Chapter 17:

Vol. 1, Ch. 17: Heart-to-Heart with the Sun

The Integrity of the Super Club [Beta version]

***AUTHOR'S NOTE***Bookmark here

I decided to change the title of this story to "The Integrity of the Super Club," as well as update the synopsis. As much as I loved the old title, I felt it distracted from the story's main point. I hope the change didn't cause too much confusion. And as always, thanks for reading!Bookmark here

*******Bookmark here

*CRASH!*Bookmark here

Wenno-day’s historical vandalism class had been in session for only twenty minutes when the first disruption burst through the window—a large albatross with a mail delivery satchel hanging around its neck came crashing through the glass.Bookmark here

As the beleaguered teacher tried to wrestle the bird, the students’ zippy whispers breezed around the classroom.Bookmark here

“I didn’t know anyone actually used carrier pigeons these days.”Bookmark here

“That’s not a pigeon! It’s a pterodactyl!”Bookmark here

“With the uproar it’s caused, it’s more like a terror-dactyl!”Bookmark here

“Shut up, Daremont!!!”Bookmark here

Mrs. Historical Vandalism Teacher was a bulky, musclebound woman who had served sixteen years in the Vast Penitentiary, so she was able to pin the feathered messenger onto her desk with ease. As the large, squawking albatross flapped its huge wings, the teacher clutched the delivery satchel and removed its contents: a single letter.Bookmark here

“Well, what do we have here?” Mrs. Historical Vandalism Teacher smirked as she examined the letter in one hand while holding the albatross’ neck in the other. “Passing notes like civilized students is too much to ask these days, eh?” She looked up at her students, who were paralyzed by her prison-hardened glare. “It’s for Rover Chork.”Bookmark here

Rover stiffened up as the muscular woman approached his desk. The big bird in her hand had given up on life, slumping over as the teacher held the letter out for Rover.Bookmark here

“Why don’t you read it out loud for the class to hear?” she growled, the lines on her face deeper than the ocean’s trenches.Bookmark here

Wanting to survive class that day, Rover gulped, taking the letter from the murderous teacher with forearms the size of his thighs. Standing up, he read the letter aloud to his fellow classmates:Bookmark here

“‘Oi, prick! I mean you, Rover Chork. You think you’re some kinda hotshot in Glove Alien Fight, I bet. I’ll have you know, just because you’re the whore of the game’s augmented reality matches, that doesn’t make you a champ. Benedict Torrent has taken a liking to you, but I want to see what you’re really about, and maybe I’ll prove Benedict wrong. I challenge you to a Glove Alien Fight AR match! Meet me at Coldshoulder Square tomorrow at 6:00 PM. XOXO, Captain Pretentious.’”Bookmark here

Feeling the eyes of every student, the teacher, and the albatross on him, Rover scoffed at the message, gripping the paper in both hands. He slammed the letter onto his desk, then tore a blank page from his notebook.Bookmark here

“I accept!” Wearing a cocky grin, he wrote those two words in huge letters on the page.Bookmark here

Everyone clapped as he stuffed his reply into the albatross’ delivery satchel. Mrs. Historical Vandalism Teacher freed the bird from her grasp, and it immediately flew out the broken window.Bookmark here

“If you lose, Rover,” the teacher told the boy, eating him alive with her soulless eyes, “you will pay for my broken window with more than money. Understand me?”Bookmark here

Shrinking into his desk, Rover replied with a small voice, “Yes, ma’am.”Bookmark here

“Good.” Mrs. Historical Vandalism Teacher walked toward the front of the classroom. “Now, on page twelve hundred eighty-four, we’ll begin the lesson on Count Earlstadt Shuxang, known as ‘The Pig-Faced Disgrace,’ the influential pioneer of putting underwear on the heads of public statues…”Bookmark here

17!17@17#17$17%17^17&17*17(17)17_17+17Bookmark here

During lunch, Rover made more progress in Glove Alien Fight at the table while Quintegrity spoon fed him slamberry applesauce. His Clairvoyant Radar detected an invisible treasure chest he almost missed, so he made sure to open it.Bookmark here

“Oh, cool!” His discovery earned him a new weapon: the Infantry Glove Aliens. “I made the mistake of selling these earlier in the game, but now I’ll level them up and see what they can do.”Bookmark here

*Clank!*Bookmark here

Across the table, Lumpy deliberately set his food tray down loud enough to get Rover’s attention.Bookmark here

