Chapter 1:

Life and Death

Ourania's Problems

Life and DeathBookmark here

First Person P.O.VBookmark here

" Hey, Death? Why does everyone hate you and everyone loves me? " Life asked Death, once. Bookmark here

" You sure you wanna know? " Death asked Life, a shadow figure hide in the tree and listened Bookmark here

" Yes " Life smiled at Death. Death sighed and saidBookmark here

" Cause' you are the Beautiful Lie and I'm the Painful Truth " Life's smiled was gone after Death said thatBookmark here

" B-But.. I love you, Death. " The shadow figure said and it was revealed that she's a girl.Bookmark here

" You can't do that, Ourania " Death said with a monotone voice, Life left them alone to talkBookmark here

" I always think about you " Ourania answeredBookmark here

" No. Think of Life instead of me " He statedBookmark here

" No " She saidBookmark here

" Yes. You will be only hurt if you think about me " He statedBookmark here

" It's okay " She whispered, tears slowly dropping Bookmark here

" You have to live on, okay? I'll meet you again, Ourania " He said with smileBookmark here

" No. No. No. Please. No. " Ourania kneeled beside DeathBookmark here

" It's okay. Thank you for loving me, Ourania. But, for now please live on " Death kissed her forehead and dissapearedBookmark here

- End - Bookmark here

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