Chapter 24:


Legend Of Yuki: The Wrath Of The Tailed Asura

After all the tests, only fifty people were left. Fifteen girls, the rest boys. Rin looked at the small number of people left and frowned slightly. “Such a small number this year….”

“Not everyone can pass. Just because they reach a certain criteria doesn’t mean they will be able to pass all the tests.” Takeichi was also slightly surprised. He had heard the last recruit took in almost five hundred people. “Sadly, most of these hopefuls will end up in the smaller sects boosting their strength. We may not be able to have just two top sects in this kingdom anymore.”

“I don’t know. The number of disciples does not make a sect. It's the powerhouses behind them. Even with thousands of disciples, a sect can not be considered strong unless they have higher ups to make them strong.” Rin, for once, was speaking in a logical sense.

“That is true. Plus, we got some new disciples this year that are quite strong. Our Heavenly Cloud Sect will come out on top in three years' time as long as those who join today grow.” Takeichi was talking about the ten year annual battle between sects. It was sectioned off into different divisions from outer sect to inner sect and then the heavens’ chosen. It was more of a prestige battle if anything, but to come out on top would mean more resources for the sect as well. Which made it worth attending

“Alright, time is up. We should now hold the last portion of the entrance test. Even though everyone passed, this will allow these newcomers to learn not to be too arrogant. Although two of them might outshine the rest, which is fine.” Rin grinned. She wanted to see the newbies beat each other up.

“Your true feelings are showing,” Takeichi said with a chuckle. “Let’s make a bet. Five spirit stones.”

“Huh, what kind of bet are you trying to make?” Rin did not understand why she would bet. It was already very obvious that this whole thing would soon be a one sided show. She had faith that her Yuki would make mincemeat out of everyone here!

“How many of them will actually try to fight the golden duo.” Takeichi knew that he could not bet on who would win since it was clear as day, but to bet on how many were up to the challenge was another story.

“Ah! Good idea. Okay, I will take your bet and say ten will try to fight my Yuki!” Rin replied with a grin.

“When did she become yours? If I recall, she has only said maybe three words to you this entire time.” Takeichi rolled his eyes. This girl always got ahead of herself.

“There will be plenty of time to bond! I will make sure to protect this little junior sister. I mean, how can I not when she is this cute.” Rin's eyes fell on the black haired beauty who was being fawned over by another girl. She really wanted to cuddle her!

“You say ten, huh? Alright, I will go with fifteen. If one person more than ten challenges her, you will owe me five spirit stones!” Takeichi felt like this batch of newbies would definitely try to fight the little girl.

“I say five!” A voice came from behind The two, causing them to jump. They turned to see Elder Nishikawa standing there with a big grin on her face. She looked at the two’s surprised faces and pursed her lips: “What? I can't join in on the fun? I'll tell you what. If one of you win, I will pay out ten more spirit stones. But if I win, you only need to pay two. This way, it can be said as an elder of the sect, I am not taking advantage of the disciples. Plus, this is just a small bit of fun.”

The two stared at Elder NIshikawa with eyes that said yeah, right. She will definitely go back on her words. Elder NIshikawa snorted, seeing their suspicious gazes but not saying anything back. Then a grin appeared on her face as she asked: “So when will you two become dao partners?”

“Hah!” Rin yelled out: "Who would want to be a dao partner with this stinky man? He doesn’t know anything."

“I wouldn’t want to be associated with this brute of a girl either. She is more manly than I am.”

“You!” Rin stamped her feet. She might be on the tomboyish side, but she was definitely a girl!

“Alright, enough fighting. Get the final test underway.” Elder Nishikawa gloated at their bickering. Serves them right for looking at her like she would go back on her words.

On the side, Yuki was standing there listening to Ai chatter nonstop about things. What she was talking about, Yuki did not know since she was not paying much attention to anything. She just wanted to get these tests over with so she could go back to cultivating like she always did.

“Are you listening?” Ai pouted. She felt like she was being ignored.

Yuki turned and looked at Ai but didn’t say anything. But this seemed to be enough for Ai, who began talking non stop again. “By the way, watch out for my brother. He is a bit weird. But I must ask that you do not cut him down or anything unless he does something that crosses the line, like trying to touch you or something.”

Yuki thought about it and figured she could at least hold back enough not to kill him if he caused her trouble. Maybe…. So she gave a small nod to show that she agreed. She then looked up at the tall girl on her other side who had been standing close to her the entire time and noticed that she seemed to be nervous. No more like her legs were shaking? Yuki suddenly came to a realization and took the girl’s hand and pulled her as she began walking towards the tree line. She was only doing this because she felt a kind of connection to this girl. They seemed to be the same, or at least this was the feeling she was getting. Plus, she could see the girl was in a bit of a bind, and since she was like her, she would not speak out.

The tall girl was slightly confused at first but realized what Yuki was doing when she saw her heading towards the tree line. She looked at Yuki with a bit of surprise in her eyes. She suddenly felt very grateful towards this girl. She had noticed her predicament. When they got to the tree line, Yuki pointed to a large tree and said softly: “Go. I will wait….”