Chapter 1:

Volume 1, Chapter 1: Summer Vacation Begins

Reclamation Battalion

Sitting here, my brain hears something it almost sounds mumbo jumbo. I only take a look around where did it come from, and there are still some people. It could be one of them but all of them are too far more than 5 meters. And my head feels... foggy, even I have sleep enough this morning.

"Ugh, man! He's late." as I said annoying. I lay down on the flat rock bench. I'll have to use my hands as a pillow.

"Hm, this bench looks long enough to become my bed."

It didn't took long before I've fallen asleep.

My name is Alexander Toshiro Ting, 17 years old and a high school student. My friends and parents called me Alex, simply because it’s short enough.

It's a sunny day in the morning and today is my first day of summer vacation. The first day... and what I get is a brain fog. It feels hot since it's a sunny day. Thankfully, a bunch of palm trees line up alongside street walk. Plus, the feeling chill of the wind and hearing the wave sound feels relaxing.

Well, this is not the first time that happens. I was getting brain fog two years ago. The teacher got mad when I didn't pay attention and my classmate laughing at me. Thankfully, that is a one time. I thought it will never happen again.

But three months ago, it happen again. And it started every month. I don't know why, but I thought it was not a big deal. Even so, that didn't stop my mom not worrying and taking me to the doctor. They didn't find anything wrong with me.

What I do know is, it's happening after I have a dream. I can only hear the voice but can't make up what it is. But I decide to ignore it. I'm sure it will go away soon.

...or so I thought. Man, my head is killing me.

As I open my eyes a little bit before going back to sleep again...

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"Hey dude, what's up?!"Bookmark here

A guy came out of nowhere pop up at my face.Bookmark here


My torso getting up in a reflex action and my brain feeling in shock.

"Rafiq, what the hell? You scared me!"Bookmark here

Taking a look at the guy who laughing at me. This guy is my classmate, and my best friend, Rafiq.Bookmark here

He has a tan skin and black bowl haircut. He wasn't ugly, I just think he's look average. But he was a friendly guy who never afraid to express himself. You can feel with him around, you're feeling comfortable with him, including me.
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"Alex, you're sleeping way too much."Bookmark here

It's not like I wanted to, I just can't help it. Anyone would want to lie down with their head spinning.Bookmark here

"Are you trying to become Sleeping Princess?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I been waiting for a prince to wake me up!" We laughed. "What took you so long, Rafiq?"Bookmark here

He folded his hands with a clap sound. "Sorry about that, bro. I was about to come early, but I was detained by my mom doing housework."Bookmark here

I can tell he's feeling guilty for being late at the meeting. His whole body are sweating and his breath rapidly puff.Bookmark here

I was only waiting for him for almost an hour. Well, at least he came at time. Otherwise, I would keep sleeping until evening.Bookmark here

Strangely, my head feels clear now. Probably because of shock feeling.
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"Oh, look at the time. Come on, let's go Alex. We can still make it." when he takes a look at his watch.Bookmark here

"But the parade is already stared an hour ago. It most likely over."Bookmark here

Just a week ago they announced a military parade at Penang Island. Apparently, they said the war is almost soon. Of course, I never heard it once the enemy begin to surrender.Bookmark here

I heard that The League of Dames has almost reached the capital of Union of Amazon and it's only a matter of time before they're surrounded. So, the Amazons have no choice but to surrender.Bookmark here

"Better than not coming at all, come on!"Bookmark here

"Alright, I'm coming."Bookmark here

But before I follow him, I've pick up a flyer on the bench I took earlier.Bookmark here

Taking a look again, I smiled. It was a military recruitment flyer. It says "Come and join us. Only you can stop Amazon invasion." with an attractive female officer making a pose like trying to call us to take her hand. Back of the flyer, there are list of recruitment post location across the New Malaya.Bookmark here

One of the lists is where I was born and raised, Penang Island.Bookmark here

"Alex, are you coming or what? I'm going to left you behind."Bookmark here

The war may be almost over. But I didn't want to join because I want to fight, because I want to explore the world.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm coming. Ah! Wait for me, you little-"Bookmark here

This guy. He trying to make a run for it as if he wants to race me. I see he still got some stamina left. Well, I'm not going to lose him.Bookmark here

And so, this is my day of summer vacation begins.Bookmark here

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