Chapter 24:

Vol. 1, Ch. 24: History-Altering Talent Scouts

The Integrity of the Super Club [Beta version]

“Here’s your passionfruit crepe, mademoiselle!” Quintegrity presented the treat to the next person in the long line at her makeshift crepe stand.Bookmark here

The young woman took the crepe, giving Quintegrity a curious look. “Aren’t you…like, hot in that outfit? With the stocking cap and scarf and ball gown…and tactical vest?”Bookmark here

“Thank you!” Quintegrity blushed behind her aviator sunglasses. “I always try to look my best, but ‘hot’ is a new compliment for me!”Bookmark here

“Um…what?”Bookmark here

Rover’s panicked shouts blared through Quintegrity’s earpiece. She saw, from a distance, Rover’s avatar running through the open-air mall with a very savage, winged giant giving chase from above. Deadly beams of energy spouted from its fanged mouth, which Rover’s character narrowly dodged every time.Bookmark here

“Sure sounds like an exciting game!” she chortled.Bookmark here

“Q!” Rover wailed through her earpiece. “I need you!”Bookmark here

“Oh, but there’s not much I can do…” she replied, a tinge of regret in her voice as she rolled up two mango-spangled crepes. Lowering her tone, she added, “Besides…they’re here, so I have to stay low-key.”Bookmark here

A quick whooshing sound flew overhead as she handed the crepes to an elderly couple with matching spinners on their wheelchair wheels. They used their phones to send a tip to the Digi-Tip jar on the stand, and Quintegrity flicked her eyes to the sky, catching a glimpse of the stealthy helicopter cruising by.Bookmark here

24!24@24#24$24%24^24&24*24(24)24_24+24Bookmark here

Adele ran along the second-level walkway, keeping up with the augmented reality chase, despite getting short-winded from her laughing. When Rover’s character sought shelter under a walkway bridge, Baha Mutt circled around, blasting the hiding spot with its energy beam breath from every possible angle.Bookmark here

“This…is…great!” Adele wiped the sweat from her forehead, leaning against a guardrail and catching her breath. “Sorry, R, but this is probably the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in Glove Alien Fight. Even if you lose this match, it was totally worth seeing Baha Mutt in AR action!”Bookmark here

“Shut up!!!” Rover barked as he caught up to his hiding avatar under the walkway bridge. “I’m not gonna lose! I need you and L to do something for me.”Bookmark here

“What’s up?” Lumpy asked, taking his own vantage point from the second level of the Icarus Centre.Bookmark here

Rover swapped his character’s all-stat-increasing Yakuza Tools accessory with a 2nd Chance Bangle. He could already see Benedict’s maneuverability limitations of controlling such a large summoned creature. However, a misstep earned him a direct hit from one of the beast’s attacks, bringing his character’s HP down to one; the 2nd Chance Bangle accessory on his character shattered, protecting him from a fatal attack—preventing him from losing the game right then.Bookmark here

“Crap!” Rover grunted, equipping another 2nd Chance Bangle in the empty accessory slot. “As I thought, my low defense will get me killed with one hit from Baha Mutt. And I only have this last 2nd Change Bangle…”Bookmark here

“R!” he heard Lumpy call through his earpiece. “What do you need us to do?”Bookmark here

“Get online,” Rover replied, watching Baha Mutt’s flight and keeping the walkway’s cover between the creature and his character. “Look up what weaknesses Baha Mutt has. I need to know everything about it if I wanna get through this.”Bookmark here

The next twenty seconds felt like twenty minutes as Rover evaded more energy breath beams from the aerial assailant. Sweat dripped into his eyes, burning them, but he kept them open, not daring to blink as each moment was critical.Bookmark here

“Found Baha Mutt’s info!” Adele reported.Bookmark here

“And???”Bookmark here

“It’s only weakness is Light Elemental.”Bookmark here

“Bah! I don’t have any Light attacks!”Bookmark here

“Also,” Lumpy added, checking another website with the same data, “it absorbs Darkness. And…uh, it has only two attacks.”Bookmark here

