Chapter 1:

Slave to the Wolf Queen (Enri × Lupusregina)


Beautiful, that was the only word that Enri Emmot could use to describe Lupusregina Beta — the maid that served Lord Ainz Ooal Gown. It had been well over two months since the lewd maid had been ordered to watch over Carne Village and during that time many things had transpired. However, the event that stuck out in Enri’s head was that night the village was attacked by the Giant of the East.Bookmark here

Lupusregina had saved Enri’s lover, Nfirea Bareare, from death when a stray troll attacked them. The maid had managed to hold back the might of the troll’s arms as it tried to crush Nfirea without any effort. Not only that but she was able to heal him completely as if it was nothing. Enri wanted to be strong like the maid but she knew all to well that she was weak.Bookmark here

“Enri, are you okay?” Nfirea asked with a puzzled look.Bookmark here

Enri realized she had been lost in thought as her mind recalled what she was doing.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m fine, just trying to make sure we have everything to keep the village running.”Bookmark here

“If you want I could do the rest of the earns if you want.”Bookmark here

“That would be great, thanks.”Bookmark here

Nfirea headed off as Enri smiled and waved. She had a lot on her mind. Being the village chief was tough work. There was to much to take care of and barely enough time to focus on anything else — including her own needs. However, Enri knew she didn’t have time to waste. With Nfirea taking care of the duties for the time being she would have at least an hour to herself.Bookmark here

“Hey-o!”Bookmark here

Upon hearing the cheerful voice that she knew all to well Enri turned around to see the glistening beauty before her. Standing at one‑hundred seventy‑one centimeters was the brown-skinned beauty of Lupusregina. With her red hair tied in two long braids and twilight golden eyes she was the height of feminine beauty from head to toe.Bookmark here

“Miss Lupusregina!”Bookmark here

Without thinking Enri rushed over to her and wrapped her arms around her neck.Bookmark here

“Rape!”Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry I—”Bookmark here

“Relax, I was just making a cute little joke.”Bookmark here

Seeing her cute smile Enri couldn’t help but blush slightly.Bookmark here

“So, what are you up to?”Bookmark here

“I was taking care of some duties as chief but Nfirea took over some of them for me. That gives me about an hour to myself.”Bookmark here

“You sound stressed.”Bookmark here

“You have no idea. I could use some time to myself.”Bookmark here

“Hm. I think I know of a way you could help yourself,” Lupusregina said with a sly smirk.Bookmark here

As Lupusregina whispered softly into Enri’s ear the girl couldn’t help but turn a deep shade of red — like a cherry.Bookmark here

“A-Are you sure about that?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, just let your big sis Lupusregina help you out, okay?”Bookmark here

Grabbing Enri by the hand Lupusregina led the girl to the abandon warehouse used for storing food and other survival items. The place was dim but still had enough light that Enri could see the area around her. Once Lupusregina closed the door however the area around Enri grew dark.Bookmark here

“M-Miss Lupusregina?”Bookmark here

“Just relax Enri.”Bookmark here

Before Enri could move she felt something around her waist.Bookmark here

“I can’t see.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, that’s the point. I can see clearly but you won’t be able to. For this to work you need to do as I say, okay?”Bookmark here

“R-Right…”Bookmark here

Before long Enri could feel Lupusregina’s hands and fingers explore around her body slowly. Peeling away her clothing Enri felt a slightly coldness in the air but realized that it was minor with her now naked body pressed against Lupusregina’s soft and warm body.Bookmark here

“Now Enri, you are under my control for one whole hour.”Bookmark here

“O-Okay…”Bookmark here

Lupusregina made her way over to a wooden crate as she led Enri behind her. Sitting atop of the crate Lupusregina showed her true face as she smiled sadistically. Using the sole of her foot she pushed Enri into the ground.Bookmark here

“Now Enri of Carne Village, serve your Wolf Queen by liking my shoes,” Lupusregina said, her voice now cold in tone.Bookmark here

Without warning Enri felt the tip of Lupusregina’s shoe enter her mouth. Enri could do nothing as she started to suck on her shoe. So, this is Miss Lupusregina’s true side, Enri thought as she tried to get her eyes to adjust to the darkness of the warehouse.Bookmark here

“Lick it good my pet.”Bookmark here

Enri continued to lick the tip of Lupusregina’s shoes until she could feel something rubbing against her face.Bookmark here

“This would be better if you remove my shoes pet.”Bookmark here

With a simple nod Enri reached out her hands in the direction where she believed Lupusregina’s feet were. After sliding her hands a bit down legs — feeling the fabric of her thigh‑high white stockings — Enri managed to remove her shoes. Lupusregina couldn’t help but smile as she shoved her foot into Enri’s mouth once again. Enri sucked gently on Lupusregina’s stocking toes as she pulled in and out as if giving a blowjob.Bookmark here

As she continued to suck she could feel Lupusregina’s other foot explore her naked body all over from head to toe. Enri couldn’t help but moan as Lupusregina ran her foot over Enri’s most sensitive area. Pleasure started to fill Enri’s mind as she continued to lick and suck on Lupusregina’s foot. The minutes continued to past as Lupusregina teased and played with Enri. Part of Enri hated that she couldn’t have a pleasurable release due to Lupusregina’s sadistic personality but she could not deny that she enjoyed Lupusregina being in control.Bookmark here

“In about ten minutes I will have to leave.”Bookmark here

“Please don’t go.”Bookmark here

“Aww. You want your reward don’t you?”Bookmark here

“Yes please…”Bookmark here

With a sadistic smile Lupusregina pinned Enri down to the ground and placed her foot against Enri weakest area.Bookmark here

“Out of all the humans I find you the most interesting. So, today I will be nice and let you have your reward.”Bookmark here

“T-Thank you…”Bookmark here

Lupusregina smiled as she moved her foot slowly between Enri’s legs. As if without trying Lupusregina had managed to make Enri moan out in pleasure as a rush of pleasure released from between her thighs.Bookmark here

“Oh my, it seems you weren’t kidding about needing a break.”Bookmark here

Enri couldn’t help but blush.Bookmark here

“Well, I need to head back but next time we see each other I can help you out again,” Lupusregina said with a large grin on her face.Bookmark here


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