Chapter 2:

Question of reality

sweet providence

Despite the few bumps along the way, my first night with Claide was a total success! We met some fun and had some great conversations. I was a little nervous initially, but Claide was there to keep me calm, and her positive energy helped me get through the night.

I glanced at my new roommate as we walk through out dorm room"oh yeah you're late yesterday Layla what happened?"

Oh yeah I was quiet the whole conversation and Claide did all the talking. I wasn't able to share my experience in my first day here at school

"I—i was lost "

Wait?... She didn't brought my lies? 

" but something interesting happened on the way.."I added 

"Something interesting?""

"Yeah I met a boy yesterday "

"Oh what was he like?""

"He had a straight brown hair"I Paused for a moment trying to remember something

"....And his name was um...Azazel Eiri"

"Azazel Eiri?um"Claide put her hand on her chin and cocked her neck"I've never heard that name...""

"Oh really?but he was wearing this academy's uniform the same as the supreme vice president "

"The student council uniform?you met the vice president?"

I nodded as a response

"I think I knew all the SSG officers, Then maybe I just never met him"she said "I thought I knew most of the people here but there are so many students here so"

"Was he handsome"

"He was cute?"I responded

"Cute like kitten?""

"Well,kinda Iike that"

"That's awesome I didn't know there was someone like that here"Claide said with her eyes full of interest "I love boys that are like kittens! "

Oh yeah?

"He was also kinda weird tho..."I suddenly remembered what had just happened near the lake and I don't think the description of a cute kitten suit to him .

I should just forget about it

"And Oh yeah and he also does have this gold emblem... Pretty similar to ours but Gold" I said as I tried to reach out my pocket" oh it's not here... "I whispered realizing the emblem was not in my pocket "

Claide turns to me, a confused and slightly skeptical look on her face. 

"That's impossible," she whispers. "The gold plated emblem has been forgotten and hidden for a decade and it's unthinkable that someone else own one.

"What do you mean ?" I tilted my head I'm confusion 

"A saint palantine academy school gold emblem doesn't exist for the past 10 years...our emblem was improvised into silver plate Even tho it had the same crest" Claide repeats, trying to make sense of what im saying. 

"Emblems are pride of our school and it would be a disgrace for someone having an emblem that's been banned long time ago so It's not possible for someone to have it...but it could be".

A chill runs down my spine and I looks at Claide with a new sense of terror

"Hey!"I heard a familiar voice and we all looked up to see a girl with a pristine white uniform

"Hey isn't that Reijimin?""

She looks great as usual... "

"Girls began to gossip nearby,and I turned my attention to their conversation "What's going on??"

The whole was been surrounded by whispers as Reijimin walked towards me

All eyes are on the Student Council President as she walks into the girls dorm. She's beautiful, intelligent, and elegant--a true icon of Saint Palantine Academy.

"I wonder if she's looking for someone in particular"Claide said

Whatever the reason, they all agree that she's an amazing example of what Saint Palantine is all about and they can't help but stare in admiration at her as she walks past.

It's no surprise that all of girls around are admiring her

"Vice president Reijimin yelling in the morning?..I wonder what happened

"It was her!from yesterday !Am I just imagining things?""

I stared carefully at the Girl who just came in"Yeah look like she WAS Reiji

She's so cool isn't she"

She's probably going to tell me off again maybe can sneak pass her


However things didn't go well

Reijimin was already walking right in my direction

The surrounding falls silent in admiration, with long silver braided hair and a long pristine white uniform. It's like she's stepped out of a fairy tale,She's absolutely stunning

She stop her track as soon as she reach into my desk,standing up straight as she look down on me with a not so in good mood look

I thought about yesterday and unknowingly lowered my head

*Layla,I've come to escort you"


"Yes you"she looks irritated "You're going out on a date with me"she added and my jaw dropped

At a glance,from a far she had looked very princely and noble despite her long hair but.....Up close I could see her eyes were hostile

"She's really angry?""

Wait wait Layla what's going on here? Claudette asked confusedly

"Don't ask me I have no idea?"

"Could you hurry up?we need to go"Reijimin said as she fixed the frame of her glasses

"Hey you can't just order me around "I said as I stood up my chair trying to keep my cool

"As the supreme student government vice president it's my job to show the "provisional student" around the school campus"she yelled really don't have —""

"NOW"she cut me of ,feeling like her words were knives ,I give her a panicked nod

I feel like I'm getting bullied

She let out a heavy sigh as she flashed forced smile "I'll treat you nicely"she said as she gently offered her hands to me

I could help but to blush of embarassement and annoyance

She's so much like a prince!"Claide said as she started at Reijimin

Why does she keep acting like that!is she narcissist or mischochist or something ?

"If you agree to come with me I'll take you to whatever place you like.youre exempted to your class as well until the end of the day"

"Um..."I stared at her not knowing what to do

She does look sincere...uhm let's see ..


Not waiting for my to respond she gently grabbed my hands and we stared walking away and head to the door


"Come with me"

Claide reach me out but I smiled at her saying I'll be okay

"Alright take care.."Claide saw me off with a face of worry,I went after Reijimin

"Where are we going?""

"If you keep quiet and come with me you'll see"

Eventually, Reijimin stopped before a Run with double door

Why is your face so drawn?are you that scared of me?"she asked as we both entered the room 

"No never haha"I said as I fixed my glasses As I watched her takes a bunch of papers, which she then hands over to me as if it's the most casual thing in the world.

I was taken aback by this, but I took the papers she hands me and inspects them carefully before looking back up at her, waiting for an explanation.

He looks calm and unperturbed, and he just offers her a slight smile. "Bring these documents to the library you haven't gone there yet right?

He looks calm and unperturbed, and he just offers her a slight smile. But the expression in his eyes seems to hint at something far more sinister. Layla has no idea what's going on, but she's getting a bad feeling ab

"I haven't but—"

"Thank you"Not even caring about my answer.she handed me a bunch of documents"Just go up these stairs turn right and walk straight ahead.even the greatest fool can easily find it"

"You must hurry"

"Huh wait"

"What you look like you have something to complain about?"


"I assume you know that I'm the vice president right"

"So what do you think?am I going to say you bit me in my face if you don't complete this task?"she said and smiled at me confidently"Or am I going to let you go nicely"

"Um"I whispered as I stared the bunch documents in my hands

Is she blackmailing me?"I'll....Being them to the library"

Good answer"she said with a sinister smile on his face

Grrr!!!"I'm super sure she will send me back to my school of I don't do this"

"I'm counting on you, Miss Jin"

"She works people too hard!She's being unreasonable!I don't get what her motives behind her actions!

She barely even know me yet she treated me this way she's not making any sense"Frequently demeans intimidates bullies! lying and belittle others!"I yelled at her

She just wink and turn her back on me and started walking away

"close..."I heard a familiar voice and at the same time the sweet scent of lavender surrounded me as he was walking towards me

That scent.....

It was him....

The guy from the lake

My face lit as soon as I confirmed it was him.he look different today....

To my surprise he just walked straight and passed me.I immediately turned at him trying to call him"wait aza—" before I could finished my words he just walked pass through me as if I'm just a wind

I can't help but feel slighted and it's hard not to take it personally.

Being ignored by someone you thought you could be friends with .... 

I must be mistaken.maybe it wasn't him  

"Maybe it wasn't Azazel," I whispers to myself, trying to convince myself that I was mistaken. 

"I'll return the emblem to Azazel when I see him "But I can't help but wonder about what Claide had said to me earlier

"Emblems are pride of our school and it would be a disgrace for someone having an emblem that's been banned long time ago so It's not possible for someone to have it..."

But how?....