Chapter 3:

Vol. 1, Ch. 3: Over-Powered by Default

The Integrity of the Super Club [Beta version]

“I’m gonna tell you this straight, Lumpy.”Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

Later that evening, Rover and Lumpy were outside Rover’s bedroom window, sitting on the roof, playing Glove Alien Fight. Dad and Mom were home, chatting with the tree removal crew who were grinding the fallen tree in a wood chipper while the emergency painter service installed the new paint immobilizer. Adele was getting ready for bed, and Lumpy was on his way out when Rover spoke up.Bookmark here

With a dead serious look, Rover said, “Quinn is…one of the most badass people I’ve ever met.”Bookmark here

“That’s an understatement! She’s, like, insanely strong and stuff!” He glanced around, keeping his voice down. “We shouldn’t tell anyone about it…or about her secrets, too…”Bookmark here

Rover was quiet for a moment. There was no point preparing himself to say it, so he just said it. “I’m going to ask her out.”Bookmark here

“…Are you serious? You feel safe dating someone like that???”Bookmark here

“I don’t know, man. There’s just something else about her…”Bookmark here

“You wanna get involved with her after everything she said about…what she said?”Bookmark here

“She’s probably making it up,” Rover said with a shrug. “Who knows? It might be fun to date her.”Bookmark here

“You’re crazy, man. I’ll never understand how you’re so impulsive.”Bookmark here

“What can I say?”Bookmark here

Lumpy blinked a few times, then grinned.Bookmark here

“Right on, man!” Lumpy stuck both thumbs-up. “I wish you luck!”Bookmark here

“But I’ve never asked out a girl before,” Rover said nervously. “I-I don’t know…how to do it…”Bookmark here

“Just ask her.” Lumpy shrugged.Bookmark here

“But how?”Bookmark here

“It depends. That’s why I’m wishing you luck instead…”Bookmark here

“You’re no help, Lumpy.”Bookmark here

“Also…she’s definitely not a normal girl.”Bookmark here

Rover gazed at the darkening sky. “That’s another understatement.”Bookmark here

“So, the same rules of dating may not apply.” Lumpy stood on the roof and watched the tree service workers throw the last chunks of wood into the chipper. “Do you think you can handle her?”Bookmark here

“What’s that supposed to mean?”Bookmark here

“She’ll snap you like a twig!”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Anyway,” Lumpy said, sliding Rover’s window open, “you have my support.”Bookmark here

“Thanks, Lumpy.” Rover gulped. “I’ll…do my best.”Bookmark here

Thus, Rover created his foolproof “Asking Quinn Out” list.Bookmark here

3!3@3#3$3%3^3&3*3(3)3_3+3Bookmark here

1) DRESS TO IMPRESSBookmark here

Sundun-day morning, Rover sorted through his wardrobe, trying on dozens of combinations. Polka dot suit? Nope. Silk dress shirt with fluffy ruffles? Nah. Neon high top shoes with automatic laces? Nay.Bookmark here

“Playing dress-up?” Adele stood in her brother’s doorway, casting belittling sneers at the foray of clothes scattered about the bedroom.Bookmark here

Rover dangled two different colored socks in front of him to compare.Bookmark here

“If I say ‘yes,’” he muttered, “will you go away?”Bookmark here

“Just dress casually.”Bookmark here

The boy looked at his younger sister.Bookmark here

“Don’t play dumb,” Adele said. “I know what you’re doing. Just be yourself…with your Moron Metre turned down a tad.” She snickered. “Unless the criminal goddess is into that.”Bookmark here

“I’ll do what I feel like,” Rover replied, turning his nose up.Bookmark here

“All righty then.” Adele turned to leave. “Hope she enjoys the stench of desperation.”Bookmark here

After the girl left, Rover looked back at the socks he was comparing, grinned, and tossed them behind him.Bookmark here

“Being a desperate moron is my specialty! I don’t need fancy clothes for that.”Bookmark here

The verdict: An outfit that doesn’t damper his natural desperation with aesthetic desperation. Graphic T-shirt, shorts, sneakers, plain socks—the casual desperation!Bookmark here

3!3@3#3$3%3^3&3*3(3)3_3+3Bookmark here


Rover rehearsed his lines to his reflection in the bathroom mirror, saying “Hey, Quinn…(blah blah blah)” a hundred different ways.Bookmark here