“I heard you got challenged by Captain Pretentious!” Lumpy put his hands on the table and leaned forward. “Is it true???”Bookmark here

“Uh, yeah,” Rover replied before taking another spoonful of food from Quintegrity.Bookmark here

“Was it really with an albatross? That’s how Captain Pretentious likes to communicate.”Bookmark here

“Sure was,” Rover muttered. “Crashed right through the window with the letter in a satchel around its neck.”Bookmark here

Lumpy sat down, laughing. “So, the legends are true!”Bookmark here

“Who the hell is Captain Pretentious?!” Rover barked, putting his phone on the table. “Is he famous, or something?”Bookmark here

She is kinda known among the gaming community,” Lumpy said, doing an internet search on his phone. “I’m on her website now. It says that Captain Pretentious has made a name for herself with video game blogging, has appeared in a bunch of magazine and online interviews, and… Wow, the list goes on and on. She’s got a lot of influence behind the scenes of the video game industry. Also, it says that despite her horribly pretentious personality and condescending demeanor, she is a leading donator and activist of dozens of charities…and even owns an animal shelter for abandoned and abused animals.” Lumpy looked up from his phone at Rover. “She’s like…a real somebody!”Bookmark here

“Hmm…” Rover tapped his finger on the table. “It still feels weird getting all this attention from people who are kinda big.” He sneered, rubbing his hands together. “People must actually fear me as a force to be reckoned with in Glove Alien Fight!”Bookmark here

Lumpy shrugged, putting his phone away. “Probably. I mean, even though you lost to Tallyhawk Kusumegido in a Ring Finder game, it’s obvious that your Beelzebub Glove Aliens make you super over-powered in Deathmatch fights, Strongest Hero matches, and even the regular, non-AR game itself. All of the message boards and forums I’ve looked at online have people up in arms about your Glove Aliens, and nobody seems to know anything about them or of anything stronger.”Bookmark here

“All part of my grand plan, Lumpy,” Rover told him with a sly smirk.Bookmark here

Staring at him, Lumpy asked, “And…what is your grand plan?”Bookmark here

“Even as my friend, I can’t tell you.”Bookmark here

“I can’t even ask you where you found those Glove Aliens, can I?”Bookmark here

Rover shrugged. “You can.”Bookmark here

“And let me guess,” Lumpy said, frowning, “you’ll keep telling me you found them up my ass and around the corner.”Bookmark here

Rover nodded. “That’s my standard answer for everyone who asks.”Bookmark here

“What if I ask you, Rover?” Quintegrity leaned in close, giving her boyfriend big puppy dog eyes.Bookmark here

“Errr…umm…r-right… Even you…”Bookmark here

Quintegrity giggled, patting Rover on the back. “A man of your word! Willing to keep your most important secrets from everyone, including your betrothed!”Bookmark here

The entire table shook from Rover’s nervous, janky twitches.Bookmark here

“M-M-My b-b-be-betro—?!?”Bookmark here

“Just joking!”Bookmark here

Rover clutched his chest, his face getting hot.Bookmark here

“I…uh, think I’m done with my applesauce,” he said in a weak voice.Bookmark here

“Mwa-ha-ha-haa!” Quintegrity shoveled the rest of the slamberry applesauce into her mouth and washed it down with a full litre of juicy, red-hot tea. “Anyway, are you gonna accept the challenge by,”—a literal drumroll came from somewhere as she paused to build the suspense— “Captain Pretentious?!”Bookmark here

“Ha!” Rover picked up his phone and resumed the game. “Of course! I already replied that I accept. It’ll be tomorrow at six at Coldshoulder Square.”Bookmark here

“All right!” his girlfriend cheered. “We’ll rally the Super Club after school tomorrow.” She pounded her right fist into her left palm, resulting in a small crack of thunder that a third of the cafeteria heard. Her lips stretched into a pointy, devious grin. “Together as a club, we’ll slaughter the opponent, Rover!”Bookmark here

“Hell yeah, we will!”Bookmark here

A drop of sweat ran down Lumpy’s face as he watched both Rover and Quintegrity cackle like a couple of mad scientists. However, he’d always known how Rover could get riled up with video games. In fact, Lumpy envied that passion and dedication, and as he wiped the drop of sweat from his cheek, he couldn’t help but smile before biting into his mutton skewer.Bookmark here

17!17@17#17$17%17^17&17*17(17)17_17+17Bookmark here

Nary a cloud lingered overhead as the sunbathed vicinity of Coldshoulder Square filled with eager spectators on Thurdur-day. In only one day, news had spread far and wide of the Glove Alien Fight match between rising star Rover Chork and established video game blogger Captain Pretentious.Bookmark here

