Chapter 25:

One Vs. One Battles Start!

Legend Of Yuki: The Wrath Of The Tailed Asura

The tall girl quickly did her business before returning. She looked at Yuki and bowed her head slightly as she said: “Thank you.”

“Mmm….” Yuki nodded and began walking back to where the females were. Rin seemed to be explaining things while Elder Nishikawa was staring at Yuki with a small smile on her face. She had seen what had happened between the two girls, and she felt kind of relieved. This meant that Yuki was not completely broken on the inside.

The tall girl looked at Yuki’s back and bit her lip before saying: “Nana….”

Yuki paused her steps when she heard the girl speak. She turned and spoke softly: “Yuki.” It was at this time that the two had officially met. It was also at this time that a bond between the two had begun to form.

“Okay, we will start the matches by drawing lots.” Rin’s voice rang out. She had a box sitting in front of her on a small table. All they had to do was reach in and grab a lot.

This time there was no separation between the new disciples. Everyone lined up orderly. Kenji was trying to push his way to where Yuki was but was instantly blocked by Ai. “What are you doing?”

“Huh? Ai, I just wanted to speak with the young lady there.” Kenji replied honestly, causing Ai to roll her eyes at him.

Of course, she understood her brother’s intentions. But she was not going to allow it. Not after she knew that if he found out that she was the street rat, he kept complaining about, that his attitude would turn even worse than before. Plus, she had already decided to protect Yuki from anyone trying to get close to her. “She doesn’t like boys getting close to her, so it’s best if you do not get too close.”

“How do you know that!? What if she doesn’t mind me?” Kenji did not think he would be rejected by her and tried to push closer to Yuki, but Ai grabbed him and pulled him back.

“Stop causing a fuss. Do you wish to cause a scene? I am telling you now that you should not get close to her. She might just cut you down. Take this as a warning from your sister, who has spoken with her. She does not like men getting close to her. ” Ai's eyes were firm. She did not wish for her brother to get hurt, even if he was an idiot. But if he kept acting this way, he would definitely end up being beaten.

“Tch! I just want to introduce myself. It is not like I am going to try to hit on her. If I can become her friend, she will slowly get used to guys.” Kenji was not trying to force anything, but he could not befriend her if he could not speak to her.

He once more went to step around Ai, but this time he was stopped by another person. He looked up at the tall girl and frowned. “What? Why are you standing in my way?”

“Kenji! Stop now!” Ai was about to lose it. Did this idiot brother hers not realize that this girl was the only other golden disciple here!?

“What are you doing? Draw your lots!” Rin yelled out. Kenji glared at the tall girl before turning around to go take his lot. He decided to back off for the time being.

Ai saw her brother going to draw his lot and turned to apologize to Yuki, only to see her staring up at the sky as if what was just happening had nothing to do with her. Yuki really was not paying attention to much of anything. She moved when the line moved, and that was it. She sensed no malice or killing intent so she did not see a reason to pay attention to other things.

After sleeping in the forests filled with demonic beasts, she had come quite accustomed to the feeling of killing intent or malice. Because of this instinct, she was able to survive even when surrounded by demonic beasts.

When it was her turn to draw her lot, Yuki stepped up and reached into the box, and pulled out a wooden lot with a number on it. There was a big number one on it. “Number one. That means you are up first.” Rin smiled. She wondered if she could still win this bet. She had a lot of spirit stones riding on this!

Yuki handed her lot over to Rin and then walked to the side where Ai and Nana were standing. She unconsciously went to their side without even realizing it. It is as if she was still subconsciously looking for companionship.

After a few more minutes, everyone had chosen their lots. Rin clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. “Okay, we will now begin the third part of the test. We will go by numbers one, and two will be up first.”

Yuki walked over to the area designated for this test. It was nothing more than a patch of dirt within the field they were in. It looked to be man made as if someone had dug up all the grass in a circular area.

As Yuki stood in the spot Rin had told her to move to, a young man also walked into the arena. His eyes showing a hint of mockery as he came to stand in front of her. He looked like a giant compared to the small petite body of Yuki. “Heh… You may have had good results during the test, but this is a contest of ability in a fight. If you do not want to get hurt, give up now.”

Yuki looked at the young man in front of her and did not say a word. She only drew her chipped sword and readied herself for the fight ahead of her. The young man snorted as he drew his own sword and said: “Since you are going to fight, then do not get mad if I accidentally cut up your pretty face.”

Rin grinned at the trash talk she was hearing. She wondered if this young man was a fool or not. Anyone could see that the current Yuki was like a predator who had found her prey. Rin took a deep breath before yelling out: “Fight!”