Chapter 1:

The Death

The Undefined Man

It had all began ten years ago . I was going home from school it was like any other day but it had all began by the time i reached home . There were cars infront of our house . Then I heard my sister screaming so I rushed inside to see what's going on and there were almost 10 people .Bookmark here

There was this guy who was wearing a brown shirt amd he was sitting in the couch with cigar in his right hand and he had a cross symbol tattoo on his right wrist and Bookmark here

a gun in his left hand pointing towards my father head who was in his knees.Bookmark here

I was shocked seeing that and couldn't understand what's going on. and the man saw me entering and came towards me and he put his hand on my shoulder and he said " you look a lot like your father . let me guess you are Ryan , right". I was terrified and trembling and I mumbled yes. Then he said " Don't be so terrified boy and I heard you turned sixteen this year" . and I replied yes again . Bookmark here

Before he could ask me an another question my father began speking he asked to let family go . The man has gone towards my father and said "it would have been easy for us if you didn't do that to me". then my father said that he didn't and he was framed .Bookmark here

The man pulled the trigger and shot my father there was blood everywhere, my sister was screaming and crying and it all happened in a second he shot our mother and I couldn't do anything to save them but watch . The man came towards me and put his gun on mu head and said " sorry son it's all your father's fault that you all have to go through, I really liked you but you can't be alive ". before he could pull his trigger two men came into the house and started shooting .Bookmark here

Everyone was trying to kill each other . The two persons killed 5 men the moment they entered and I went near my sister to pick her and escape but my sister was shot before I could reach her .Bookmark here

I was devastated and he began shooting at me and I was shot at the abdomen and fell on the ground at the moment I thought this is how death feels . There was blood everywhere and I was in anguish that I couldn't protect my family and feel so pathetic and I closed my eyes and suddenly I heard a loud noise .Bookmark here

I didn't want to see what's going on at that moment I really wanted to die . when I woke up I was in a bed and tried to get up but there was so much pain , I hopelessly sat on the bed and a doctor came inside the room and told me to not to force myself . He introduces himself that his name is Alex and he was a friend of my father.Bookmark here

Alex looked like he is in his mid 20s and I asked who saved me then he tells that two people who came into your house are Ben and Kith and those are the ones who saved me .I asked only those two . Then Alex said that there were three more people who helped them . I asked him why did he save me and I am not helpful for them and before Alex could speak Kith who was listening the whole time behind the door came grabed my shirt and said "we saved you because you are worth living and we lost one of our best recruits that night because you could even know how to run , may be you can help us fill his position now get your self together".Bookmark here

Alex told Kith to get out and told me not to worry and he said " Don't worry , I know you are going throught some hard time but you can rely on us and we will help you".Bookmark here

That day not only I lost my family but also my emotions and that day on wards I decide that I will avenge them and that was my whole aim. I asked Alex about the man who killed my father . He told that his name is Radd. He is from biggest mafia in the country and Tony Aler is the boss and he is the one who sent Radd to kill my father and all.and from then onwards my aim is to kill those who are associated with my family's death . Bookmark here

Alex ,Kith and others work in an secret organisation and they are callled SPARK what a dorkey name and I had joined in that organisation and trained and even had my identity changed . Now here I am in the same room with the man who killed my father .I want to kill him. Alex comes near me and said "now it is not the right moment to kill him if you do it's not good for us it is not our current mission". and I replied to him that I know , I have waited for soo many years I can still wait for some little time. But to tell the truth to you all I can't wait or waste any second of my life not killing that person .It was the room for the prestige participants in the black auction house and our aim is to find the younger daughter of the prime minister who likes to buy crazy stuff in auction and capture her and get the information we need from her. But why he has to be in the same room with her it makes my work so hard. Because of stupid girl I have hard time now why she has to date that piece of sh*t . she is kind of good looking and my type but she has a very bad taste in men . let stop think that it makes me vomit .Bookmark here

The Undefined Man

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