Coldshoulder Square was a versatile district in the Easterly Thugwood Prefecture, featuring plenty of eclectic shops, restaurants, and purportedly vague revenue-amassing business operations for drug lords and the filthy rich. At least the high elevation created some beautiful scenery and photogenic destination spots.Bookmark here

Rover adjusted the communication earpiece on his right ear and looked around at the gathering crowd. The parking lot and nearby outdoor cliff-side observatory were perfect for open-area gameplay.Bookmark here

“There must be over a hundred people here,” he said in a hushed tone to Lumpy. “Some of them are even holding handmade signs.”Bookmark here

“‘Move over for Rover,’” Lumpy said, reading one of the signs. “That one says ‘Only wenches love Pretentious.’ But…there seem to be a lot more signs supporting Captain Pretentious than for you.”Bookmark here

“It’s to be expected,” Rover replied with a shrug. “She’s been doing things for a while now and already had a following.” He made eye contact with several groups of students he recognized from Southbound Thugwood High School, and he waved at them—some of them held signs cheering him on. “At least I’ve got my own local mini-following!”Bookmark here

Quintegrity’s voice came through Rover’s and Lumpy’s earpieces.Bookmark here

“This is Q. Do you read, R and L?”Bookmark here

“Loud and clear, Q,” Rover replied.Bookmark here

“I have a visual on Captain Pretentious,” Quintegrity told them.Bookmark here

The din of a helicopter grew louder from the distance, and Rover grimaced at the incoming aircraft.Bookmark here

“Don’t tell me,” he muttered, “but she’s in that helicopter?”Bookmark here

On the roof of a building several hundred metres away, Quintegrity nestled into a nook between some ventilation ducts. Her brunette, long-haired wig swayed in the wind as she peered at the approaching helicopter through her holoshades’ magnification ability.Bookmark here

Wriggling her fake mustache, she said, “No. She’s not in the helicopter. She’s strapped to the underside of it.”Bookmark here

Huh???”Bookmark here

Rover couldn’t see well without a telescope or binoculars. Sure enough, though, as the helicopter grew nearer, he and Lumpy saw something drop from its underside. It freefell for a bit, then deployed a parachute with the word “PRETENTIOUS” in glowing neon lights on the underside for all the people on the ground to witness. An eruption of applause and cheering followed as dozens of Captain Pretentious’ fans chanted her moniker.Bookmark here

“I guess her website didn’t lie,” Lumpy snickered. “She really is full of herself.”Bookmark here

Not replying, Rover merely watched his incoming opponent swoop down from the cloudless sky. Her shadow darted across Coldshoulder Square, eventually coming into contact with her feet when she reached the ground.Bookmark here

Her landing was inappropriately graceful. She touched down first with her right foot, then her left knee, and finally her left hand. As she held the position, her cape (yes, she had a cape) draped down behind her across the ground, flat with CGI-level perfection.Bookmark here

Also, she was, like, ten years old.Bookmark here

In a heartbeat, three boys with immaculate hair wearing ruffled tuxedo shirts dashed to her side and caught the parachute before it could fall and ruin the flawless choreography. Holding the parachute above and behind them with the neon “PRETENTIOUS” as their backdrop, the boys themselves also held their own poses of well-formed showmanship.Bookmark here

To make things worse, the crowd went wild. Boys and girls cooed and shrilled as the minority of spectators responded with disgusted looks.Bookmark here

This had to be staged, Rover thought, feeling the need to gag at the sheer ostentatious display.Bookmark here

The three groomed boys disconnected the parachute from Captain Pretentious and removed her harness, then the little girl slowly rose to an upright position, sweeping her arms in ballet dance movements before she finally brought her highlighter-flamingo-colored eyes up to greet Rover.Bookmark here

Her lace-laden, button-bombarded jacket was like a ceremonial knight’s from a fairytale, and was starched to a stiffness that rivaled drywall. Her shirt was a flowery, ruffled turtleneck blouse thing that was tucked into her tight dress pants. She wore knee-high boots and elbow-length gloves with a kitty ear headband on her head of frosty, shoulder-length hair to complete the look (don’t forget the cape). As for the color scheme of the entire ensemble…imagine a disemboweled rainbow being the victim of a paintballing massacre.Bookmark here

