Chapter 7:

Vol. 1, Ch. 7: Improving Perfection

The Integrity of the Super Club [Beta version]

Rover couldn’t concentrate in class the next day. Tsu-day was typically the most boring day of the week, and Mr. Geography Teacher yammered on about continents. Geography just seemed pointless as life was practically nonexistent outside Thugwood. Also, the boy’s mind was preoccupied with video games and, especially, Quintegrity.Bookmark here

Rover felt his phone vibrate from an email. He stealthily checked it under his desk as Mr. Geography Teacher slapped his metre stick stylus against the globe displayed on the touchscreen chalkboard.Bookmark here

Quintegrity sent me an email? She wants me, Lumpy, and Adele to meet her after school.Bookmark here

“And remember, children!” the teacher told the class. “Leaving Thugwood and going outside the surrounding Jerry Co. Walls is basically suicide, unless you’re on Militia duty or some other hogwash. Anyway, that’s it for today.”Bookmark here

He unfolded his metre stick stylus into a stylus gavel and struck his podium with it, making a hollow, woody sound that knocked on each students’ eardrums.Bookmark here

7!7@7#7$7%7^7&7*7(7)7_7+7Bookmark here

To alleviate the long distances between classes, the school rented out Rollabouts to students and faculty members, which were small, electric-powered carts that a single person could stand on—they were convenient for getting around, and quicker than running.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, the Rollabouts were also great for campus-wide racing, which had two consequences: (1) Many of them were wrecked, lost, or stolen by feral bear-tigers; and (2) the school’s headmaster jacked up the rental fees and Rollabout insurance as a result of the first consequence.Bookmark here

Therefore, Rover, Quintegrity, Lumpy, and Adele took the trek on foot through the campus Courtmeadows to the Clubhaus High-Rise building.Bookmark here

The Courtmeadows filled most of the space between the school buildings, carpeted with springy, shiny lilygrass that glossed the capaciously spacious outdoor grounds, dotted with coves of trees and the occasional drinking fountain oasis (to probably stem off dehydration when weary students got lost between classes).Bookmark here

Sunlight glared off the lilygrass lawn, an effect known as “fieldlight,” and Rover shielded his eyes with his hands.Bookmark here

“Ugh, stupid shiny grass. This is why I hate the Courtmeadows when it’s sunny…”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Adele said, putting on her shades and hopping a little with each step on the lilygrass, “but I love the way it feels to walk on! It’s like a big trampoline field.”Bookmark here

“It isn’t as springy as a trampoline,” Lumpy told her, tapping his toes on the grass as he put on his shades, “but it is kinda weird.”Bookmark here

“I should’ve brought my shades, too,” Rover said, turning away from the sun to reduce the grassy glare.Bookmark here

Quintegrity bounced on her heels, alternating between each foot as they walked. She wore a toothy grin while taking in the brilliant weather without eye protection.Bookmark here

“Hey,” Rover said to her, “isn’t it too bright out here for you? You should wear shades…or, like, squint.”Bookmark here

Quintegrity pressed her ankles together and bounced on both heels at once, preserving the same tempo from her steps. She turned to Rover with a soft giggle.Bookmark here

“Nope. I loooove sunshine.”Bookmark here

After a couple midair spins with her arms straight out sideways, she switched to bouncing on her toes, again alternating between feet.Bookmark here

“I don’t think your love of sunshine matters,” Rover muttered, still shielding his eyes. “This fieldlight can be dangerous to your retinas.”Bookmark here

The girl bounced closer to Rover until she was bouncing directly in front of him. His forehead sweat matched the shiny sheen of lilygrass as he felt Quintegrity’s bouncing through the lawn under him. However, certain aspects of her bouncing were harder for a boy to ignore, and Rover cursed the bright surroundings for blinding his view of said up-close bouncing.Bookmark here

She removed a tiny, flexible fabric pad from her pocket, put it on her index fingertip, then pressed it onto Rover’s nose bridge between his eyes.Bookmark here

