Chapter 1:

Daco Bell

Magical Fairy Princess

"I'm a magical fairy princess and I'm here to help!"
She was a delicate little pair of wings with a comically oversized gown that she pulled up repeatedly.
"Are you having an emotional boo-boo? I can help! I can help!"
She tapped her little starry wand on my head.
"Does it help now?" I didn't respond.
"It doesn't help?! We need to take drastic measures! Unleash the star cannon!"
"Hey wait a minute, you're supposed to help. No star cannon"
"No star cannon?"
"Nope." But she brought a bit of a smile back to my face.
She lay down on my head.
"Port to starboard! Set sail for Huggy Island!"
She began gently kicking the back of my head, probably to imitate kicking on a kickboard.
I started walking over to the nearest fast-food joint. They had delicious mango iced tea. I got a burrito and taco with it.
"No, if you're to be happy, you have to eat healthy!"
"Well I mean I already ordered..."
"Sadness levels through the roof! That sad-looking burrito is attacking your mood!"
She starts punching the burrito furiously for a few minutes. When that didn't work, she tried biting into it and ended up gagging. I offer her a drink.
"Mmm! This mango iced tea is really good! You can have the burrito." I sigh.
"Can we share the mango iced tea? It's why I came here."
The magical fairy princess thought for a moment and nodded.
"Share delicious mango drink and give you the snotty burrito! It's a plan!"
I quickly wolf down the burrito and taco (they really weren't that good) and take a nice slurp out of the mango iced tea.
"Hey leave some for me!" The magical fairy princess was drinking desperately off the rim of the cup, with me helping to tip it.
"Aah!" she exclaimed. What a refreshing drink!
"I'll finish it off."
"So how did it feel to have your first date with a real fairy?"
"At uh, Daco Bell?" I snickered.
"No! Huggy Island!"
"Where are the hugs?"
"Right here!" She gave me a hug on my clavicle. While it didn't feel like much, I could tell the heart was there.
"Elite fairy units, come on over here and give Mr. Grumpy hugs too!"
There were about ten more fairies hugging me now. It felt nice.
"Elite fairies, away!"
The magical fairy princess yawned.
"Come on, I'll take you back to my apartment and tuck you in."
"O... kay... are you... happy?"
"Very happy. Thank you, Ms. Magical Fairy Princess."
"You're... welcome."
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