“Who are you talking to, Rover?” his mom called from the hallway.Bookmark here

Startled, the rehearsed words got tangled up in his tonsils. “Nobody, Mom.”Bookmark here

“Talking to yourself?” She didn’t sound convinced.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I am. I’m not replying, so I’m only half-crazy.” He smiled to himself at his lame joke.Bookmark here

“I knew it.” Now Mom sounded exasperated. “You’re practicing to ask out that girl your sister and father told me about.”Bookmark here

Urrk!” Rover choked.Bookmark here

“The tree breaker woman. The female fire extinguisher.”Bookmark here

“Heh-heh…”Bookmark here

Mom’s voice continued from behind the very securely locked bathroom door.Bookmark here

“While it’s true your father and I have been discussing grandchildren…”Bookmark here

Oh, God, Rover thought, anxiously wringing the hanging hand towel by the sink. Please don’t go there!Bookmark here

“…I think it’s still very important that you wait until marriage.”Bookmark here

Rover twisted the hand towel, shaking and grimacing.Bookmark here

“Th-Thanks, Mom…”Bookmark here

“That goes for you too, Adele,” she added.Bookmark here

“What?!” Adele’s voice echoed from the hallway. “Don’t lump me in with that hoser!”Bookmark here

When Rover was almost sure (but mostly hopeful) that Mom had walked away, he dropped the hand towel by the sink and turned back to his reflection in the mirror.Bookmark here

“Hey, Quinn…” His eye twitched. “Wanna…save it for marriage?”Bookmark here

His face turned hot. Unable to look at his reflection any longer, he exited the bathroom. Mom stood outside the door, beaming. Her eyes, the color of budding pine needles that Rover and Adele had inherited, were glazed and teary.Bookmark here

“Spoken like a genuine gentleman,” she said with a dreamy voice, clasping her hands together.Bookmark here

Rover’s face doubled in temperature, turning his sweat to steam, and he stomped down the hall to his bedroom, slammed the door, and proceeded to die a little on the inside.Bookmark here

The verdict: He will need to improvise his conversation with Quinn, and perhaps…save it for marriage.Bookmark here

3!3@3#3$3%3^3&3*3(3)3_3+3Bookmark here

3) SMELL LIKE A WINNERBookmark here

The next day, on a cloudy Nundinum-day afternoon, Rover sniffed every single bottle of cologne and body fragrance in the house, deciding that the men’s ones were best suited (a surprisingly not-so-obvious conclusion to him).Bookmark here

While in his parents’ room and sneaking Dad’s cologne, Dad seemingly materialized right behind him.Bookmark here

“Rover!”Bookmark here

The boy yelped, nearly dropping the bottle of Fanci Shite cologne he held.Bookmark here

“D-Dad!”Bookmark here

“Gwa-ha-ha! You smell like a man-whore, my boy.” Dad’s face was smiling, but this was a common ruse to hide the disappointment and deviousness. “You don’t want that poor girl’s nostrils to catch on fire from all that smelliness, do you?”Bookmark here

“No, I-I just ended up this way because I’ve been sampling everything we have.” Rover turned away with a raised eyebrow. “Why do we have so many fragrances in our home, anyway…?”Bookmark here

“Did you try on your sister’s perfume, too?”Bookmark here

“Uh…when you say it out loud…it sounds reeeeaaally weird…”Bookmark here

“Your best bet is to be subtle,” Dad said. “Don’t smell too hard.”Bookmark here

“…‘Smell too hard’?”Bookmark here

“Absolutely.” He took the bottle of Fanci Shite from Rover. “Things like this are unnecessary. A simple deodorant and fresh breath will do the trick, unless she has a thing for laundry boys who smell like potpourri, then you can add a hint of regular body spray. Don’t go full man-whore on the odor.”Bookmark here

“I figured that much,” Rover said impatiently. “I told you I smell like this because I tried all these samples.”Bookmark here

“Even your sister’s Magical Poodle Snickerdoodle fragrances. The girl ones.”Bookmark here

“…Y-Yes…” Rover looked at his parents’ dresser with the plethora of sprays and cosmetic technology. “So, if all the colognes and stuff aren’t really necessary, then why do you and Mom have all these?”Bookmark here

Dad stood proudly. “When you reach a certain point in your life, you need to be prepared for all kinds of occasions. Your granddad used to say to match the smell with the situation! Ha-ha!”Bookmark here

