Chapter 1:

first impression last

sweet providence

Layla's point of view
As they say, “a novel is much more interesting if you don't know how it ends....”

Thinking of the life that awaited me inside the school walls made my heart pound in anticipation

I, Layla Jin , An Underprivileged even amongst the underprivileged ….With an average look and gloomy personality never dreamed to get accepted in one of the most prestigious school in the city....the school which until now I hand only seen in my dreams towered before me

I finally reached the dormitory. I reached the knob  "I can't believe it! This is too good to be true !maybe I'm still dreaming"I pinched my arm just to make sure"ouch"that feel pretty true to me

"What sort of weirdo pinched their own cheeks"said the girl with a long silver hair tied in tuxedo braid that reaches out her waist with warm gray eyes and large circular glasses, wearing a pristine white uniform with a cloak as she slightly tilting her head"and why are you here in the boys dormitory?" 

she's... Pretty "I thought to myself as I stared at her blankly and lost in thoughts. The girl standing in front of me was wearing a music department school uniform... But her uniform was way too different from the other music department female students around

"you know,life at the academy isn't all fun and games"she sigh" including you trespassing the boys dormitory. Have some dignity woman"

".."i didn't response
"I'm the saint palantines supreme student government vice president reijimin li" she declared with an arrogant smirk"typical?"

"I thought it this was the girls dormitory" I tried to explain 

" I won't buy lame excuses, if you're here just to get male attention then—"

"I'll do my best to become one of the best students in this school”I said cutting her off” and to read all sorts of books that I can!" i added

I nodded "because they are a great way to learn about new things, explore new ideas, and escape into a different world. When I read a book, I feel like I'm entering into a new universe and I can't wait to see what happens next. "I said as I blankly stared at the distance "There's something really magical about being able to escape from reality and go on a journey in your mind. I love that feeling and I think that it's incredibly powerful."

She stared at me like I'm some sort of weirdo after hearing what I just said "Yeah yeah whatever you say "she said as she glanced away from me 

I know you like me but I'm not into those nerdy plain looking and gloomy type of girls" she said in a proud and arrogant tone as she started to walk away from me.

What's wrong with her? This is a boys dormitory?then why is she here?Isn't she here to escort me? No???"

"At least could you have told me where to go before you leave?"

" I went out my way because Gabriel said so"last thing she said before she completely turned her back on me as I just follow her with my gaze as she walk away from me“

"Find your way out!" she slightly tilted her head as a smirk formed on her lips“nerdy, plain looking and boring huh?”i smiled bitterly remembering what she had just said"just to get male attention?..." 

"There aren't any more classes today, so I should head for the dorm first"I whispered feeling defeated. I was still wandering around trying to get to the dorm but it didn't seem like I was going any closer. Which way should I go?The path I took brought me past the tranquil edge of a Serene lake
"How beautiful"I saw ripples on the lake glittered in the sunlight as if the surface was adored with millions of gemstones

“How lovely "but this can't be the way to the dorm"I said to myself 

As i was just about to turn around when the figure of a person caught my eye He was standing on the shore gazing towards the lake wearing the school uniform,cloak and all with his back on me

Just like reijimin had. Perhaps he's one of the student council

Wonder what he's up to ...maybe he can help me since he looks like a student.. perhaps one of the SSG?I thought to myself as I stared at his cloak

The boy leaned forward bringing his face close and closer to the surface"Wait!"I yelled in panicked " He's going to fall in" I held my breath as he crouched down towards the water" Wait he's doing it on purpose" What is this? He's going to drown himself. I've gotta stop him! I sprinted as fast as I could kicking up the dirt behind me as I frantically rushed towards him
"Don't do it!"I crashed Into his side throwing my arms around him I caught a glimpse of his face eyes wide open and mouth in surprise 

The word around is spiraled twisting and turning into the air"Huh?" And then with a chilling slash the two of us plunged into the water"Help I'm downing"I struggled to swim but the weight of my drenched uniform

Pulled me down "am I really going to die like this?"In the midst of my panic I felt a tug in my arm Huh?"It's shallow enough to stand, ''he said as he looked down on me. 