Rover saw the towering monster land on the ground about fifteen metres from the sheltering underpass, putting him in direct line of sight. He thought he even felt the ground rumble under his feet from the monster’s weight.Bookmark here

Instead of its mouth glowing the magical colors of a breath beam, its massive front feet glowed with a sickly aura.Bookmark here

“That’s the Wake N’ Quake attack!” Lumpy yelled. “Get off the ground!”Bookmark here

Navigating the inventory menu with sweaty, shaky hands was tough. Rover selected the Plunger Pistol and fired it straight up at the underside of the second-level walkway. His avatar left the ground by retracting the rope attached to the plunger. When Baha Mutt slammed down with its glowing front feet, a devastating shockwave rippled across the ground as Rover’s avatar dangled over it unharmed.Bookmark here

Rover dropped his avatar, switched to his Infantry Glove Aliens, and deployed the Stationary Riot Shield just in time to block Baha Mutt’s breath beam. Imps swarmed the underpass, and Rover quickly reverted back to the Beelzebub Glove Aliens to use Infernal Rain.Bookmark here

The upward meteor hit the underside of the footbridge and exploded on impact, sending a blast of flames out from under the tunnel. With Rover’s increased stats from the Beelzebub Glove Aliens, the Imps were toasted in seconds. However, with the digital flames obscuring everything, Rover couldn’t see the real threat.Bookmark here

He used his last Goosepack, desperate to get out of the blinding inferno. As his avatar took to the sky, a Wake N’ Quake shockwave rippled underneath.Bookmark here

That Goosepack was a damn lucky choice.Bookmark here

“Good job, R!” Adele cheered along with the crowd. “You avoided that quake and also caught Baha Mutt on fire!”Bookmark here

“And the fire spread to Benedict’s character, too,” Lumpy added.Bookmark here

“Hell yeah.” Rover had nothing else to say as he used a rare Potion Plus to fully heal his character.Bookmark here

“Hey, listen.” Lumpy read more into the article concerning Baha Mutt. “This says that Baha Mutt is one of the few special summons that can be controlled, but it’s still a summoned thing. That means—”Bookmark here

“It’ll be defeated if I defeat the master,” Rover replied as he ran after his airborne character, dodging some homing orbs Benedict fired from atop the beast. A sneer found his lips. “Damn…this is gonna be crazy…”Bookmark here

He angled his character around to face his opponent and saw the mighty dragondog king lift off from the digital flames, its body and rider covered in burning animations. Swallowing a dry lump in his throat, Rover blasted toward the foe.Bookmark here

I only have two of these, he thought, scrolling through his inventory. Gotta aim this just right!Bookmark here

Everyone watched Rover’s Goosepack disappear in midair, replaced by a bulky jetpack and big antlers on the helmet.Bookmark here

“What?!” Adele squinted at her phone. “Is that a Moosepack?”Bookmark here

“Sure is,” Lumpy chuckled. “Ever use one? They’re badass…and can pack quite a punch, even against the biggest enemies!”Bookmark here

Rover’s character fell and rammed right into Baha Mutt in midair from above with the antler helmet before Benedict could alter his flight. The huge creature took little damage but toppled over and crashed to the ground. Benedict’s character tumbled from its back.Bookmark here

Yeah!!!” Adele laughed, her maniacal behavior repelling a few nearby spectators. “He knocked Benedict off!”Bookmark here

“Now Baha Mutt is controlled by the AI without a rider,” Lumpy explained, “and AI enemies are way easier to predict.”Bookmark here

Rover whipped up Belly of the Beast, catching Benedict’s character point blank as the black hole core dealt the most HP damage it had all match. Then Rover’s avatar charged at the AI-controlled dragondog.Bookmark here