“Boop!” Quintegrity booped as she did so, still bouncing.Bookmark here

The pad gently stuck to Rover’s nose and displayed a dark screen that covered his eyes.Bookmark here

“Whoa…” Rover gazed around the Courtmeadows. “You had holoshades this entire time…and you aren’t using them???”Bookmark here

“I told ya I don’t need them,” the girl replied. Her smile made her close her eyes for the longest time since stepping outside, and her cheeks glowed brighter than the twinkling, breeze-swept fieldlight.Bookmark here

Lumpy leaned in to admire the holoshades on Rover’s face. “Solar-blocking holograms are highly advanced technology. Man, those holoshades must’ve been expensive.”Bookmark here

“They were, but I got ’em for a bargain!” Quintegrity sped up the tempo of her bouncing as she picked up the pace. “Now let’s go, slowpokes! To the Clubhaus, where mystical wonders await!”Bookmark here

The others chased after her, clumsy at first as their strides were increased by several centimetres due to the springy lilygrass, but eventually picking up speed as each bound propelled them ever farther.Bookmark here

“Whoa!” Adele cried as she dashed forward. “I-I didn’t know lilygrass could be this bouncy!”Bookmark here

“Of course!” Quintegrity laughed from ahead. “Lilygrass gets mega boing-a-rific after it soaks up a bunch of sunshine! People never bother with it because of the fieldlight.”Bookmark here

The other students in the Courtmeadows stayed on the pathways. Although bouncing on the lilygrass was considered a sin against maturity, they couldn’t help but envy the gall to do what Rover and the others were doing.Bookmark here

“For real?” one girl muttered to her friends. “Bouncing on lilygrass? Are they trying to go blind?!”Bookmark here

“They have shades,” another girl replied, “and it looks like fun.”Bookmark here

“But it’s sooo childish,” a third girl droned.Bookmark here

“Meh, growing up is overrated,” a fourth girl said, shrugging.Bookmark here

7!7@7#7$7%7^7&7*7(7)7_7+7Bookmark here

Each Thugwood high school provided significant accommodations for school clubs in the form of a Clubhaus High-Rise building. There, every club had its own apartment consisting of a main activity space, two offices, and one storage room.Bookmark here

Well, almost every club. While floors one through four were identical with multiple, matching club apartments, the fifth floor was an exception. That was where Quintegrity led Rover, Lumpy, and Adele.Bookmark here

The elevator stopped and opened, and Rover stared straight out down a short hallway with a single door at the opposite end. Aside from that simple layout, the drab hallway was decorated just like the others on the lower floors.Bookmark here

“There’s only one club apartment up here?” Rover asked as they followed Quintegrity’s high-step march to the sole door.Bookmark here

“Sure is!” she replied, stopping in front of the unimpressionable door at the end of the hall.Bookmark here

She lifted her foot (higher than her high-steps had been), and…Bookmark here

*WHAM!*Bookmark here

…kicked the door down with a single blow. It remained perfectly upright for the first two metres it traveled, then fell flat on the floor.Bookmark here

Grinning happily in the doorway, she turned to her confounded, jaw-dropped guests.Bookmark here

“The entire top floor belongs to the Super Club!” she told them.Bookmark here

Lumpy and Adele entered, instantly captivated by the penthouse overflowing with luxurious amenities and lavish commodities. Rover was speechless for a moment as he stepped inside, but quickly focused on the busted door.Bookmark here

“But…” he said to his girlfriend, grimacing, “why’d you kick the door down…?”Bookmark here

Quintegrity stood the door upright and pointed to the hinges.Bookmark here

“I installed special kick-in hinges that just pop right outta the doorjamb,” she answered. “I don’t want to install new hinges each time I enter.”Bookmark here

