Chapter 21:

Spiritual Qi And Strength Testing Part 1

Legend Of Yuki: The Wrath Of The Tailed Asura

The next morning Yuki stood on the grassy field while everyone else slowly woke up. She looked at the disciple hopefuls, wondering just how many would fare today. The sun had just risen over the mountaintop when Rin’s voice echoed across the field. “Wake up! Time to start the next test!”

“Ahhh! Who dares wake me!?” Kenji roared as he opened his sleepy eyes. He had not slept much because he kept thinking about the street rat girl who had gotten the favor of the elders. He just could not let it go. As he slowly crawled out of the tent, his eyes locked on a young beauty standing under the early morning sun's rays. Her pearly white skin looked soft and smooth, making him want to go over and poke her cheeks. The long straight black hair that looked like black silk flowing down over her shoulder and cascading down her back gently swayed in the warm summer breeze.

Her big watery eyes and small nose that sat on her small face made him want to rush over and protect her from the harshness of the world. He had never seen such a beauty before! “When did such a beauty come here? Did I miss her yesterday due to all the commotion?”

Kenji was so captivated by this new girl that he could not take his eyes off her. There was just one thing that seemed off. She seemed to have no expression whatsoever as she looked at Rin. he felt like he had seen this expression before. But he could not put his finger on where he saw it.

“Kenji!” A loud voice entered Kenji’s ear, causing him to almost jump out of his skin. “Ai! Don’t do that!”

“Well, you were not answering! What are you looking at? Hmmm?” Ai grinned as she looked in the direction Kenji was staring and immediately spotted the cute girl standing there. After a few seconds, her eyes went wide, and she almost burst out laughing. She gave her brother a wry grin before patting him on the shoulder. “Life is tough.” After saying this, she walked forward to join the rest leaving a confused Kenji behind. He had no idea what she meant by these words.

“Okay, line up like yesterday! We will now test your spiritual qi and strength. These are quick tests. But anyone who has spirit power below yellow and strength below orange will not be allowed to join.” Rin explained as four large black and white stones suddenly crashed into the ground on each side of her. There were two sets of black and white testing stones. Rin walked over and stood in between one set while Takeichi stood between the other. “Quickly line up!”

On her words, all those who passed the first round were already lining up. Once again, Yuki waited in the back and was somehow second to last. A tall girl with long black hair tied up into a ponytail and a long sword on her back was once again behind her. Yuki turned and glanced at the girl, who gave a small nod. Yuki replied with one of her own before turning around. For some reason, Yuki felt that she and this girl were the same. Why she felt this, she did not know and did not dwell on it too much. She did not know how much she would be interacting with many people within the sect. After all, to her, everyone could be considered an enemy.

She watched as the first person went up to the white stone. From what she heard from Rin’s explanation, the white stone only needs you to inject your spiritual qi into it. The face of the stone will then light up with different colors. It starts off as light gray before turning to yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, silver, and gold. The same went for the black stone as well. Each stone had the same function but had different ways of testing. The black stone needed to be punched, while the white stone only needed you to inject spiritual qi. Except for the black stone, you have three chances at it, and your highest score will be recorded.

Yuki had no idea just how strong she was, but she had to control the flow of her spiritual qi so that her demonic qi was not detected by the stone. She still had the technique cast on her to hide her demonic qi, but she wanted to be careful nonetheless. As for the strength part, she could then utilize her demonic qi to boost her strength, boosting her prowess to a six fate star cultivator.

Once more, the disciple hopefuls went up and did their tests. Some didn’t even get to take the strength tests as their spiritual qi was too weak. Yuki wondered just what would make a person's spiritual qi weak if they were able to reach the first fate star and above. She could sense that some of these people’s cultivation was even higher than hers. It was precisely for this reason that she wanted to join a sect. Because only here would she understand the dos and don'ts.

Ai walked up to the white statue and took a deep breath. She was quite nervous because she had seen some nobles being told they had failed. She knew that most of the reason was because their foundations were weak, and they used many pills to boost their power. This was something her family would not allow. While they could use qi pills, they could not rely on them alone. She did not even want to remember the medical baths she had to take in order to strengthen her foundation and body. It was one of the most painful things she had ever experienced.

“Place your hand on the stone and inject your spiritual qi into it.” Rin was hoping to get this over quickly so she could get to the exciting part! Watching the newbies beat each other up!

Ai nodded and placed her hand on the white stone. After taking another deep breath, she held it in and began injecting her spiritual qi into it. The white stone instantly began to light up. Light gray, yellow! It passed yellow and went to orange before finally settling right on the green mark.

“Green, not bad. Now test your strength.”