A direct hit from the beam breath shattered Rover’s last 2nd Chance Bangle and reduced him to one HP. As the Darkness Elemental windstorm healed the monster from the burning damage, a tackle from the Moosepack rendered it helpless for only a few seconds.Bookmark here

Luckily, there was an item to buy more time.Bookmark here

The spectators beheld Rover’s character smash an hourglass-shaped item against Baha Mutt. When the monster turned a colorless shade and its animation ceased, everyone gasped as they witnessed the use of a very rare item:Bookmark here

The Clockstopper—an item that rendered its target immobile for ten seconds.Bookmark here

In a match such as this, ten seconds was all the difference.Bookmark here

“Now is my only chance!!!” Rover shouted.Bookmark here

Benedict’s character was still trapped in the eye of the Darkness vortex when Rover blasted it with Infernal Rain. The continual damage from both attacks was slow to drain the opponent’s life…Bookmark here

But that wasn’t the plan.Bookmark here

He’s taking almost four times the amount of damage from these attacks, Rover thought. When it hits four times…the real show begins.Bookmark here

The Beelzebub Glove Aliens exploded into evil light. Through the dastardly glow, Rover’s character sprouted two more arms, each with the glowing, upgraded Glove Aliens, four in total. All around, jaws were dropped as Rover’s cackles echoed throughout the Icarus Centre as he took delight in the new commands for his weapon’s ultimate form.Bookmark here

First, he used Tummy of the Titan.Bookmark here

A hurricane of darkness and filth replaced the previous wimpy vortex, a supermassive black hole at its center, nearly as large as Baha Mutt itself, the entire storm stretching as far as everyone’s AR devices would allow them to see from their perspectives. Rover noticed the healing indicators inside the crushing sphere, and he couldn’t help but laugh at Benedict’s futile attempt to keep his doomed character alive with the rarest, most powerful potions in the game.Bookmark here

Second, he used Stellar Downpour.Bookmark here

There was no upward meteor of might to initiate this flame attack. It began instantly as the AR sky turned to fire, and the rain was of those mighty meteors themselves. Each one exploded on impact with the equivalent to Infernal Rain, and it took little time before the entire AR environment burned in places people hadn’t considered were affected by the AR to begin with.Bookmark here

Third was Winter’s Hatred, and the entire block of the Icarus Centre became a glacier. Benedict’s Antifreeze Bracelet accessory protected against the ice, but unlike Winter’s Sepulcher, Winter’s Hatred struck thrice…one more time than Benedict’s two accessory slots could protect against.Bookmark here

Still, Benedict wasn’t defeated.Bookmark here

Rover growled. “Just how much HP does he have???” He sneered as Baha Mutt recovered from the Clockstopper. “Ha! Time’s about up!”Bookmark here

He glanced at his phone—there was still the fourth ability, only available with the Beelzebub Glove Aliens’ upgraded form and after Tummy of the Titan, Stellar Downpour, and Winter’s Hatred had been used.Bookmark here

The onscreen button was labeled “Insanity.”Bookmark here

No. I need to save it. I can’t let anyone know about this one yet…Bookmark here

The beam breath attacks were easier to dodge when Baha Mutt was controlled by AI, and Rover had his character shimmy to the second-level walkway without much problem. From that height, Rover had to guess the angle from his perspective as his character stampeded forward with his final Moosepack. It leapt toward Benedict’s character caught in the supermassive black hole.Bookmark here

A direct hit.Bookmark here

And the final blow.Bookmark here

Benedict’s avatar was nothing but a corpse amid the dark hurricane and raining hellfire. Baha Mutt vanished without a trace.Bookmark here

An eruption of cheers shook the enormous shopping district, drowning out the Thugforce Militia chopper and the boos and hisses from Benedict’s diehard fans. The roaring ovation alerted Rover of the full size of the audience gathered to witness the legendary match. The realization, being surreal and seemingly impossible, took a moment to settle into his head.Bookmark here

“I won…” A series of laughs escaped from his chest, and he was powerless to hold them back. “I won! I beat Benedict Torrent!!!”Bookmark here