“Then anyone can enter!” Rover argued.Bookmark here

“Nah, the hinges are tough, and the deadbolt is still legit.”Bookmark here

The girl pointed to the busted part of the doorjamb where the deadbolt had been ripped out of the wood. She set the door back in place, snapped the hinges in, and reached into a cardboard box by the doorway—a box full of new deadbolts pre-installed inside portions of replacement doorframes.Bookmark here

“This way,” she added, “I only need to replace the deadbolt each time. And since each deadbolt has its own pre-installed, removable portion of the doorframe built in, the only part that gets damaged is this pre-installed part, leaving the rest of the doorframe unharmed by my brazen entrances.”Bookmark here

Her smile was too sincere for such absurdity.Bookmark here

Rover’s eye twitched as he stared at her. “But…whyyyyy???”Bookmark here

“Because I want to have fun every time I come here!” Quintegrity boasted, juggling seven new deadbolts at once.Bookmark here

In seconds, she cleaned out the doorframe notch using a scraper, slathered it with a fresh coat of Hercules Glue, and inserted the new deadbolt. With a snap of her fingers, an automatic vacuum cleaner scurried out of a doghouse in the living room, cleaned up the remaining debris by the entrance, and returned to its home with the name “Ryuumba-chan” painted over the little door.Bookmark here

Quintegrity complimented the vacuum cleaner. “Good job, Ryuumba-chan!”Bookmark here

With a relaxed sigh, Adele stretched out on a couch by the huge windows that made up nearly the entire wall. “This place is freaking awesome! You could live here! The living room alone is huge…and the TV takes up the whole wall!”Bookmark here

“And you can see almost half of the school campus from up here,” Lumpy said, looking out the windows as he ran his hands along the sea-marble coffee table.Bookmark here

“Step into my kitchen,” Quintegrity told them, impersonating a vampire butler, or something. “My purpose for bringing you here awaits in there.”Bookmark here

The kitchen was around the corner from the living room. Glistening stone countertops, grovenut wood cabinets, and shiny appliances were aplenty. Quintegrity’s guests were left in awe. Everything was beautiful…including the hanging light fixtures.Bookmark here

“For real???” Adele squealed, marveling over every aspect of the immaculate accommodations. “I-It’s a nicer kitchen than the home economics classroom’s! Or even the Culinary Club’s!”Bookmark here

“Well,” Quintegrity said, somewhat embarrassed as she scratched her cheek with one finger, “the Culinary Club had way more appliances to start with, and their actual cooking space is four times larger.”Bookmark here

“But there’s a lot of stuff in here.” Lumpy looked around before leaning in close to a nearby…thing. “Like, I don’t even know what this is.”Bookmark here

The thing on the counter was smaller than a microwave, had three dials, an antenna, a mechanical arm, and something that looked like a pottery wheel.Bookmark here

“That’s the flavor enhance-a-roony,” Quintegrity explained, petting the machine. Its mechanical arm reached out to her, and she gave it a “handshake.”Bookmark here

Rover snorted. “I’ve never heard of one of those.”Bookmark here

“I had to procure it myself,” his girlfriend said, “along with most of the stuff in here. I use this place to make my sweets and treats for fundraisers, and only the most exquisite, eccentric, and extraterrestrial appliances are sufficient.”Bookmark here

Skeptical, Rover asked, “You don’t get in trouble for bringing, uh, extraterrestrial equipment into the Clubhaus? Does Headmaster approve of it?”Bookmark here

“He does,” she replied, “as long as it’s for the Super Club, anything is possible. When I informed Headmaster that this stuff was for the Super Club, he totally understood. There’s nothing to worry about!”Bookmark here

“What’s the Super Club even do?” Lumpy asked Quintegrity. “Nobody really seems to know.”Bookmark here

“Well…” She thought about her answer. “Right now, I’m selling chocolates as a fundraiser. All the proceedings go to the school.”Bookmark here

“Okay, I know about the fundraiser,” Lumpy said, “but what’s the main point of the Super Club? You’re its president.”Bookmark here

Quintegrity put her finger on her chin to think.Bookmark here

“I basically just do whatever I want,” she said with an innocent smile.Bookmark here