The ruffled-tuxedo boys quickly folded up her parachute and returned to her side. Instantly breaking out of her graceful stance, she thrust her silky, touchscreen-capable glove-clad finger at Rover.Bookmark here

“Oi, prick!”Bookmark here

Rover glanced around then smiled and shrugged.Bookmark here

“Sorry,” he said, “but I must’ve mistaken you for somebody else. The person I’m waiting for knows my name.”Bookmark here

Captain Pretentious narrowed her highlighter-flamingo-colored eyes at Rover, then held out her right hand to her side, palm up. One of her boys presented to her a tablet and placed it in her grasp.Bookmark here

“Very well, Rover Chork,” she said, looking down at her tablet as she operated it. “I had expected your low-class rudeness, you being an everyday pleeber…but I’ll honor your miniscule pride by referring to you by your birth name.”Bookmark here

She quickly preened herself, fluffing her hair and adjusting her starchy jacket. With her tablet held out at arm’s length, her flat expression quickly changed to a glowing smile to take a selfie, only to revert back to the flat, bored countenance after the shutter sound effect.Bookmark here

“Ugh, great…” Rover groaned, starting Glove Alien Fight on his smartphone. “Getting insulted by a spoiled, bratty kid is all I needed today.”Bookmark here

There was a gasp among Captain Pretentious’ fans, and a double gasp among her three boys. Captain Pretentious, though, bared her teeth and shook her fist at Rover.Bookmark here

“You have balls to call me a kid!” she hollered. “Don’t you know anything about me?!”Bookmark here

Adele was posted on the rooftop across the street from where Quintegrity kept watch, and she listened in on the conversation through the communication earpieces. She peered over the side of the building, glaring at Captain Pretentious from afar.Bookmark here

“Oooh…” Her fists trembled with anger. “I really wanna punch that bitch in the face.”Bookmark here

“Easy there, Adele,” Lumpy muttered as he stood next to Rover. “Hitting children is, uh, frowned upon.”Bookmark here

“Then let the frowning rain upon me!” Adele growled.Bookmark here

Rover sneered at Captain Pretentious. “I think the more I know about you, the more I’ll need dementia to clear my brain of your idiocy.” He furrowed his brow and took a demeaning step forward. “Actually, I never heard of you until your albatross crashed into my school yesterday…so I guess you’re not that famous!”Bookmark here

More gasps accompanied the bulging veins on Captain Pretentious’ face.Bookmark here

“If you had a shred of intellect,” she said through gritted teeth, “you’d know that I’m a full-grown woman. I’m almost twice your age, so you’re the brat here!”Bookmark here

“Oh-ho-ho!” Adele snickered. “She’s not a child, she’s just a legal loli. Hitting adults is less frowned upon than hitting children!”Bookmark here

The low buffeting of more aircraft propellers came from the distance. Adele squinted, seeing another helicopter that appeared barely larger than a speck over the horizon.Bookmark here

“Don’t tell me,” she grumbled, straining her eyes to watch the aircraft. “She has another helicopter? Ugh…it looks like it’s coming this way.”Bookmark here

Somebody appeared next to Adele, and she jumped as Quintegrity’s smiling face came within centimetres of her own.Bookmark here

“Ack!” Adele shouted, thrashing her arms in fright. “Quinn?! You can really freak people out with how fast you move! You’re better at sudden appearances than I am!”Bookmark here

Not answering, still smiling, Quintegrity pushed her finger onto the bridge of Adele’s nose between the eyes.Bookmark here

“Boop!”Bookmark here

A little pad stuck to Adele’s skin, which projected the solar-blocking hologram directly in front of her face.Bookmark here

“You’re letting me use your holoshades?” Adele asked, looking around.Bookmark here

“It’s bright out here,” Quintegrity told her. “It’ll protect your eyes from the sun.” She imitated using binoculars with her hands, making rings with her fingers in front of her eyes. “They have a zooming function to see far away. They don’t have an AR function, though, because I don’t need a device for that.”Bookmark here

“No, it’s perfect, thank you.” Adele took a gander at the approaching helicopter, zooming in automatically. “Huh? How’d they know I wanted to zoom in? Do they have Brainlink technology???”Bookmark here

“Yep!” Quintegrity replied. “I just bought them—very expensive!”Bookmark here

Adele was in awe.Bookmark here

“Wild…” Zooming in more on the approaching helicopter, she could see it in great detail. “Wow, these zoom in far! And…okay, it’s probably not Captain Pretentious’ helicopter. It looks like…”—her stomach felt cold— “a Thugforce Militia chopper…”Bookmark here

