Chapter 0:

Author’s Note

Adapt × Survive

Originally, I had planned for this story to be a web-book that readers could navigate and read when they pleased. However, the cost of hosting a web server is beyond my price range just for uploading a simple book that many people will most likely not care about. I figured I would sell it on Smashwords for $0.99 due to the 12k word count. But then it hit me: how many people would even spend $0.99 on book that was nothing more than a straight up yuri BDSM fetish. Answer: probably none.Bookmark here

This book had a much darker tone in the original form. Later it became the yuri hentai it is now. While this story is free to read I will still sell an e-book version on Smashwords for $0.99. Does this mean you need to buy the e-book? No. You do not have to buy the e-book if you do not wish to. Buying it will not gain you any extra chapters, bonus stuff, or anything of that nature. The only thing you will get is an epub file that looks typographically pleasing than the standard e-book.Bookmark here

Think of the purchasing of the e-book more as support. If I make money I can hire editors, illustrators, beta readers, and pay to have book covers that look more like light novels and not amateur GIMP images. For now, I have to do everything myself. That is simply how it is. Now while I cannot promise that my light novels will be free of grammar and spelling mistakes — after all I suck at both, though I do try to be correct — I can state that without any doubt I will made sure any format of my light novels are typographical beautiful.Bookmark here

As a typographer I want my light novels to be a pleasant reading experience. You will not find Times New Roman 12 point used in any of my PDF formats — I am not apathetic enough to use it — nor will you find an eyesore of a line-height set at 100%. Now there is no accounting for taste or every single possible device that people can view a book on. Still, I do hope people will enjoy the light novels I create and want to create more light novels of their own, be they yuri or otherwise.Bookmark here

I do hope you enjoy this story. Feel free to leave reviews and comments. Not only is it helpful but some times just a simple word of praise is always nice to read.Bookmark here

Now without further adieu… はじめよ!Bookmark here

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