The others stared at her.Bookmark here

“What do you mean by that?” Lumpy asked, his eyes half-lidded.Bookmark here

“I mean just that,” Quintegrity replied. “Headmaster and the school faculty trust what I’ll do, so they let me do it.”Bookmark here

“Wait a minute!” Rover shouted. “You mean they let you do whatever you want, as long as you say it’s for the Super Club?!”Bookmark here

Quintegrity giggled. “Yep!”Bookmark here

“That’s pretty cool!” Lumpy chortled. “What about the other members of the club? Do they get away with it, too?”Bookmark here

Nodding, Quintegrity replied, “That’s right. As long as you tell them you’re doing something in the name of the Super Club, you won’t get in trouble.”Bookmark here

“That…” Rover grumbled, “…is the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard...”Bookmark here

“But it’s true,” Quintegrity told Rover, “so remember that when you carry out future Super Club duties.”Bookmark here

A moment was needed for Quintegrity’s statement to soak in.Bookmark here

“Uh…” Rover grinned nervously. “You said that like we’re all in the Super Club here.”Bookmark here

“That’s right,” Quintegrity said with a happy smile. “Rover, Lumpy, and Adele—you’re my first members! I’m so happy to have others in the Super Club with me now!”Bookmark here

Rover panicked. “SINCE WHEN DID WE JOIN?!?”Bookmark here

Quintegrity was confused by Rover’s reaction.Bookmark here

“When you asked me out and I agreed,” she said nonchalantly, giving Rover a curious look.Bookmark here

“Waaaiiit…” Lumpy’s gears turned in his head. “Does that mean…I can do whatever I want at school…?”Bookmark here

“Only in the name of the Super Club,” Quintegrity told Lumpy with a cute salute.Bookmark here

“Anything?” Adele asked, her eyes widening. “Like anything anything?”Bookmark here

“Things of any!” Quintegrity cheered.Bookmark here

The power. The freedom.Bookmark here

Lumpy and Adele were gleefully dumbfounded. Rover, however, was a tad worried.Bookmark here

“Are you really sure about this?” Rover asked Quintegrity. “I mean, is it a good idea to let students do whatever they want?”Bookmark here

“I already told you the school trusts me.” She spoke with sincerity.Bookmark here

“It makes no sense that Headmaster would just trust you with so much!”Bookmark here

Quintegrity assured him with a smile. “I instilled the notions of my capabilities into Headmaster when he felt the funky clockwork ticking within my spirit. As a smart man, he understood my jams and my jellies just by being in the same room as me!”Bookmark here

“Balderdash,” Rover murmured.Bookmark here

“Is it, Rover?” The girl winked.Bookmark here

As if that wink had been laced with hypnotherapeutic power, Rover understood that he himself had probably experienced similar, uncanny moments of wanting to put his trust in Quintegrity just by being close to her. It also could’ve been his hormones rattling around. Or just a false memory altogether.Bookmark here

This girl is frickin’ persuasive, he thought.Bookmark here

Quintegrity continued with enthusiastic, open-arm poses, “Now you three will have those club membership perks! Only because you, my members, will be acting under my supervision. I’m your president, after all!” She winked again. “So, let’s do our best! Tee-hee!”Bookmark here

“But…what are we doing?” Rover grunted, sidestepping that second wink.Bookmark here

“Making chocolates!”Bookmark here

She opened the triple-door refrigerator, removed a large sheet tray, and discarded the plastic wrap to reveal a large assortment of chocolates.Bookmark here

“Here’s my sample batch of chocolates. There are ten varieties on this tray, and they’re all included in the Shamelessly Massacred by Chocolate crate with the other ninety varieties I make.”Bookmark here

“A hundred varieties???” Rover was lost for words.Bookmark here

“Two of each,” Quintegrity said, placing the tray of chocolates on a nearby table. “Please help yourselves!”Bookmark here