She turned to Quintegrity. The older girl stood there, her hands held behind her back, keeping a serene smile on her face behind the fake mustache and brunette wig hair. However, her eyes appeared less energetic than usual…not sharing the typical mutual consistency with her smile.Bookmark here

“Hey, Quinn…?” Adele noticed something was amiss in the girl’s expression—a distraught visage masked by a smile. “What are you planning to do?”Bookmark here

Slowly, Quintegrity’s grin filled with her telltale vibrancy as she looked at Adele, eyes now crinkling along with her upturned lips.Bookmark here

She swayed her hips, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Her hands were raised halfway, snapping her fingers in time with every other motion of her body.Bookmark here

“I’ll be spending more time on the ground for this event,” she replied, her voice laced with traces of tranquility. “Rover has a match to win, and I’ll do whatever I can to help him.”Bookmark here

Adele glanced back at the cliff-side parking lot overlooking most of Easterly Thugwood. Her brother and his friend were there, surrounded by a crowd with Captain Pretentious and her boys. The crap-talking banter still came through Adele’s earpiece.Bookmark here

She turned down the earpiece volume.Bookmark here

“Yeah, Rover has a match to win,” she said, “but…” Looking at Quintegrity, who continued to sway and snap her fingers, Adele realized she had nothing to say, no point to make. The sensation of Quintegrity’s groove answered whatever question Adele couldn’t put into words.Bookmark here

*Snap, snap, snap, snap*Bookmark here

The deep roar of the powerful helicopter grew louder.Bookmark here

Quintegrity suddenly stopped her dance. She turned around and looked up, reaching out toward the sun burning bright and hot in its cloudless domain. Her fingers cast their shadows upon her skin, but did not block her face—she wanted the sun to see the calm, quiet smile she had to offer it.Bookmark here

“Even from the ground,” she said softly, still reaching for the sun, “I’ll be able to touch the sky.”Bookmark here

And for several seconds, Quintegrity looked directly into the sun, not flinching, not squinting, and not blinking. Adele felt the need to talk Quintegrity out of such a retina-searing act, but deep down, she knew not to say anything—not to ruin this moment of heart-to-heart between the burning sun and the extraordinary girl, both of which were shining with equal dazzle.Bookmark here

A crescendo of cheers caught Adele’s attention, and she whirled around to see down into the crowd, zooming in with the holoshades.Bookmark here

“…—ey…?” She turned the volume on her earpiece back up, hearing her brother’s disgruntled voice through it. “Hey! R to A???”Bookmark here

“Yeah, A here, I hear ya.”Bookmark here

“Are you even listening? What are you doing?!”Bookmark here

Adele looked back at Quintegrity still reaching toward the sun…touching the sky.Bookmark here

“Um, I was just staring at the sun, sorry,” Adele replied absentmindedly, staring at Quintegrity.Bookmark here

“What? How unevolved are you to do that?!”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, R,” she said, smiling as she watched Quintegrity lower her arm, inhale deeply, and leap from the rooftop. “I’m wearing your girlfriend’s holoshades for this heart-to-heart with the sun.”Bookmark here

“Listen to what I was trying to tell you,” Rover grunted as he configured his character’s settings and equipment. “The match is a Strongest Hero one. That means I’ll be competing alongside Captain Pretentious against hordes of enemies. The one who kills the most will be the winner.”Bookmark here

“Got it,” Adele confirmed. “What do you want us to do?”Bookmark here

“The two players will be confined to a limited area. Do you see the AR wall around us?”Bookmark here

Adele looked through her phone screen. “I do. It’s a see-through barrier around you, like a big circle.”Bookmark here

“Our avatars can’t leave this area,” Rover explained, scrolling through his list of characters’ accessories. “The enemies will appear all around us outside the circle and come at us. Unlike the hidden rings, everyone can see the enemies with AR. I’ll need you to keep a lookout and tell me what’s coming. I’m sending L to assist you.”Bookmark here

Lumpy received a nod from Rover, and he hurried out of the cliff-side parking lot and crossed the street. Overhead, the Thugforce Militia helicopter soared past and slowed down, changing its course.Bookmark here

“Tch.” Rover spit on the ground and muttered into his communication earpiece. “It really is a Thugforce Militia chopper.”Bookmark here

“Do you think it’s here for…ya know?” Lumpy asked through the communicator.Bookmark here

The helicopter lowered its altitude, circling around in a slow, wide arc.Bookmark here