“Ah, I get it.” Rover nodded. “You have all these to hide your ‘old people smell’!”Bookmark here

“‘Old people smell’…?”Bookmark here

Again, the smile on Dad’s face belied the thoughts in the man’s head, although Rover could see the harshness in those eyes. Dad placed his hand on Rover’s shoulder.Bookmark here

“You’ll learn someday, son…”Bookmark here

Rover heard his shoulder pop under his father’s grip.Bookmark here

“Ow! Dad! That hurts!”Bookmark here

“…You’ll learn.”Bookmark here

*Crack!* *Snap!*Bookmark here

Owww!!!”Bookmark here

The verdict: Regular deodorant with a hint of Championship Night body spray.Bookmark here

That night, satisfied with his decisions, Rover went to bed, where he lay in anticipation of the big moment the next day.Bookmark here

3!3@3#3$3%3^3&3*3(3)3_3+3Bookmark here

Southbound Thugwood High School was the only high school in the Southbound Prefecture of the Thugwood Metropolitan Address. Being one of only five high schools in all of Thugwood, its campus was treated as a neighborhood of its own, being large enough to accommodate for the forty thousand attending students. It was where Rover, Lumpy, and Adele attended.Bookmark here

Quinn also attended it, and was the president of the Super Club.Bookmark here

Everyone at the school understood the merits and plausibility of the enigmatic Super Club—whatever mysterious doings its members were responsible for around campus. Although this was only the first year of the club’s inception, it was considered “the number one blessing” bestowed upon the school. Only good had happened because of the Super Club, and that was the most everyone knew about it.Bookmark here

However, on that Mondee-day, a single student in all of Southbound Thugwood High School was geared up to leverage on the entirety of the Super Club…Bookmark here

…Rover Chork was ready for the worst, and all he needed to do was ask Quinn Integrity a few simple questions.Bookmark here

He approached one of the posters on the hallway wall, which advertised the Super Club’s current fundraiser, titled “Operation Chocolatier Action Punch,” and featured a cartoon of a chocolate tank shooting a heart into a posh, suburban house.Bookmark here

Somehow, Rover thought, looking at the poster, that seems like something she would actually draw…and do…Bookmark here

3!3@3#3$3%3^3&3*3(3)3_3+3Bookmark here

Botany class dragged on as Rover couldn’t pay attention to the lesson. He mulled over his lopsided strategies for talking to Quinn, rehearsing multiple scenarios in his head. A small trickle of sweat down his back seemed to be constantly present.Bookmark here

“On the board is a generic diagram of a plant’s anatomy,” Mr. Botany Teacher said to the class, indicating to the image on the touchscreen chalkboard.Bookmark here

Anatomy.Bookmark here

Rover briefly remembered Quinn’s beauty, and he had to claw the bottom of his desk to keep his mind from treading into dangerous realms.Bookmark here

*Scrape* *Scraaape* *Scraaape*Bookmark here

“One must always remember proper sunlight exposure,” the teacher explained as the touchscreen chalkboard automatically displayed his words while speaking, “because all plants are different.”Bookmark here

Sunlight exposure.Bookmark here

Rover imagined Quinn wearing a bathing suit, giving plenty of sunlight exposure to her skin.Bookmark here

*Scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape*Bookmark here

“Hmm?” Mr. Botany Teacher turned and faced the class, looking puzzled. “What sounded like treated wood being whittled away?”Bookmark here

Rover held his breath.Bookmark here

The teacher tapped his ears. “Gah, sorry,” he said with a smirk. “Sometimes I’m still haunted by the sounds from the war.” His eyes glazed over and his hands trembled. “The plants hide the enemy… They whisper amongst the leaves…”Bookmark here

Mr. Botany Teacher locked himself in a state of traumatic memories. He ended up staring into nothingness, not moving and muttering frightening things to himself. The students recognized this behavior and took the chance to goof off or play Glove Alien Fight, and Rover cleaned the wood shavings out of his fingernails.Bookmark here

3!3@3#3$3%3^3&3*3(3)3_3+3Bookmark here

Every year, the five high schools in Thugwood took part in an athletic competition known as the Interschool AthletaCom, where every high school student participated in various competitions. The winning team would receive free tuition for two college semesters, a Certificate of Supreme Bragging Rights, and a personal honorary mention from CEO Claudius.Bookmark here

