these tough times we can still find a little comfort and warmth. Thank you once again!" - She said with a light blush on her face. 

Christina couldn't help, but felt sorry for everything the woman had been through. For comfort, she reached out to her necklace, it was the last thing her father gave her before he passed away, a silver necklace with a beautiful blue gem. She was the youngest daughter of a nobleman. The young girl has endured more bullying from her sisters than anyone could imagine.

"'Christina, is so perfect!' I think Christina is pathetic, she can't do anything, not to mention how ugly she is." "The only reason father keeps you is because you are a mage, you know that?""What a bitch!" "Sometimes we wish you didn't exist, Christina, if only you could disappear just like you came!" "Maybe you are the reason, mother left us when you were born!" "Go to hell, ugly whore!"

Those were the words, and many others, that Christina used to hear everyday from her sisters, whenever she tried to fight back at them, they pulled her hair and bullied her even more. She didn't know why they hated her so much. "Is it because I was born a mage?", she used to think. When she was sixteen her father died from cancer. After their father passed away she left the house, her goal was to learn more about her magic and help the normal people who needed her. That's when she met Alexandra, who had the same goals and ambitions.

While everyone was sitting comfortably in their cabins, reading newspapers, looking out the windows or sleeping, the sound of an old gun spread across the hallways, it was a loud bang. The passengers screamed in panic, before somebody yelled. "HEY, SHITHEADS, STAY DOWN, IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIVES! AND HAND OVER EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, OR ELSE I WILL SHOOT YA IN THE BLOODY FACES!!" - A deep male voice spoke in a foreign accent. 

To be continued…