Rover kept his eye on it. “They’re probably curious about this crowd. They often take care of riots and largescale disruptions of peace, and it’s common for them to supervise big public gatherings.”Bookmark here

“Hopefully, that’s the case,” Adele said from the rooftop, zooming in on the chopper as it nudged closer to the crowd. She scanned the area, but had lost Quintegrity. “Although…Q took off. She said she’s sticking to the ground.”Bookmark here

Rover replied, “It’s possible the Thugforce Militia is here because of me… They could’ve seen in all those online videos that Q was with me—”Bookmark here

“Ixnay on the etailsday,” Lumpy warned as he jogged into an alley. “Our communicators are prone to wiretapping…”Bookmark here

“What gives here?!” Captain Pretentious shouted, shaking her little silk-covered fist at the helicopter as it circled around again. “That is sooo distracting and unnecessary! This is a peaceful event, dammit.”Bookmark here

Rover laughed, mocking her. “Coming from the person who parachuted from her own helicopter just to get here!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, that’s right, you pleeber,” she retorted, standing akimbo, a smug grin on her childish face. “I aim for extreme pretentiousness! It’s in the name, after all.”Bookmark here

“Call her Gertrude,” Lumpy said, looking for a ladder to climb onto a building. “I found out online it’s her real name. Gertrude Flubberbulge.”Bookmark here

Sneering at his opponent, Rover said in a droning voice, “Yeah, whatever, Gertrude.”Bookmark here

The crowd went silent. Even the helicopter overhead stopped in place. The girl (woman?) dropped her jaw, her bright eyes going colder and darker than a dead fish’s. Murderous vibes crackled out from her, like an insidious aura of contempt and malice. With a corpse-like expression and words like the leaking stench from the underworld, Captain Pretentious stared at Rover as the onlookers shivered.Bookmark here

“People only address me by that name…” she said darkly before clenching her fists with rage and screaming, “when they WISH FOR DEEEAAATH!!!”Bookmark here

“Too bad it’s the wrong match for that!” Rover shot back as the pre-match timer counted closer to zero. “We’re fighting side-by-side, and there’s no friendly fire!”Bookmark here

More than a hundred spectators had their AR devices tuned in to the match as it kicked off, many of them recording the footage or livestreaming the video online. In his studio, some tens of kilometres away, Benedict Torrent leaned back in his chair, a small smile on his face as he sipped a mug of steaming chocolate malt milk and watched the live feed of the match beginning.Bookmark here

Raawwrrrr!!!” Captain Pretentious’ war cry (or whatever that shriek was) carried into the surrounding district, down the streets, and off the buildings.Bookmark here

17!17@17#17$17%17^17&17*17(17)17_17+17Bookmark here

Half a block away, Quintegrity pressed her back against a brick fence, staying out of sight of the loud Thugforce Militia helicopter. At the sound of Rover’s opponent already screaming in frustration, she could only smirk.Bookmark here

A delicate *whoosh* rushed by from overhead, something anyone would think was a gust of wind. However, Quintegrity had already ducked into a pear-bean bush, knowing that whooshing sound very well.Bookmark here

Even with my disguise, I still should hide. Those Militia fighters may be easily fooled, but that Cohort Squadron chopper isn’t piloted by sharp-eyed, quick-witted geniuses for nothing. As I thought, they’re on my trail…which is very unfortunate for them!Bookmark here

She giggled softly to herself before hearing the Cohort Squadron chopper rush by again, a little farther off this time. Her sharp footsteps echoed as she sped down the alleyways at half the speed of sound, yet she still failed to get a visual of the stealthy helicopter…and she knew they had failed to see her, as well.Bookmark here

*******Bookmark here

<<<STATUS>>>Bookmark here

Rover… Lvl 853Bookmark here

All Money… {T}35,700Bookmark here

Allowance… {T}34,700Bookmark here

Fundraiser… {T}0Bookmark here

Food Slip… {T}1,000Bookmark here

<<<EXPENSE GOALS>>>Bookmark here

Benedict’s Payment… {T}100,000Bookmark here

Anti-Grav Skateboard… {T}499,999Bookmark here

<<<CURRENT EQUIPMENT>>>Bookmark here

Gloves… InfantryBookmark here

Armor… Jinnin TunicBookmark here

Acc. 1… Farm EquipmentBookmark here

Acc. 2… Yakuza ToolsBookmark here

<<<SPECIAL NUMBERS>>>Bookmark here

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