In preparation for the upcoming Interschool AthletaCom, all Thugwood high school students had the option of skipping a class in exchange for a physical training session. They could do this for one class a day, every day, until the event.Bookmark here

Rover enjoyed the athletic competition and always did well. However, he had opted out of his Expressive Diagnostics class and gone to the pool area for a very different reason.Bookmark here

“I heard Quinn Integrity was going to be at the pool next period for a puppet show,” some boy said in the hall, which Rover overheard.Bookmark here

“That’s probably a lie,” some girl replied.Bookmark here

Turned out, it was a lie. Quinn wasn’t there, nor was there a puppet show.Bookmark here

Fighting discouragement, Rover stood at the edge of the school swimming pool, staring at the other end. He and ten other students were about to do a timed swim to the other end and back. When the coach blew his whistle, Rover dove in and felt the shocking chill from the cold water.Bookmark here

But he had so much energy. His legs felt unrestrained as they paddled.Bookmark here

He pushed and pushed ahead, keeping his mind on victory as adrenaline propelled him.Bookmark here

“Good, Rover, nice one!” Mr. Pool Coach said after Rover emerged from the water. “You came in third.”Bookmark here

“Third?”Bookmark here

He looked around to see the rest of the swimmers arrive. Not surprisingly, the two who beat him were a boy named Griff Kellogg in second and a girl named Jinkies Clayfast in first. Griff Kellogg was a diamond medalist in the Youth Division Swim-Off three years in a row. Jinkies Clayfast was a literal mermaid.Bookmark here

“Keep this up,” the coach told Rover, “and you’ll be a valuable competitor in the Interschool AthletaCom! Just don’t eat too much junk food… I know the Super Club is doing their fundraiser.”Bookmark here

That gave Rover a thought.Bookmark here

“Hey, Coach,” he said. “Do you know if the Super Club has any meetings today?”Bookmark here

“Hmm, I believe so. Their president usually takes walk-in appointments with students after last period every day. She should be in the Clubhaus High-Rise building at that time.”Bookmark here

“Great. Thanks, Coach!”Bookmark here

Now Rover had a lead.Bookmark here

3!3@3#3$3%3^3&3*3(3)3_3+3Bookmark here

The last class let out. In seconds, Rover was out of the classroom and scurrying past the other students. He was on a mission.Bookmark here

Gotta get to the Clubhaus before Quinn leaves!Bookmark here

It was a long walk across the campus to the Clubhaus High-Rise building. Rover jogged across the outdoor Courtmeadows field in the center of the school grounds, a difficult endeavor in the blinding sunlight reflecting off the shiny grass. Thousands of students were going this way and that, and he was hoping to find his target sooner than later.Bookmark here

Walk fast. Scan every face.Bookmark here

Closer to the Clubhaus High-Rise, Rover still hadn’t spotted Quinn. He entered the building, didn’t see her among the crowd, and headed down the hallway.Bookmark here

Walk and scan. Walk and scan.Bookmark here

He grew more disheartened with each student who wasn’t her.Bookmark here

Until he saw her.Bookmark here

Quinn Integrity was in the hallway, chatting with a few other students from the Cryptozoology Club.Bookmark here

He paused for a moment, the breath coming to a traffic jam in his chest. Shaking his head and giving his cheeks a solid smack, he poured the confidence back into his legs, making his feet carry him in the direction of the gorgeous girl.Bookmark here

His feet fell into a rhythm—a comforting, empowering rhythm.Bookmark here

*Step. Step. Step. Step.*Bookmark here

The hallway stretched out in front of him. Each rhythmic footstep he took sank into the linoleum. All surrounding students vanished—Rover only saw Quinn now. The nearby doors led to nowhere meaningful, melting into the walls as an irrelevant backdrop.Bookmark here

*Step. Step. Step. Step.*Bookmark here

Every window reflected the boy as he passed, each a mirror failing to capture the embodiment of his determined and steadfast approach. Sunlight burned through the glass, filling the space between Rover and Quinn with glistening luminescence until his final footstep ended the rhythm.Bookmark here

Yet, the song was not over.Bookmark here

“Hey, Quinn.”Bookmark here

Quinn turned toward the voice, landing her eyes upon Rover’s. There was utterly nothing else for her to look at, the rest of the world and its inhabitants having dissolved into something that wasn’t important at that moment.Bookmark here

