Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Vigilant Myst: Episode 1

In the year 2050, a vigilante named Enigma gave his life after a successful assault on the corrupted Muncler's Empire. The CEO and descendant of the once believed to be the great Charle's Muncler, Bart Muncler and his grandfather, Doug Muncler have been arrested and sent on death's row. As for the citizens, they wish to honour the hero that gave them their freedom but they were unable as Enigma wishes for them to forget who he was and live their lives with freedom and integrity. Decades have passed and some stayed true to what they were told while others refused and honoured the man as if he was a god. What they do not know is that Enigma never died, well… not in the way that they believed he died.

"The day is our enemy, the night is our foe, and those who know us will show no woe."

In the pile of mechanic rubble, a truck was approaching this specific rubble, and two workers exited the truck and dragged a body of a teenager. They dragged the body and buried it under the mechanic rubble. The workers were disgruntled and were pissed off when they received a phone call from their boss.

"You're at the sight?" the boss asked, one replied, "yeah, we're getting rid of the body, as per your request…" the boss smiled mischievously, "Good! When you're finished, I need some muscles with what I have planned next, hanging up." the worker pulled the middle finger after the boss hung up. "Piece of shit! He thinks we're machines! Man, I hate doing this job!" The worker kicked the body and the rubble off a ledge, the sounds of the worker fade as the body falls on top of another body but mostly decomposed bones.

The bone was holding onto something that was a cube and when it came close to the currently deceased body. bright blue energy came surging out of the cube and into the body that had been implanted with multiple mechanic parts. The hand of the body began to move slowly, the worker watched from above and was amazed by what he was witnessing. He pointed it out to his co-worker who didn't believe him. "Watch! I'll get proof." The worker jumped down from a high ledge but his legs transformed into hover shoes that allowed him to land safely on the ground.

He approached the body to get a closer look but the hand grabbed him by the neck. "(roars) Where am I?!" said the anonymous body in a husky voice. It frightened the worker so that he attempted to escape but tripped and his face pierced into a giant shrapnel.

The undead corpse tried to stand up but its legs were shut down, its only choice was to drag its body. He could hear a truck approaching, and he fell to the ground, pretending to be dead. "Hello? Yo T? are You around? Okay, this isn't funny anymore! What the fuck?" The remaining worker walked towards the corpse and poked it. He stood up and saw blood on his shoes, he slowly turned his head and saw his co-worker with his head in two. "What the fuck?" the worker was traumatized by what he saw and ran back into the truck, not knowing that the corpse beside him had entered the truck, with reasons unknown on how this was possible.

The corpse looked at itself in a mirror that he conveniently found. It saw its fractured bullet hole in its eye. It looked at its hands and saw how it looked cheap.

"Where am I?" said the corpse to themselves in the mirror. The truck stopped and the traumatized worker exit the truck with fear. The corpse watched from the window as the worker was talking with an obese man and a heavily armoured soldier. "What's wrong with you?" the obese man said, "n-nothing! So what you got for me?" the obese man looked at the truck and instructed the heavily armoured soldier to inspect the truck. "You're trembling..." the worker looked at their legs and saw they were shaking nonstop. "And so they are... Ignore them! What's the fucking job?!" said the worker in an aggressive tone. "Sir, you might want to see this..." the obese man walked to where the soldier was and she showed the obese man bag full of cash, the worker snatched the cash, "you know what? Fuck the job! If you're willing to waste my time then... I quit!" the worker speed walked, he screamed in agony as his left foot was shot.

"tch, tch, tch! Oh, my friend, it doesn't work like that! When you work for me, I say who gets to quit... And that bag full of cash (whistles) that's a shitload to have, it's a shame you don't know what to be doing... I'll tell you what... You hand me the cash and ill let you walk... Or crawl away (laughs)... What do you say?" The worker clenched the bag while the corpse crawled away undetected. They found somewhere to hide while they watched the worker being killed by the obese man. The corpse's leg started to work and they tried to stand up but it was difficult. Civilians walked past the man, mistaking him for a homeless man. Then, a woman ran up to the corpse as if the corpse knew who she was. "Come, my friend, let's get you away from here." She helped him up and into her car, and she drove off while looking at the obese man. "H-Help... Me!" the woman told the corpse to calm down and save his strength, "don't waste your strength, Ted."

Ted closed his eyes and everything faded to black, he woke up in a doctor's office where he was being surgically repaired. He groaned and stood up, he looked at his surroundings, "ah, you're awake!" Ted tried to move but the doctor told him to calm down, "where am I?

