Chapter 2:

Nercorotic (Shalltear × Lupusregina)


Shalltear Bloodfallen was an immortal vampire with the body of a beautiful petite child. Long blond hair and crimson red eyes entranced many humans who failed to protect themselves with high-level magic or a strong will. While her body was young and pale like a dead corpse she still managed to retain a classical sense of fashion. A simple crimson red corset with a matching skirt resembling that of something from the Victorian era.Bookmark here

It had been a week since Demiurge had gone through with the plan to act as Jaldabaoth and gain Momon a boost of reputation — among other things. Everyone in the Great Tomb of Nazarick was in need of a break, if only for a little. Ainz Ooal Gown ordered all of his servants to rest and relax which confused many in the Great Tomb. Shalltear had finished taking a bath and fixing up her clothes, hoping that the next day would come with actual orders for her to take part in the seizing of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Anything was better than waiting.Bookmark here

Without much left to do Shalltear decided to take a stroll around the ninth floor of tomb. As she continued to walk past the common amities of the floor she noticed the Pleiades all sitting around a fancy table drinking tea. Perhaps, I should join them, Shalltear thought as she made her way over to them. Before she could say a word the six sisters stood to their feet and dropped to one knee.Bookmark here

“Lady Shalltear, to what do we owe your gracious presence?” Yuri Alpha asked as she continued to look down.Bookmark here

“Now now girls, no need to be so respectful with me. After all, we were ordered to relax.”Bookmark here

“But you are one of the floor guardians of Nazarick. It would be distasteful for us to not show you respect.”Bookmark here

“Oh very well, if you must.”Bookmark here

As Shalltear sat down in one of the chairs the other Pleiades stood beside her as they waited for her permission to act.Bookmark here

“So, how are you girls handling this relaxing thing?”Bookmark here

“Not very well, Lady Shalltear.”Bookmark here

“I see. In that case why don’t all of you take a bath. It is quite relaxing.”Bookmark here

“If you insist then we shall, Lady Shalltear.”Bookmark here

“Good. Oh, Lupusregina I would like you to stay with me. In fact, come back with me to my room.”Bookmark here

“As you wish, my lady.”Bookmark here

Without another word Shalltear and Lupusregina returned to the floor where Shalltear’s bedroom was — the Adipocere Chamber. Inside the room was a thick sweet fragrance lingering about the air. Gauzy pink chiffon veil hung from the ceiling with a small white table set for two. This was the first time Lupusregina had been inside the Gothic vampire’s room. As she entered into Shalltear’s bedroom she was rather surprised by the girlish tone in design. Cream colored wallpaper, a semi-double bed with a canopy, and cute desk threw Lupusregina for loop.Bookmark here

“You seem surprised.”Bookmark here

“Sorry, my lady, it is just shocking seeing your room look so…”Bookmark here

“Yes, I know. You expected black and a bunch of coffins, right?”Bookmark here

“Well, no… Maybe…”Bookmark here

“Say, would you like to try something fun?”Bookmark here

“What do you mean, Lady Shalltear?”Bookmark here

“You know exactly what I mean. You, me, and this bed.”Bookmark here

Lupusregina could not help but blush slightly.Bookmark here

“Why me, my lady?”Bookmark here

“That should be obvious. You’re the cutest maid of the Pleiades. Plus, I find your sadistic side to be quite flavorful,” Shalltear said as she licked her lips.Bookmark here

“Thank you, my lady.”Bookmark here

“Now, I think I will take you.”Bookmark here

With a cute smile Shalltear gazed into her eyes until Lupusregina could no longer feel her body move.Bookmark here

“There. Now you can’t move,” Shalltear said as she made her way over to Lupusregina’s body.Bookmark here

Twirling her hair slowly she looked into her eyes.Bookmark here

“The spell I cast will keep you like this for one hour. You can’t move but you can still feel and see everything that is happening right now. Don’t worry though I will be sure to give you something that no one in Nazarick has seen before.”Bookmark here

Shalltear gently placed Lupusregina’s body onto her bed and began to remove her clothes until she was fully naked.Bookmark here

“Truly, you have a beautiful body,” Shalltear said.Bookmark here

As she straddled her hips Shalltear began to slowly remove parts of her clothing until she was in a simple black pair of bra and panties. Even though her body was as lifeless as a dead corpse Lupusregina could feel every sensation of Shalltear’s touch from head to toe. She wanted to moan out from the pleasure of her tongue exploring her most sensitive parts but she couldn’t. Shalltear smiled as she started to slowly remove her bra revealing her small but noticeable chest.Bookmark here

Lupusgina could feel her body get aroused as Shalltear bared her small fang into various parts of her skin — pricking ever so slightly near her toes, breast, and ears. With smile Shalltear removed her panties revealing the hairless area between her legs.Bookmark here

“You are far too aroused. I can read your body like a book. You see, I have been with many dead and lifeless corpses. They are far easier to read than that thing that humans call emotion. I can also tell you that I am not letting you get all the pleasure Miss Wolf Queen.”Bookmark here

With a sadistic smile Shalltear began to use her fingers to slowly tickle Lupusregina’s body starting at her breast.Bookmark here

“Oh my, I can tell you are super ticklish. You can’t laugh but inside I know this is killing you.”Bookmark here

Lupusregina wanted to move from Shalltear’s dancing fingers but was unable to. She continued to consciously laugh as she watched her tickle her body in an almost teasing manner. This is to much for me to handle, Lupusregina thought as she watched Shalltear move her fingers lower.Bookmark here

“Maybe this would be a better spot.”Bookmark here

Before long Lupusregina found herself giggling nonstop as Shalltear tickled all the way down to her feet. After just ten minutes of tickle torture Lupusregina finally had a chance to rest. Shalltear had stopped and looked seductive, like she wanted to do something dirty with her body.Bookmark here

“Perhaps it’s time I gave you a reward for being such a great slave.”Bookmark here

Using her tongue Lupusregina felt a sense of pleasure as she moaned out. Shalltear licked slowly up the soles of Lupusregina’s feet and soon made her way up to her thighs.Bookmark here

“I bet you want me to go there, right? To bad, I plan to use my magic for this.”Bookmark here

Casting a magic seal on the most weakest part of Lupusregina’s body Shalltear smiled as she continued her way up to her lips. Lupusregina could feel the seal between her legs tease her weakest body part in ways that no normal human could. In just under five minutes Lupusregina could feel a pleasurable release flow from between her legs, however, she was still unable to move. Even in her paralyzed state she still enjoyed the pleasure of having a forced orgasm. Shalltear smiled as she kissed her lips.Bookmark here

“You just did something without my permission. Oh well, time is almost up and I must say I quite enjoyed our day off. What about you?”Bookmark here

Lupusregina soon found herself able to move again as she breathed rapidly. Her body was trying to catch up with all the sensations that it felt while paralyzed.Bookmark here

“Can I assume we will do this again soon?”Bookmark here

“Of course my lady.”Bookmark here

“From now on call me Shalltear when we are alone.”Bookmark here

“Of course… S-Shalltear.”Bookmark here

“Good girl. Now, let’s trade places. This time I’ll be the cadaver.”Bookmark here

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