Chapter 0:

Announcement from the ringmaster

A Rejex Original: It's Prank Time

Welcome fellow readers as I am DeathJoke, the master of JimboRudda and you may as well know more about my game!

DeathJokes Game:
The Aim of the Game... Survive this maze until 24 hours are complete! And do you want to what you'll be surviving from? PRANK!! LOTS AND LOTS OF PRANKS ROAM THIS MAZE!!! Believe me when I say that there isn't any exit so you'll be expecting to roam around the maze until your freedom has been rewarded and just to clarify some of the rules.

DeathJoke Rules:
Rule Number 1:
Everything is Connected

Rule Number 2:
Make it Out Alive

Rule Number 3:
Build your way to survival

Rule Number 4:
You are the weapon

Rule Number 5:
1 HP

Rule Number 6:
Death is a New Beginning

Rule Number 7:
Everything has a Cost

And as for the map of this area, only one must bear the map while the others act as a team, oh I forgot one more thing, any death occurring will cost you another hour so you'll be here longer.

And Now... Let the Games Begin!!!!