"Judging by your behaviour, your lack of knowledge and your appearance, something tells me that you're not Ted Mogwai." Ted is confused by why he is called 'Ted Mogwai'. "Well, I don't have much time to explain the whole thing... Here, this chip here, is where you'll get your information but be warned that they'll have quite the shock to see your face so enter with caution." What the doctor said sounded skeptical and confusing to Ted but he took the chip. "Have a nice day..." Having said that, the doctor went to the next patient waiting for treatment.

Ted left the doctor's clinic and made his way to where the chip told him to go. Ted made it to the location thanks to the map in the chip but before he could enter inside, he was stopped by a group of hoodlums called the Hye Ryp (pronunciation: Hi Rip) gang. "Hey, Ted! Dude, it's been a while, we thought you got a bullet to your head... Looks like we were right... Hey, why don't you lay back with us, and smoke some of this good shit?" Ted didn't like smoking and kindly denied the offer. They looked surprised and watch as Ted entered the building they were hanging outside of.

Ted looked around the building and couldn't help but admire the prestigious appearance of the building. "May I help you?" Ted bumped into the front desk and met the secretary, he looked nervous and tried to avoid eye contact with the secretary. "I... Uh... Got this... Chip from..." before he could say anything else, the secretary snatched the chip and placed it into the computer system. She looked through Ted's request and asked, "So you would like to know more about a certain 'Ted Mogwai', is that not correct?"

"That's... Correct... It's nothing serious, I just want to know what type of person he was and..." Ted put himself in an awkward situation but the secretary smiled and gave in to his request. She typed onto the computer and something caught her attention, Ted tried to see what it was but she handed the chip back in an instant. He took the chip and he could feel a deep spark as of taking it, she smiled and winked at him as he left the building.

As he left the building, the Hye Rip gang was waiting for him outside. "Well, Well! If it isn't the non-smoker himself..." Ted was confused about what they wanted with him. "You know, I've been around the block and I have known you since forever, but never and I mean never, have I seen you never turn down a cigarette, well the other time you were around a little kid and shit but today, somethings fishy... You're not even Ted Mogwai are you?"

"Okay that's enough, break it up!" the Hye Ryp had their guns ready and were about to shoot but the second they turned their backs, Ted had fled the scene. "Motherfucker!"

Ted ran and ran, as much stamina as he had in his body. He managed to escape the Hye Ryp gang and the authorities but found himself in more danger. He ran too much that he lost track of where he was. "Where am I?" Ted asked himself, he looked at his surroundings and see a black mist that was lurking deeper into the unknown area. He could hear something slither around him. Ted tried to leave but tripped on a wire-like string and right before he could touch it, it latched onto his leg and dragged him deeper into the black mist. The wire threw Ted near two dumpsters and it revealed itself to be a slim and long leg. He could hear a door opening loud and a samurai-like figure approaching Ted, "What the fuck Bolt?! This kid was about to leave why would you..." as the mist cleared, Ted got a good look at Ted.

"Aw come on Mayne! You know it's fun to be messing about little runts like these... Mayne? Helloooo?! Earth to Mayne! Is anyone in there? (Clears his throat) MAYNE?!" The Samurai-like figure named Mayne punched the Slim and Slithery-like figure named Bolt into one of the dumpsters. "Before you ask any questions, I've got some for you... First, who the fuck are you?! Second, Who or where the fuck did you get the information of where we reside?! and Three! Do you want to hit some of this? It's good shit man, you'll never feel your face after this..." Ted looked at Mayne who was smiling.

"Well first, my name is Ted Mogwai, I believe. Second, no one told me about this place, I was just running from a gang and I wound up at this place and... is that stuff safe?" Mayne turned around and could hear sirens, he grabbed Ted and threw him inside while Bolt was left outside. Mayne threw Ted near one of the couches while he pressed a button which threw Bolt onto the floor, "Oops, my bad." Bolt put the middle finger on Mayne. "Egotistic Bitch."

"Not that I want to be any trouble but why did you bring me here?" Mayne walks up to Ted and shows him a news article, Ted looks at the article and finds his face on the cover. "You're wanted for the deadliest ever to occur since the fall of Muncler Empire..." the name 'Muncler Empire' echoed into Ted's ears. A flashback is showing someone who was wearing a Cyberpunk-inspired oni mask, he takes out a walkie-talkie and speaks to someone on the other line. "I'm inside the building, what am I looking for exactly?" The person on the line responds, "You should be looking for an Energon-like system room, that's where you'll find the 'thing' you're looking for... Seriously, is it too much for you to tell me what you're looking for?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. Now let's get back to business, I'm close to a pool... river? or something like a piss storm." The person on the line explains to the masked figure, where he was, "get this, Bart Muncler paid $2.65 million to get an energy drink fountain... selfish pricks! You need to go to the CEO's office to gain access to the main system but be warned, there are multiple cameras active and drones ready to shoot the second they're alerted."