His voice echoed far and wide as people rushed him in a flurry of high-fives, shoulder pats, congratulations, and joyous praise.Bookmark here

Lumpy emerged from the swarm of people, wrapping Rover in a bear hug from behind and lifting him half a metre off the ground.Bookmark here

“You did it!!!” Lumpy exclaimed, setting his friend down. “That was freakin’ epic, dude!”Bookmark here

“Hell yeah, it was!” The boys had to literally shout in each other’s face, because the uproar was so loud and tightly packed.Bookmark here

Rover saw Adele on the second-level walkway, hanging over the guardrail and cheering her lungs out, and she was joined by dozens of other people who didn’t dare enter the rejoicing fray below. There were hundreds of people, and hearing them chant Rover’s name was the most exciting thing he had ever experienced.Bookmark here

“That’s my boyfriend!” Quintegrity cooed through Rover’s earpiece. “I knew you could do it!!!”Bookmark here

Yet, Rover didn’t see her anywhere. While being smashed in the chanting, cheering crowd, he gazed up, seeing the Thugforce Militia helicopter turn around and head out over the buildings. He also saw Captain Pretentious’ helicopter lower itself a little ways from his location, presumably to land in the nearby heliparking lot.Bookmark here

With all the attention, something deep inside made him fear there was another helicopter somewhere in the vicinity, scouting the district for his girlfriend.Bookmark here

“I gotta hang low for a while,” Quintegrity’s voice told him, as if reading his thoughts. “I’ll meet you back at your house, okay?”Bookmark here

Multiple hands lifted Rover up, and he was passed along from person to person.Bookmark here

“Uh, y-yeah!” he replied to Quintegrity as he was crowd surfed toward Benedict Torrent.Bookmark here

Rover’s feet had barely touched the paved pathway when Benedict took Rover’s hand in both of his in a proud handshake, a thrilled grin on his face.Bookmark here

Bravo, Mr. Chork!” Benedict shook Rover’s entire arm and gave the boy a solid smack on the back. “Bra-vo! That was some mighty fine gaming out there, kid!”Bookmark here

“Thanks!” Rover beamed, returning a playful punch on Benedict’s arm. “You really gave me a run for everything I had.”Bookmark here

“Told ya I wasn’t holding back!”Bookmark here

They both laughed.Bookmark here

“Oi, prick!”Bookmark here

A short, cape-wearing woman with a childish face, frosty hair, and highlighter-flamingo eyes stepped up to Rover.Bookmark here

“Ah, you came, too?” Rover sneered at Captain Pretentious.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I did, ya pleeber.” She gave him a thumbs-up. “You deserve my praise. I’ve never seen anything like that! You too, Benedict.”Bookmark here

A journalist approached with a photography tablet, a middle-aged woman. “Excuse me. I’m with the Daily Thug, and I’d like to take some pictures for a story.”Bookmark here

Rover gawked. The Daily Thug… That’s the biggest news company in Thugwood!Bookmark here

“Yes, of course!”Bookmark here

She took a picture of Rover, the winner of the biggest Glove Alien Fight AR event to date. Then she took a picture of Rover and Benedict, the two competitors of that event. Finally, she took a picture of Rover, Benedict, and Captain Pretentious, and what a trio they were! Benedict Torrent, the popular video game livestream celebrity; Captain Pretentious, the beloved contributor and philanthropist of the gaming industry and charitable organizations; and Rover Chork, the rising star and new face of Glove Alien Fight.Bookmark here

24!24@24#24$24%24^24&24*24(24)24_24+24Bookmark here

Smoky aromas of mesquite wood and marinated steak skewers wafted down the street from the Chork house. The four Super Club members sat on the rooftop as Quintegrity cooked the celebratory snacks on the portable pocket grill. Even with the crowd long gone and the photoshoots over, Rover was still starstruck by his own accomplishments. He bit a chunk off his skewer, gazing at the canvas of clouds painted by the late afternoon daylight.Bookmark here

