Chapter 1:

A Brief Dream

Lucid Dreamers

It was the biggest moment of my life. Maybe the happiest moment in my life. All my dedication, all my effort, everything, everything has finally paid off. I couldn't remember how much I cried when making it, how much sweat I produced and how much blood that had been poured out. It was a tiresome effort but today I am finally rewarded. I couldn't help but feel excited about it.

So I bought myself an expensive suit, got myself a haircut and sprayed myself with expensive perfume. Basically I spent a great deal of money making sure I looked good. I looked amazing even, but the amount of money isn't what is important. The important thing is that the winner is about to be announced at the venue at this moment. I was nervous, but I was confident.

“The winner is… Ryan.”

As I heard my name called on the stage, I couldn't help but let out a cry of victory. I was so happy and the people at the venue clapped and congratulated me on winning. I stood up and was about to step onto the stage, but I felt a thug on my wrists. An elegant woman in an elegant dress stopped me suddenly. The look on her face enchanted me to the point that I forgot why I was standing there now. I thought she was going to congratulate me as well but the words coming out of her mouth weren't quite what I expected

“Do you know that none of this is real?”


“This award that you are about to take. It's all fake Ryan.”

"W, what do you mean?" Even though I described her as beautiful, her face quickly blurred. No, maybe my vision is. The people around me started to become distorted and I was losing the ability to see clearly.

"W, what's happening?” Soon bits by bits began to disappear and cracks started to form.

“It’s time to wake up, Ryan.”

Lucid Dreamers