"Thanks for the info... Well, well... it seems our friends, Nova and Delta are here... you know what that means?" The person on the line groans angrily, "Kill those fucking bastards! I don't give a shit if I owe you even more! Kill them!" The masked figure tells the person on the line to calm down.

The masked figure's eyes begin to go static but it turns out that Ted's eyes are turning into static. "I can't see!" Ted moves around uncontrollably while Mayne and Bolt attempt to stop Ted but he stops and shouts, "I can't see!" Mayne understands what he mean's by that and punches Ted's eyes until they fall out, Ted calms down, not caring about the amount of pain and blood shown on his face. A couple of hours later, Ted wakes up to find his eyes, slightly fixed and different. "I did what I could!" said the doctor, "but the shit you put this boy in... what were you thinking?" Mayne just hands the doctor the money and carried Ted out of the clinic. "Hey, I asked you a question!" shouted the doctor, "and I ain't obliged to answer, now good day." Bolt pulls the middle finger on the doctor and leaves behind Mayne.

"Hey kid, you okay? You were acting like a gorilla back in HQ..." Ted looked at his hands and saw the eyes that Mayne broke. He remembers falling to the ground and feeling something round and broken, he reaches out and grabs it. "What happened..." before Ted could ask anything else, Mayne interrupts him, "Can you stop asking questions for one hour at least? We're already in a tight situation as of now."

"Sorry..." says Ted then Mayne replies, "No... It should be me saying sorry... A lot of shit has happened and I've already got my backside working on too many jobs..." Bolt comments on how this was Mayne's fault again, "Well excuse me for focusing on beating those clowned pricks on jobs! It's like I'm the only one who cares about showing Hood that we are the better team! The hood is a member of a rival faction we are against... They're not bad people, they just love looking down on people like us... I'm sick of it!" saying that Mayne accidentally throws Ted near a dumpster, "it's like I say, you throw someone, there's a convenient dumpster nearby! It has to be a sign."

"A sign of what exactly?" Bolt thinks about what it means and a lightbulb turns on conveniently on top of Bolt, "it just means, you need to take the trash out, I mean think about it, you never take the trash out and you always rely on me to do that." Mayne looks at Bolt with a serious look while Bolt looks at Mayne with a childish look.

"You... May, and I say MAY... Have a point." Mayne gets Ted out of the dumpster, not noticing that Ted dropped the chip that he received earlier. "You know what we should do... Get this kid some cyber ware in him, I mean look at him! He looks terrible and the rusted paint on this is SO 30 years ago." Mayne agrees and takes Ted to someone they know. "Viola kid! Welcome, WurstMeck, a parody of WestMuck, the home of Enigma! This place has the best cyber doctor, except the fact they don't have normal doctors themselves is a questionable mistake not to have... I swear almost all the assholes there are..." Bolt bumps into a giant man with titanium arms, "oh, hey Hound." Hound slightly pushes Bolt forward and makes Ted drop to the ground, breaking his leg cyber ware. "Now look what you've done you, idiot! Come on Ted, we need to get you to that doctor ASAP... COME ON ASSHOLE!" Mayne grabs Bolt by his beard and drags them to the doctor.

"I swear, whenever you wankers come here, I have to bring in gloves and they ain't for me to use..." Mayne laughed sarcastically at that joke, "Can't you help him or not?! The doctor looked at the critical conditions he suffered and could help him but it cost a lot of money, "I'll pay..." Mayne, Bolt and the cyber doctor looked and saw Hound with his partner, Zeke. "Consider it to be an apology for me and Hound and... I could use this kid for some troubles in dealing with... What do you say?"

Mayne looked at Bolt and Bolt shook his head 'no' whereas he looked at Ted and could see the amount of pain he was in. "What's the job?" Zeke showed them a dangerous chip, "when do we start, Zeke?"

In the year 2047, WestMuck, Montreal, Canada gained a huge following after their refusal of selling their land to the Muncler Empire as the Muncler Empire itself has been successful in acquiring other lands in foreign countries, for example, Maxdrum in the United States of America, Byrtham in the United Kingdom, Yuthano in Japan and many more.

The Muncler Empire's CEO, Doug Muncler has come to state that, "Despite WestMuck refusing a strong offer like mine, I am willing to willing to understand their decision and work alongside the other lands that I have acquired... But please take note WestMuck, that the offer is still on the table and I am... A patient man. So, please... Take your time."

"You'd think that fucker would take a hint and fuck right off to where his mother first popped him out. Tight move buddy, now what are you going to do now?"

Tan Begum