Chapter 23:

Spiritual Qi And Strength Testing Part 3

Legend Of Yuki: The Wrath Of The Tailed Asura


A loud bang rang out. A cloud of dust filled the wair blocking everyone’s view for a few seconds. What they saw shocked them. The black stone did not light up at all! Instead, Elder Nishikawa stood in front of it with her hand stretched out. Within that hand was a smaller fist of a young girl. “Yuki, are you trying to break the stone!? We only have so many of these!”

Yuki felt slightly nervous, wondering if her demonic qi had been found out, but as she raised her head and looked up at Elder Nishikawa and saw her smiling face, she felt slightly relieved. She retracted her fist and stood there without a word.

Elder Nishikawa sighed. She had come here to keep an eye on things in case something happened, and now she was glad she did. With her one hundred and eight meridians, Yuki was someone who was able to skip cultivation realms and fight those much stronger than her. These testing stones were not meant for people with such strength. And they cost the sect a lot of spirit stones and many years of time to replace!

She looked down at her palm, which stung a little. Seeing the red mark, she felt slightly happy. This girl was going to become someone great. She wanted to make sure Yuki got the help she needed in order to grow stronger. When the other sects find out about her, they would either try to pull her to their side or try to kill her. This thought alone made Elder Nishikawa frown slightly. She had to do what she could to make sure Yuki had time to grow and protect herself without restraining her too much. Too much pampering will result in her being unable to survive in the world of cultivation. Evil hearts were things many people had. She did not know what Yuki went through, but she still had to learn the cruelty of the world of cultivation.

On the boy’s side, Kenji’s eyes were burning with greed. Such a girl would definitely be his in the future. No matter what, he would need to figure out a way to make her his even if he had to result to lowly means. But he also knew if he acted too hastily, things would not work out well. As cultivators, they had time. He just needed to wait and keep the ants away from her until then. If he got her to be comfortable around him, he could easily…..

This entire time while everyone was having their own thoughts. Yuki just wanted to know one thing. Did she pass or not! “Pass?” Yuki finally spoke.

This one word floated across the entire area. Her voice was soft and sweet and was enough to make many want to cuddle her, male and female alike. However, it would be a cold day in hell before any man was able to cuddle her. Men were something Yuki did not care too much for. She did not trust them. If they were not from her clan, she would not speak a word to them unless she had no choice but to. If they were too pushy, she would just draw her sword. But even with her expressionless face, as soon as she spoke, she gave off an aura that made people want to protect her.

“Ah! Yes!” Elder Nishikawa nodded. “You passed. Go stand at the side.”

Yuki gave a slight nod before walking over to where the other girls were. Elder Nishikawa said a few words to Rin before disappearing. She went back to watching things from afar. Ai, who watched Yuki walking over quickly stepped forward to speak to her. She figured this was her chance to finally say a few more words to her. “That was quite amazing!”

Yuki looked up at the young girl who had a bright smile on her face and wondered how long it had been since she smiled like that. She had completely forgotten what it meant to smile and feel happy. While she had felt she was moving in the right direction, she was never happy. She never looked at her powers in a way of saying: I have reached this height, so I am already amazing for my age. No…. She looked at it as if any gain was only a small drop in the ocean. She still had to move forward and grow stronger.

Ai felt like she was being ignored and a little shy under Yuki’s sudden intense stare. Although the stare was unintentional, it was enough to make one feel subconscious about themselves. But Ai was not one to give up easily as she said: “You look good in those robes. After cleaning up, you become a beauty.”

Yuki tilted her head sideways and wondered if she really looked all that good. She would prefer to have her ears and tail showing. Only then would she look beautiful. After all, her fluff was the most important part of her looks!

“Ah! Another golden light!” A girl cried out, causing both Ai and Yuki to turn to look at the white pillar that was now glowing gold. It was not as bright as when Yuki did it, but it was still quite bright. Yuki saw the tall girl who stood behind her pressing her hand on the white stone pillar and felt she was indeed special. She began to wonder if one needed to go through extreme hardships at a young age in order to gain greater power early on.

Elder Nishikawa suddenly appeared and placed her hand on the tall girl’s chest, and examined her again. “Oh? Sixty meridians? Not bad. Punch my hand.”

The tall girl did not understand why she was punching Elder Nishikawa’s hand at first, but after remembering what happened to the girl in front of her, she figured it might have something to do with the stone pillars.

She did as she was told and punched Elder Nihikawa’s hand with everything she had. A small puff of dust spread out from under their feet upon impact, but there were no loud bangs or anything like that. It was a bit underwhelming compared to what Yuki did. But even still, Elder NishiKawa still praised her. “Not bad, not bad.”

After a moment’s thought, Elder Nishikawa turned to Rin and said: “Rin, when these girls go to the outer sect, put this girl and Yuki into the same courtyard.”

“Yes, Elder Nishikawa.” Rin nodded and smiled. She could see that these two girls were going to become her junior sisters not just by sect standards but also under the same master!