“Two Special Number items in the bag,” Lumpy said as he cracked open a bottle of Vroom Drink, “and eight more to go.” He took a sip of the abrasively refreshing beverage, his eyes growing wide before he swallowed. “Think you can do it, Rover?”Bookmark here

“Maybe.” Rover fiddled with the half-eaten skewer in his hand. “I already got emails from three other Special Number holders. Numbers 2, 4, and 6.”Bookmark here

“Somebody got the sixth one, huh?” Adele contemplated as she took a skewer off the platter, which was still rather hot. “I wonder how many are in play now.”Bookmark here

Rover didn’t reply—he was distracted by the obsidian-textured limousine pulling up in front of the house, parking in the street. The back door opened, and a large man emerged. From the distance, it was hard to make out his face and attire, but the extravagance and formality of his fancy suit was obvious.Bookmark here

“Huh?” Adele pointed her skewer at the man walking up their driveway. “Who’s that?”Bookmark here

Butterflies flapped in Rover’s stomach. He looked at Lumpy, and they both wore the same shocked expression.Bookmark here

“Don’t tell me…” Rover said, suppressing a smile. “It’s…”Bookmark here

“A sponsor?” Lumpy finished the sentence when Rover stalled.Bookmark here

Quintegrity’s face was awash with awe. “Ooh… That’s a good thing, right?”Bookmark here

“Sure is!” Rover handed his unfinished skewer to Lumpy and opened his bedroom window. “Benedict told me about them!”Bookmark here

“And with the publicity of today’s match,” Lumpy added, “it’s no surprise they’re sent to scout you out.”Bookmark here

“Yay!” Quintegrity cheered. “History-altering talent scouts make their arrival in a limo! Sounds like a light novel title!”Bookmark here

Rover dashed out of his bedroom, down the stairs, and to the front door. Mom was already greeting the man who had stepped out of the limousine.Bookmark here

“Oh, Rover?” Mom said when her son hurried over with a giddy smile. “This gentleman says he’s here to speak with you.”Bookmark here

One look at the large man immediately changed Rover’s expectations. He wore not a suit, but a Militia dress uniform. With beady, iron-sight eyes under a stern brow, he met Rover not with hospitality…but with something more imposing.Bookmark here

“Rover Chork.” The man’s voice was strong, fitting for his defined jawline. He never took his beady eyes off the boy.Bookmark here

“Yes, sir.”Bookmark here

“I am Sergeant Major Zohar Bloodshank of the Thugforce Militia. I need to have a word with you, Rover Chork.”Bookmark here

“Is my son under arrest?” Mom asked, looking back and forth from Rover and the man, wringing her hands.Bookmark here

“No, ma’am,” Sgt. Maj. Bloodshank said, nary a hint of humanity in his tone. “However, he is being detained for questioning.”Bookmark here

“Questions about what?” Rover asked, not wanting to come across as intimidated.Bookmark here

The man’s firm expression implied he was sizing up Rover, only to conclude there was no threat.Bookmark here

“We believe you have breached the terms of service for Glove Alien Fight, terms which were instated and overseen by CEO Claudius.”Bookmark here

The accusation made Rover’s muscles and joints stiffen. Sgt. Maj. Bloodshank noticed the boy’s reaction, and he gestured out the door toward the limousine parked in the street.Bookmark here

“Follow me, Rover Chork.”Bookmark here

Mom was speechless as her son was led outside. The mesquite smoke drifted down from the rooftop, but Rover didn’t look back to see if the others were watching—he assumed they were.Bookmark here

“Hey,” Adele whispered to Lumpy and Quintegrity as they watched Rover get into the back of the limousine with the big man. “Does something feel…off?”Bookmark here

Lumpy nodded. “Yeah. If I’m not mistaken, that guy’s outfit looks like a Militia uniform.”Bookmark here

