Chapter 1:

An Uneventful Week

When Monster Girls Live in Our Phones

"So like Roe the salmon eggs? That's how you named me?"
"Yeah, maybe I should've gone with something more generally aquatic like Wave."
"Or Aqua or Marina?"
"Well if you don't like it so much, you can always change it."
"All the other mersharks know me as Roe! I'm stuck and it's all your fault."
"Sigh... alright, what can I do to make it up to you?
"First, stop calling me a whale. I'm an orca, which is actually a species of dolphin."
"Alright, dolphin."
"Second, I want the phone background moved to Costa Rica. I'm in the mood for a tropical climate."
"I'll get you moved the next time we visit the phone specialist. I can't do anything now or I might hurt you."
"...Alright. And the last thing I want is..."
"Tell me you love me."
"Come on! Mersharks need love too!" as she flashed her toothiest grin.
"I...respect and tolerate you as a fellow detective partner."
"Aww..." Roe tried to maintain her grin but it felt like an anchor was weighing down her body.
Maybe it was too much to ask for a man to fall in love with something that lived in his phone, thought Roe as she swam around in a deep, plain ocean. But none of the other mersharks got along with her past a cold acquaintance on her playdates. It was just too lonely.Bookmark here

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It was the end of the week and Roe decided to express herself in a fun, creative, new way.
"Hey Roe, how's it-"
"Uh, g-good for you."
Roe bared her teeth in a grin.
"By the way, how are you liking the tropical climate we installed?"
"The sun is nice and bright at the surface but I can dive down if I ever need to feel a bit colder. HAPPY SHARK!"
"That's good to hear. What's with the HAPPY SHARK business?"
"A good relationship requires clear communication!"
"Well, maybe you could communicate in some other way...?"
"Didn't know mersharks had phases like this..."
No response. Suddenly the room felt empty without Roe's emotional interjections.
"Um, how are you feeling right now, Roe?"
"I made you a shell necklace!"
"Oh, thank you!"
<The item [Shell Necklace] will be stored in your phone's inventory space.>
Jason thought the barrier between them kinda ruined the sentimental feeling behind the gift, but Roe seemed to be pleased.Bookmark here

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