Chapter 61:

Winged Amazons

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

‘Craaack!’ The sickening sound of something hard colliding with glass echoed through the air. It was unbelievable, but the beast made a ‘crack’ in the sky.

It was a matter of moments before the ‘crack’ disappeared, however, the eruption in the monster's head was still there.

“See? Nyo nyeed to be alarmyed!”

“What the heck is going on over there?” shouted Orcus, doubting what his eyes were seeing.

“Keep calm, Nyah! The city is protected by a myagic barrier. The barrier is fed by the samye myagic fountain that myakes the whole island float.”

Kurone could only be impressed by the explanation. ‘So there's something that makes this island float…’ In his head, he had imagined that, like most things in that world, there was no explanation for the city floating. ‘I figured it floats because it does, and that's it. But there is a modicum of logic here.’

However, one doubt still bothered him: how did they get up there? How did they transport the coachwoman and three unconscious people, one of whom could not be touched?

The young man simply closed his eyes and shrugged. What happened, happened, no matter how unbelievable it was. He would approach Kawaii at an opportune moment. How many questions have already piled up?

“Are you sure that monster won't attack us?”

“You are too worried, Orc, the barrier has always protected Eragon. But, the best part is about to begin, Nyah!”

The fearful guard turned his attention to the spot pointed out by the slender fingers of the half-human. Kurone did the same when he heard Orcus cursing something.

“W-who are they?”

Seeing the boy's surprised look, Kawaii puffed out her small chest and announced arrogantly:

“Tsc, tsc. You are underestimyating Eragon. That little myonster is nothing. Look, those are Winged Amyazons, from my personal guard.”

At the indicated spot, five girls in silver armor stretched in a relaxed manner. How could they stretch in those heavy armors? It was not something to question at this point of the championship. He had seen Sophia's fight against the orc. Apparently gravity had not yet been invented in that world, or the one that existed was bug.

After three minutes of calisthenics, the Amazons picked up the blades left on the ground and cast a sharp glance at the beast that continued its dastardly attempt at invasion.


“Uooh!” The young man leapt backwards at the sight of the unexpected movement.

From behind the silver armor, pairs of wings suddenly sprouted. Probably those armors, with specific openings for wings, were made exclusively for those warriors.

Feathers flew as the five girls took off, stealing the attention of the villagers setting up tents for the festival.

“Let's end this in a multiple attack!” shouted the first girl, apparently the leader.

Following the order of the Amazon in front, the others stopped in midair and reached out as far as their arms would allow.

‘Vooosh!’ The four-foot spears were hurled like tridents, and without fail, they entered the scales of the beast.

“That Bolder is going to become Amyazons' dinner!”

‘So that's a 'Bolder'," Kurone thought, as he recalled his conversation with Noah while on their way to the capital. The maid had talked a bit about the monsters of that world, and among them was Bolder, a giant dragon.

According to Noah, Bolders, although they were D-Class demonic beasts, were docile and fed on mana. They would not attack unless someone provoked them.

By the way, the monster classes ranged from F to SSS. In other words, that D rank monster was still dangerous.

‘Gwraaaaaaaar!’ The suffering scream of the beast brought the young man back to reality. After the last roar, the monster plummeted. Since there was no earth, the lifeless body kept falling for many, many meters until it hit the ground. Not even the thick skin could survive that fall, even in the unbalanced gravity of that world.

Without bothering to check on the monster's death, the Amazons turned their backs and landed near Kawaii.

“Nyah, doing a good job as always.”

“Just doing my duty, Ms. Kawaii,” the girl's steady voice answered the energetic little girl. Beautiful golden strands were revealed as she removed her silver helmet. Her blue eyes and erect posture gave the impression of a true leader.

Behind them were two other girls, one approximately 1.95 and the other 1.65 meters. And finally, behind the three, two others were whispering and giggling in an unobtrusive manner.

Their heads were adorned with golden hair, each of different lengths and styles.

“Nyah, I told you, you don't have to be so formyal.”

“Haha! The guy over there was scared shitless of Bolder.” The 1.95 meters giant Amazon teased Orcus.

The guard frowned. Just that. It was clear how much Orcus had changed since he had been betrayed by Edward. The former Orcus would bawl and point a sword at the rude woman. Everyone got weird after that incident!

“Let's not get off on the wrong foot. We've had enough trouble already. These are our guests.”

“Huh? Are you going to say that that kid over there is the guy who defeated the Black Beast?” the rude Amazon made another comment. It was amazing how similar she was to Orcus.

“Yes, him!” Seeing the overreaction of the five girls, Kawaii continued: “That's Kurone Nyakano, on the left side is the Orc, and on the right... Whoa, where's the girl?! Rory, wait!”

“Fuck you,” replied Rory, who was already walking away from the group.


After the confusion in the square, which lasted a few minutes, the Amazons apologized for their rude companion, and the group led by Kawaii headed for the church. The little girl half-human said she would need to report to the ‘Rector’ about Bolder's attack. The innkeeper would have to wait. They could sleep another day or two at the institute.

“You don't scare me like that anymore! I thought you were kidnapped by a lolicon! Argh!”

“Don't be an idiot, you useless stupid dog. I would never be kidnapped by a pervert, I just didn't want to wait anymore. That woman was getting on my nerves,” said Rory.

“‘I would never be kidnapped’? Those are very interesting words, coming from the person who was kidnapped by Edward.”

“Do you want to die? I did that on purpose.”

“Here we are!” The feline scream interrupted their discussion.

The cathedral. It was not much different from the Andeavor buildings in size, but there were many details. The white columns were true works of art.

Would it be disrespectful to enter wearing the cloak of Cecily's church? Kurone didn't mind, but he would probably get into trouble with some religious fanatics. In any case, he didn't have time to exchange the cloak for the blue overcoat given to him by Sophia.

“I'll talk to the ‘Rector’ real quick and comye to show you where the war tank is. You can go in and wait on one of the benches.”

Kawaii pointed inside the cathedral and took the stairs to the second floor of the building. Orcus was the first to enter, then the delinquent loli, and finally...

Kurone stopped before he set his second foot on the church floor. What was that feeling? He looked to the sides, but all his vision captured were the white walls of the building.

“Hey stupid dog, what the hell…”

Something was definitely wrong. In seconds, the young man's world literally went gray! Rory, who would probably insult him once more, froze, her mouth still open. The same had happened to Orcus.

‘What the fuck is going on here?’ However, Kurone was an exception. His body was still moving freely.

“Rory! Orcus! Can you hear me!?”

It was useless. None of them responded. Their still faces didn't even blink. Kurone tried to pinch the arrogant loli's arm... but nothing happened. What was going on?

“You've got a lot of nerve coming in here with that cloak on, freak.” The mysterious voice echoed throughout the interior of the cathedral, sending a shiver down the young man's spine.

Descending from above like an angel, a girl landed beside Kurone. There was no other word to describe her but ‘beautiful’.

Her long pink hair spread in the air. The only item the girl was wearing was a white ‘yukata’, adorned with red flowers.

After a beautiful landing, she turned her red eyes to the surprised young man. The beauty was approximately five meters away from him.

“So, freak, you really came. That was faster than I imagined. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the oldest of all the goddesses. I am the Lunar Goddess, Annie, and you have something that belongs to me. If you don't want to cooperate, terrible things will happen…”