It was just the two of them.Bookmark here

“Can I speak with you for a second?”Bookmark here

The girl tilted her head with curiosity. “Hmm?”Bookmark here

Rover met Quinn outside—beyond the school gates, away from the comfortable and familiar—at the sprawling Vilder Park bordering the school grounds, one of the most popular spots in Southbound Thugwood for accessing the Gubbuh-Plardy River. The distant Thugwood skyscrapers stretched into the faraway cityscape, emblazoning their image upon the scenery—but Rover saw none of it.Bookmark here

“…I want to thank you for the chocolates…and for helping with our paint immobilizer…”Bookmark here

The river shimmered from the glowing, infinite sky. A fresh wind unfurled across the wide, grassy field, giving its charity of outdoor freshness to Rover’s overheated body.Bookmark here

“…And I want to say that you seem like an exceptional person, not just with the Super Club at school. I can tell you’re genuine through and through…”Bookmark here

Laughter and conversations rang out from the surrounding people enjoying the weather. Dogs barked playfully, birds chirped overhead, and the farthest reaches of the background held traces of traffic noises—but Rover heard none of it.Bookmark here

“That’s why—”Bookmark here

Rover pressed his hands together and respectfully bowed before Quinn, his joints and muscles tensed and strained from anxiety, the sweat on his face most likely visible.Bookmark here

“—I want to ask you to go out with me.”Bookmark here

A pause dampened the moment as the world inhaled, holding its breath. There was no noise, no light, no movement…only expectancy.Bookmark here

“I will.”Bookmark here

Every detail of the environment—from the wisps of the clouds to the veins of the leaves to the creases of the riverbank shore—all spilled back into place as Rover looked up from his bowed position.Bookmark here

He stared at the soft mulberry eyes framed with rose petal lemonade hair.Bookmark here

“H-Huh?”Bookmark here

That was when Quinn, with dazzling compassion and humility, tilted her head and smiled.Bookmark here

“I’ll gladly go out with you!”Bookmark here

It was that exact scene that replayed millions of times over and over in the boy’s head. The commute home on the bus was like riding through a dream.Bookmark here

His family spoke to him when he arrived. Their words and faces were like changing television channels, incomplete and forgotten once switched. He might’ve replied to them. It didn’t matter.Bookmark here

He drifted through the house and floated up the stairs to his room. The first real contact he made with reality again happened when he collapsed facedown onto his bed, still fully dressed, even with his shoes on.Bookmark here

Hugging his pillow, it was impossible not to smile.Bookmark here

3!3@3#3$3%3^3&3*3(3)3_3+3Bookmark here

“You have a pervy look in your eyes,” Adele said when she walked into Rover’s room.Bookmark here

Rover was sitting in his gaming chair, staring at the TV turned off, feeling too good to watch or play anything. Lumpy sat in the desk chair, battling a Phantom Gorilla in Glove Alien Fight.Bookmark here

“I do not have a pervy look!” Rover shot back at his sister.Bookmark here

“Well, you’re drooling.”Bookmark here

Rover quickly wiped his mouth with his hand.Bookmark here

“He’s been like this since I got here,” Lumpy told Adele, not looking away from the game on his phone.Bookmark here

“I can practically smell the testosterone from here.” Adele waved at the air with a scrunched expression. “Seriously, are you in heat?”Bookmark here

“Uh…” Rover began.Bookmark here

Stop!” Adele held out her hands. “Please don’t answer that…”Bookmark here

“Rover has a good reason,” Lumpy said, defeating the Phantom Gorilla with an in-game item called an Exorcising Banana Peel. He looked up and grinned. “Isn’t that right?”Bookmark here

“I do,” Rover told his sister, crossing his arms with a smug smirk. “To tell you the truth…I asked that girl out today.”Bookmark here

“I knew it,” Adele groaned, tossing her head back.Bookmark here

“Quinn agreed to be my girlfriend!” Rover stood tall with his hands on his hips, looking like an action hero posing on a cliff side.Bookmark here

Adele’s face stretched into a devious grin, and Rover regretted telling his sister about Quinn.Bookmark here

“Welllll…” Adele placed her finger on her chin, pretending to think. “If that’s the case, then I’ll just have to play my role as your little sister in this situation.”Bookmark here

Rover slouched. “I can only pray about what that could possibly mean.”Bookmark here