“The heck?” Adele looked at the car. Nothing seemed to be happening. “What’s it mean?”Bookmark here

“I dunno,” Lumpy muttered.Bookmark here

Quintegrity said nothing. She used the tongs to pluck the charred skewers from the grill grate after burning them. The other two didn’t see her fists clench.Bookmark here

Inside the limo, one other person sat on a couch. She was a pretty brunette woman with glasses wearing a milky, single-button suit. While her expression was far softer than the Sergeant Major’s, Rover caught the prowling undertones in how she watched him.Bookmark here

When Rover sat on the couch across from these two people, Sgt. Maj. Bloodshank began, “Mr. Chork, this is Lawellen Skofkov.”Bookmark here

“Hi.” Rover had no other words for the woman.Bookmark here

Lawellen held the boy with her gaze, eyes as dark and soulless as large-aperture camera lenses behind her bifocals. “Mr. Chork, have you heard of me?”Bookmark here

Now was not the easiest time for Rover to recall if he had, or had not, heard of this woman.Bookmark here

“No,” he replied.Bookmark here

“I am the head of public relations for the Glove Alien Fight development team. I speak on behalf of the people who created and maintain the game.” She picked up a small television remote and turned on the screen mounted to the side of the limousine’s interior. “Do you recognize the contents of these photos?”Bookmark here

Rover did. They were all pictures from his public AR matches, each one capturing the use of his Beelzebub Glove Aliens. Given the overhead angle of the shots, it was suggested they were taken from a helicopter.Bookmark here

“I do.”Bookmark here

“Explain them,” Lawellen said, her small smile a thin mask to hide the deriding motives she was taking pleasure in.Bookmark here

“These are from the augmented reality matches in Glove Alien Fight.” Rover kept his voice steady as he gripped his shorts. “Um…they’re pictures of me using one type of Glove Aliens.”Bookmark here

Lawellen nodded. “Tell us about the Glove Aliens pictured here.”Bookmark here

Taking a deep breath, Rover braced himself.Bookmark here

“They’re the Beelzebub Glove Aliens.”Bookmark here

“Is that what they’re called?”Bookmark here

“Yes, ma’am.”Bookmark here

Clasping her hands together and lacing her fingers, Lawellen told Rover, “The game’s development team told me they never designed such a feature for the final product.” Her surveillance-camera eyes darkened as her lips made the subtlest movements to stretch her smile, as if everything she saw through those eyes was being logged in a heartless hard drive.Bookmark here

For a moment, nobody said anything. Rover looked at Sgt. Maj. Bloodshank and immediately regretted meeting the man’s firm countenance.Bookmark here

Rover opened his mouth, but Lawellen cut him off.Bookmark here

“I take it you have a theory behind what I’m saying?” she asked him.Bookmark here

Looking down first, Rover nodded. “I made them.”Bookmark here

“You modded the game,” Sgt. Maj. Bloodshank interjected. “Are you aware of the rules on mods and user-created content in Glove Alien Fight?”Bookmark here

“They’re not allowed,” Rover replied, trying to end the conversation quickly by moving it along now.Bookmark here

“Correct,” Lawellen said. She turned off the television, placing the remote in its holder with supreme delicacy in her touch. “You were breaking the rules willingly, then.”Bookmark here

“I was,” Rover said, “but it’s just a game.” He looked at the Sergeant Major. “Why does the Thugforce Militia care?”Bookmark here

“I, personally, do not care,” the solid man replied. “However, Glove Alien Fight is not a game. It is the ‘Augmented Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game of Article Two Hundred Eleven, Section One, Sticky-Note B.’” He took a sip of Holey Water, cleared his throat, and continued, “CEO Claudius has taken it upon himself to construct an entire doctrine based on the ARMMORPG—its existence and gameplay—and violating the terms of service surrounding it interlaces with the law and CEO Claudius’ rulership as Thugwood’s Chief Executive Overlord.”Bookmark here