He was right the water was so shallow it wouldn't even reach my waist in a setting posture Huh?how stupid I could be to almost drown like this

My face was so hot it seems like the water would sizzle right of Timidly I looked up to face him only to see him staring right back
I immediately fixed my glasses and fixed my posture
Water ran down his brown hair and dripped off his chiseled face a boy with the most beautiful turquoise eyes, glistening clearly peeked out at me between his soaked bangs Looking into it it seems cold and distant as if to warn people to stay away
He's a little intimidating. not gonna lie

Why would someone like this want to kill himself anyway?

"Mind getting off me"he said with a poker face
"Oh"I completely forgot I was leaning on top of him
"Forgive me "I scrambled to stand up and got away from him
He stood up and squeezed as much water as he could from his Cloak. Looking back at me his one eye peered through his bangs, drawing me in His gaze made my heart skip a beat 

Anyways I can't let him kill himself

"Um..."What am I supposed to say to a suicidal person anyway? The best thing I can do is to be a good listener and create a safe space for them to talk freely. 

Sometimes just having someone to listen to their problems and sympathize with them can help them to feel less overwhelmed, and it also lets them know that they're not alone.

"If you keep living good things will happen so don't kill yourself""What why?"


"What are you talking about?"

"Huh?weren't you I'm just trying to drown yourself?"i said in a serious voice a i stared at him with the usual serious look on my face. “

Huh?he stared at me as if I'm some sort of alien

“There "he whispered 

"i was looking at them"he added as he pointed out something I looked down to see small fish gliding Through the water near my feet

"Just look at fish?"

"Yeah"he responded shortly"No way!" So he wasn't trying to kill himself after all?

I lowered my face trying to hide it out of embarrassment. And to think I shoved him into the water because I was so stupid to think that I'm such an idiot

"Let's get out of here"He put out his hand offering it to me
“Um..."I looked away in panicked"It's slippery be carefully you might fall"I hesitantly took his hand and followed his lead to the shores 

His firm sting grip made my heart beat a little faster

"Here you go"He pulled me up with a tug bring the both of us back to the land Water dripping off me making my uniform feel so heavy it was like I was wearing a steel armor
"it'll be better if you squeezed it out"he said as he stared at me firmly
"Thanks"I timidly responded I wrapped my hands around my skirt and twisted it water plunged out splashing on the ground "I'm sorry for misunderstanding that back- "

"It will be fine once I dry off it'll be like nothing ever happened "he cut me off in a calm voice and flash a gentle smile"But that's my fault I put you through all of that I'm sorry"

" a little water won't hurt anyone"

"..."i stared at him quietly

Are you okay?"he asked with a concerned look on his face"I'm fine..but I can't believe you helped me out after I pushed you in"

"It was slippery there you could've fallen and got hurt"

"Thanks you're very kind"I said without thinking 

Not really"

 Is it just me?or his eyes went cold for a moment 

As if they looked back at me with nothing but emptiness I could see the pain in his eyes so deep... Or was I just imagining things? 

Was he just trying to he modest? though he seems like he rejected that compliment rather harshly. It's hard to tell since his face never shows any emotions.

Does he hate me after pushing him to the lake? he was completely soaking wet...what's with this awkward silence how to make this conversation a little longer.... "

You're a student here right?"I asked,trying to make a conversation" I'm a provisional student from coffeeville my name is Layla jin and just got here today"

"Is that so?"he asked as he stared at me quietly listening waiting for me to respond"I was scolded by the student council secretary for going to the boys dormitory" 

“Reijimin li?"he whispered as his eyes went as cold as ice-fear took shape inside me Without saying a word he turn around and started walking off the other way

Did I say something wrong?"I asked confusedly not knowing what's going on"Hey um wait!!" He marched forward at a hurriedly ignoring my shouting entirely

I blankly stared at my reflection in the water trying to process what had just happened

.I was happy a few minutes ago"I whispered trying to convince myself , the wind gently blew my hair. When suddenly I noticed something shining underneath the water. It was something shimmering like gold 

"an emblem?"I thought to myself and went on the water trying to retrieve the object. It was a gold plated school emblem which I believe comes from the music department because of the harp and S-clef surrounding its string in forward slash position. But isn't the school emblem for the music department supposed to be silver?

I wipe it out using the hem of my skirt and held up the emblem and lifting it high in the air then iridescent light starting to glow brighter

"is so pretty.“You drop something"I turned to his direction but It was too late. He was completely gone