“Mwa-ha-ha-haa!” Adele pranced around Rover, mocking him with a singsong voice. “Rover’s got a girly-friend! No telling how it’ll end! Hope she helps him grow a spine! Or he’ll be sad and, uh, (something that rhymes)!”Bookmark here

“Whatever. You’re just jealous that I got a girlfriend before you got a boyfriend.”Bookmark here

“Hmm, who says I want a boyfriend?”Bookmark here

“Wh-What…?”Bookmark here

“Just kidding,” Adele said. “But,”—she leapt across the room and put her finger right in Rover’s face while wearing a murderous look— “if you make fun of my status as single…I’ll end you, Big Bro.”Bookmark here

“Terrifying,” Rover muttered, rolling his eyes.Bookmark here

“Anyway,” Adele said, “just remember to uphold your relationship duties.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

Adele shrugged. “You need to do your part, be your half of the deal. And I think you’ll need to really ‘level up’ in order to do that. Quinn is over-powered by default. Her stats and abilities are waaay over the limit for operating normally in life.”Bookmark here

“Don’t talk about my relationship like it’s a video game,” Rover grunted.Bookmark here

“Meh, just trying to make it easier to understand, because you’re a dimwit.”Bookmark here

“It was an effective metaphor,” Lumpy added, equipping his character with the Ape Laser Armor dropped by the Phantom Gorilla. “So, Rover…since we’re on the subject, there’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

Lumpy paused the game to look at his friend.Bookmark here

“Where is she?” he asked.Bookmark here

A coldness fell into Rover’s gut. “What do you mean by that?”Bookmark here

“Uh, exactly what I said,” Lumpy told him. “If you’re dating, why aren’t you with her?”Bookmark here

“Um, uhhh…”Bookmark here

“Dude.” Lumpy became serious as he confronted Rover. “You asked her out, she said ‘yes,’ and then you left her alone?”Bookmark here

“Er…”Bookmark here

Gasp!” Adele shouted melodramatically, clutching her heart in one hand. “How could you leave a woman hanging like that?” She sneered. “Well, I guess you just aren’t cut out to be there for her.”Bookmark here

“It’s fine!” Rover told them, raising his voice. “It’s only the first day, and it’s only been an hour.”Bookmark here

“Double gasp!” Adele shouted, both hands now over her heart.Bookmark here

“Here you are,” Lumpy added, “hanging out with me while your girlfriend is off somewhere by herself.”Bookmark here

“You’re the one who wanted to hang out, Lumpy,” Rover muttered. “And don’t say ‘girlfriend’ so casually…” He blushed. “It’s embarrassing.”Bookmark here

Lumpy and Adele looked at each other and nodded, their expressions hard and dutiful—the sight made Rover nervous.Bookmark here

“It’s settled,” Lumpy told Rover.Bookmark here

What’s settled?”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry,” Adele snickered, “we’ll make sure you don’t crash and burn on the first day of your romantic endeavors!”Bookmark here

“I’m not crashing and burning!”Bookmark here

“Not yet, my friend.” Lumpy socked Rover’s arm with a confident smile. “We’ll help you out.”Bookmark here

“That’s quite all right,” Rover muttered.Bookmark here

“I just texted Quinn,” Adele said, holding up her smartphone. “I said you’ll meet her at the Icarus Centre.”Bookmark here


“I get things done.” Adele shrugged. “I traded phone numbers with her the day she was over here…in your room.” Her ringtone went off. “Oh, Quinn said okay.”Bookmark here

“WAHHH!!!”Bookmark here

“Don’t be a louse,” Adele said. “For real, we’re trying to help you out.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, Rover,” Lumpy said. “The hard part’s over, asking her out. Now you’re good to go.”Bookmark here

Rover’s breathing grew heavy. “Haa…gaahhh…”Bookmark here

Nodding at each other again, Lumpy and Adele each grabbed one of Rover’s arms and dragged him out of his room, down the stairs, and out the door.Bookmark here

*******Bookmark here

<<<STATUS>>>Bookmark here

Rover… Lvl 675Bookmark here

Allowance… {T}38,000Bookmark here

<<<EXPENSE GOALS>>>Bookmark here

Anti-Grav Skateboard… {T}499,999Bookmark here

<<<CURRENT EQUIPMENT>>>Bookmark here

Gloves… ButlerBookmark here

Armor… Brick JacketBookmark here

Acc. 1… Yeet-Line SkatesBookmark here

Acc. 2… Farm Equipment
Jio Kurenai
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