Rover hung his head.Bookmark here

Lawellen Skofkov asked, “Why did you use such a noticeable mod in open view of the public?” Fringes of raw curiosity rimmed her lips. “Did you think this would go unnoticed?”Bookmark here

“Not really…” Rover shrugged, having been backed into a corner. “But…”Bookmark here

“But?” the woman pressed.Bookmark here

“I wanted to do everything I could to beat CEO Claudius and lift the daily quota,” he said, looking at her.Bookmark here

The faintest chuckle breathed out her nostrils. “How old are you?”Bookmark here

“Eighteen.”Bookmark here

“There’s your answer, Ms. Skofkov,” Sgt. Maj. Bloodshank said with a chastising raise of his thick eyebrows. “The reckless teenage era of one’s life.”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Lawellen agreed. “While I admit I, too, had my youthful ignorance, I never dreamed of doing something so brazen and foolish. I truly hope somebody rises up to end the daily quota because I hate video games and have to waste an hour each day. But you took your recklessness too far.”Bookmark here

“I didn’t expect the consequences to involve the Militia,” Rover grunted, giving them both a half-lidded scowl. “And it took you guys long enough to catch me.”Bookmark here

“We’ve had our suspicions since your match with Graphite Condor,” the woman said, relaxing her shoulders. “The most difficulty and time came from piecing together enough evidence and research to prove this all wasn’t a hoax and that somebody really was using a mod for all to see.” An actual chuckle escaped her mouth. “We wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt that you weren’t so foolish.”Bookmark here

She leaned back in her seat, the new angle revealing her irises weren’t dark, but the bright color of a cold computer’s glow—even with color, her eyes didn’t indicate a human lived behind them.Bookmark here

With nothing left to say, Rover hung his head again. He noticed the softness of the limo couch he sat on; either he’d been too distracted to realize it earlier, or the couch really was too comfortable to be felt.Bookmark here

“Breaching the game’s terms of service once is a misdemeanor,” Sgt. Maj. Bloodshank told him, “for which you shall be fined.”Bookmark here

Rover scowled. “I didn’t know it was illegal.”Bookmark here

“In many cases,” the man explained, “breaching any terms of service is not a crime, but it depends on the product and the nature of the breach. Like I said, this is Glove Alien Fight and is the law.”Bookmark here

“It’s a pity,” Lawellen said smugly, “how many people don’t read the terms of service for anything. They’d learn a lot.”Bookmark here

The Sergeant Major filled out a ticket as he spoke. “With that in mind, I am to inform you that if you breach the game’s terms again, you will face de-rationalization.”Bookmark here

Rover’s heart skipped at that last word, and he could only nod and say, “Yes, sir…” He took the ticket and stared at the fine: fifty thousand thuggoons, nine days to pay it or face prosecution.Bookmark here

Lawellen told the boy, “The game’s developers have told me they shall await your confession before they take action. Now that you have confessed, your modded Glove Aliens will be deleted, so you’ll need to continue participating in the game without them.” Her smile stretched into that of a lioness reciting an insulting threnody to its soon-to-be-devoured prey. “Like a good boy who plays fair with others.”Bookmark here

*******Bookmark here

<<<STATUS>>>Bookmark here

Rover… Lvl 999Bookmark here

All Money… {T}150,400Bookmark here

Allowance… {T}112,600Bookmark here

Food Slip… {T}1,000Bookmark here

Crepes Tips… {T} 36,800Bookmark here

<<<EXPENSE GOALS>>>Bookmark here

Fine… {T}50,000Bookmark here

Anti-Grav Skateboard… {T}499,999Bookmark here

<<<CURRENT EQUIPMENT>>>Bookmark here

Gloves… <None>Bookmark here

Armor… FASCAR ShirtBookmark here

Acc. 1… <None>Bookmark here

Acc. 2… Heist HoovesBookmark here

<<<SPECIAL NUMBERS>>>Bookmark here

#1, #5
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