Chapter 1:

IRL meet up

That time I became a idol producer.

"Good damn, its too hot in here.."
I screamed loudly in my 3x3 box one-room apartment. If your asking who I am,the names Takahiro and Im a Hikikomori who spends his time  reading manga and supporting my favorite idol groups online. I have every photobook of the idol group from hokkaido called "Kyu-T*Bunni." My life is mundane and simple and thats how I like it,Normal and simple.Bookmark here

Thats until I heard the doorbell ring..
Who could it be?! my parents?,my landlord?,did i forget to pay my rent? The door now seemed like a giant RPG boss now.. I crawl to the door and slowly open it saying "yes..?" And what i saw through that door was something id thought id never see in my life:A cute girl n real life.Bookmark here

"Are you mori-morisan from 2wiit?" She says with a cold stare,her cheeks red,eyes and hair a cool jet black with twin-tails,she looked 15,but i could tell she was much older...20 maybe?Bookmark here

I thought for a while and I remembered my conversation on 2wiit before. could this be....Peroperopengu?!Bookmark here

"You wouldnt be peroperopengu,would you? i say scratching my head.Bookmark here

"Yes." said the girl "And i wanted to know if you'd be up to being a producer for a idol group im making."Bookmark here

Whaaat?! my social anxiety is kicking in,outside?!,im a Hikikomori! Not a idol producer!!!Bookmark here

She just stared at me humming a song named "YOU LOOKED AT ME CHUU 2-NITE" by Kyuu-T*BunniBookmark here

God shes adorable,and im a guy,and im a loser,so im going to do it.Bookmark here

"Sure" I say looking away shyly.Bookmark here

"Alright then," She says while pulling out flyers "Lets go scouting in Akiba!!!"Bookmark here

I get surprised and jump backwards "WAIT!" I say while scratching my head "I don't even Know your name!"Bookmark here

She puts her hand on her up and says to me, "The names Aika,and don't treat me like a child because im 20!"Bookmark here

"Ah,Im Takahiro,Im 21." Internal note saved,peropero's real name is AIkaBookmark here

And this was the start of my idol producer journey.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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