Chapter 1:

Kingdom Of Hariken

Story Of Legends

Kingdom Of Hariken, Year 745, 1 AM

a carriage rides through the kingdom. the carriage stops in front of the bar. four hitmen descend from the car and enter the bar. they head towards the bartender. they threaten the bartender for money. jobber says to the bartender, "you know what we came here for," he says. the bartender says to the robber,"give me some more time, I promise I'll get it done." he says," Shut up, enough of that crap." the bartender's daughter says," We don't owe you scoundrels any money." the profiteer sees the girl and says," maybe you should pay the debt with your daughter. "the bartender says to the profiteer," please don't touch my daughter." then someone in black clothes comes in.the man who walked in was of medium height, black hair, purple eyes, skinny but tough type. the man has two swords on his back. he walks past the profiteers quietly and calmly, approaching the bartender and telling the bartender that he wants a drink. the profiteer says," idiot, we're doing a job here, don't you see?" the man does not answer. the man covered in Black says , "Can you add some ice to my drink?" The profiteer says" You bastard " and draws his sword. as soon as he attacks the man wearing full black, the man wearing black slowly calmly lifts his one hand and freezes the 4 profiteers. the man wearing black says, " buffoons." "I lost my appetite," he says. the bartender's daughter yells behind the man and says, "Thank you, I wonder what your name is, Sir." the man in black turns his head slightly and leaves without saying a word. later, the bartender says in amazement, "that's impossible." "this is Riku Kabayashi," he says. the girl asks"dad who he is". the bartender says to his daughter," someone who overthrew a Kingdom because the people were mistreated and the only one who could use the purple ice." then she looks at him and smiles. later, a siren rings as Riku walks through the kingdom. he hears all the people shouting "Run, they're coming!". most of the people run towards the center of the kingdom. they all pass by the Riku. Riku goes in the opposite direction of the people, as well as the direction of the enemies. enemies and Knights were fighting. when Riku arrived in the area, all the Knights were dead, and that's when riku saw a little girl. Riku pulled out his swords, sifting through the enemies and headed toward the girl. he saved her from an incoming sword blow. later, Riku saw that more of the enemies began to arrive. a lot of armored Giants and armored Dragons arrived.,then Riku says, "If I go to kill the dragon, this little girl will be left alone, what should I do?" then the sky thundered and a red lightning from the sky landed right on the Dragon's neck and cut off the Dragon's head. the dragon quickly went into decline and drifted into the middle of the city. then a lightning strike hit the ground,one appearing through the fog. he swung the sword in his hand and defeated all of the enemies with one move.the kingdom was liberated. the person was a man with black hair and red eyes.someone with a mask in his mouth and black clothes. he was Jiiku Hayakawa, the owner of the extacst sword, a disciple of the God of lightning. Jiiku approaches Riku. Riku smiles and says," you're late to the party.I wish you hadn't killed my guests." "I thought you could handle it, so I waited a little bit." Riku says" I was going to take care of it but I had to protect the girl " and shows the girl. Jiiku says," I'm sure it is." Riku says," Do you want me to kick your goddamn ass in front of her?" Jiiku says," try and see." Jiiku says," Well, let's leave it for later, let's take this girl home first." then they take her to her parents, she hugged her parents crying, and then the little girl turns her back and says, "these two brothers saved me." then the little girl realizes there's no one behind them because they've already disappeared. as Jiiku and Riku walk down the road, Riku says"What are we going to do now" to Jiiku. then Jiiku's belly rumbles. the people fear the sound and say," or have the monsters come again?" one of the people,out of fear, flips the pan into the glass and jumps into the house, while the others flee in fear. later, riku closes his face with his hands in anger. then they go to the restaurant and sit at a table, look at the menu, and then the waiter comes to the table and asks what they want, while Jiiku says, "all of it." Riku says," Are You stupid? we have a little money left." but then Riku's belly rumbles too. Jiiku says," just bring the food,money is not a problem." he gives a big bag of gold to the waiter. the waiter happily says,"immediately, sir." Riku says to Jiiku," where did you get all that money?" jiiku says," I caught a couple of Wanted Criminals." then the waiter comes with the food and says, "here's your food, Sir." Riku says," Bon Appetit, "and when they're both about to have a full bite of the meal but the Royal Knights come in and say," Jiiku Hayakawa and Riku Kabayashi have been ordered to take you to the King's presence in the name of King Ronamus, please come with us without difficulty." Riku says," so why the King wants  us?" the Knight says," We cannot give information." Riku says," So what do we do now?" Jiiku says," we're about to find out, " and they head for the castle. later, when they arrive at the castle, Jiiku says,"if this were my house, I would be seriously lost." Riku says," idiot, do you have enough money to buy that house?" then Jiiku says," at least I'm better than you in the fight, asshole, "and they go in, they go through the hallways, and they finally get to the King's room and the Knight says," the king is waiting for you." they walk in and the King says, "Welcome." Riku says," Why did you bring us here?" the King says," I called you because I needed your help." "attacks on the Kingdom have increased in recent days," the King says. "the one who caused these events is Heca, the God of death." .The King says," that's why I brought you here." Riku says," what will you give in return?" the King says," whatever you want, a king must be prepared to give anything for his kingdom." Riku says," I'm in if you're in." to Jiiku. Jiiku says "you are a pain in my ass,so let's do what the Great King has asked us to do." then a girl walks in,a girl of medium height,dark green eyes, gray hair, and Grace. the princess says," Daddy, I want to go with the Warriors." the King says," We talked about this, a Princess belongs in a Kingdom." the Princess says, " if I don't fight, there will be no Kingdom, and you know my power." the King says," yes, you are strong, but I cannot lose you like your mother." Jiiku stands out and says, "I am ready to take charge of your daughter, if she is so confident she can achieve something." jiiku and the Princess stare. the King says," Well, then she can come if you're going to take care of her." Riku says," Well, then we'll do it, but we need strong members before that." Jiiku says, " then we leave tomorrow.

Story Of Legends