Two hundred pieces of chocolate?” Adele drooled at the fantasy. “Haaahh…it almost would’ve been worth buying that huge box. Big Bro…think about it.”Bookmark here

“…About what?” Rover muttered.Bookmark here

Adele drooled with a dreamy look on her face. “Split among you, me, Mom, and Dad…fifty pieces of chocolate each…”Bookmark here

“You’re the one who talked me out of it!” Rover snapped.Bookmark here

Adele pouted. “Don’t go blaming me if you make poor decisions.”Bookmark here

Rover looked at the chocolates on the tray. Each one was perfectly shaped, molded flawlessly.Bookmark here

“You make all of these yourself?” Rover asked Quintegrity. “For the entire fundraiser?”Bookmark here

“I do! All made by hand from scratch.”Bookmark here

What could Rover say to that? It was too amazing, too shocking for him to comprehend.Bookmark here

“That’s incredible.” Lumpy picked up a piece of chocolate and popped it into his mouth. “Wow, this is really good!”Bookmark here

Quintegrity grinned. “Thank you so much! I work hard to make sure every piece is consistent and just right, so I inspect each of the three thousand pieces I make every day.”Bookmark here

Lumpy choked, narrowly avoiding a literal death by chocolate by gulping it down.Bookmark here

Three thousand?!” Rover exclaimed. “How the heck do you make three thousand pieces a day???”Bookmark here

“I just do, I guess,” Quintegrity replied with overflowing innocence.Bookmark here

“But that’s insane! You’ll burn yourself out if you don’t be careful!”Bookmark here

“Oh, don’t be silly,” Quintegrity chuckled with a confident grin and her hands on her hips. “With you guys with me, we’ll squelch the concept of ‘burnout’ together! I already had a perfect operation going by myself, but with you three, I plan on improving perfection…together!”Bookmark here

The glorious commodities, the unrivaled chocolate flavor, and the cosmic magnificence of Quintegrity’s attitude… They threatened to consume Rover, but it was a sort of overabundance, he realized, that he needed more than anything in the world.Bookmark here

He ate a piece of chocolate, his sugary lips spreading into a smirk.Bookmark here

“Then,” he said to his girlfriend, “let’s make this the most super Super Club possible.”Bookmark here

“Yeah!!!” Quintegrity cheered.Bookmark here

“Yeah!!!” Lumpy and Adele added, their hands and mouths chocolatey from eating more samples.Bookmark here

I could get used to this, Rover thought as he watched his girlfriend and sister dance around the fascinating kitchen with each other, hand-in-hand.Bookmark here

“This chocolate is so good!” Adele popped the last chocolate into her mouth. “I bet you’re a good cook.”Bookmark here

“Yes, I try to be,” Quintegrity said.Bookmark here

“You should make dinner at our house,” Adele told her with a big smile.Bookmark here

“I should!”Bookmark here

Rover’s heart skipped a beat.Bookmark here

“Like, tomorrow!” Adele added. “You can meet our parents.”Bookmark here

“Absolutely!”Bookmark here

“Adele!” Rover barked. “Stop setting up things with my girlfriend!”Bookmark here

“Oh, get over it!” The younger sister swatted Rover on the back with a sly smirk and laughed.Bookmark here

Then again, Rover thought, blushing as Quintegrity clasped her hands together and smiled at him, even though I could get used to this, I might have a long way to go before I do…and I’m willing to take that journey.Bookmark here

*******Bookmark here

<<<STATUS>>>Bookmark here

Rover… Lvl 686Bookmark here

Allowance… {T}35,000Bookmark here

<<<EXPENSE GOALS>>>Bookmark here

Anti-Grav Skateboard… {T}499,999Bookmark here

<<<CURRENT EQUIPMENT>>>Bookmark here

Gloves… BeelzebubBookmark here

Armor… Brick JacketBookmark here

Acc. 1… Grand Shyster’s ShoesBookmark here

Acc. 2… Hound Doggo ShnozzBookmark here

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