Chapter 3:

Quite day off

sweet providence

this place is...found myself Infront the cafeteria 

Oh yeah it's lunch time already..I thought

Layla!over here!"Claudette called out to me

I slowly walked towards them and sat Infront 

"Claide,you don't like your food?" Someone at our table asked her

"Yeah it doesn't taste good"Claide responded 

"Then let's throw the left over here"a male student said and poured all Claides leftover on my tray

"Oh my! what are you doing?!"Claide cried

"It seems like Layla likes sushi"the guy responded and I was completely furious

Doesn't mean I'm eating sushi it means it tastes good?!! Who said someone like sushi? It tastes horrible! The only reason why I'm eating this raw fish is because I have no choice

"Then I can throw it on your face too right?"said an unfamiliar voice.I looked up to see who's talking

Oh it's the blonde boy that's talking 

"Gabriel!"called out Claide but he just starred at the guy who he smash a tray on its face 

"Do you think it's really fun pouring leftovers to someone's else plate?what are you? five?"he said in a playful voice and let out a big sigh

I look up to see a boy around the same right as me he had this choppy undercut hairstyle,with the top dyed blonde and the sides blonde 

"they went went to far with their joke but what's this?since when you were this kind Gabriel?"asked Claide 

"Well,more than you ever have?"he said with a gentle smile 

I just watched them slowly walking away from me with annoyance on their face.claidr seems smiling with her usual cheerful face but her friends seems upset"What exactly is wrong with him?"the girl beside her asked

"What a waste of his good look"

"I heard the president a delinquent"

"Eh he's too cute picking up fights"

I glanced at Gabriel who silently watching them walking away and averted his glance on me

"Layla Jin right?your food can't be eaten anymore but you can have mine"he said as he handed me a tray"Friends should cherish each other don't you think so?"he added 

"They're not even my friends"I said in a low voice and looked away.I can't relate to him ..but is he trying to help me? 

"Gabriel?" Why does that name sounds so familiar?

The sweet smell of candies and chocolate filled my nose 

I stared at the tray of food which is all sweets that he gave to me and gently picked up a french macarons "tasty "I burst out

The name says it all! These little pieces of macaroons covered liquid caramel melt in my mouth like velvet. It's thick and creamy, yet strangely light. 

Should I say thanks for the food? should I pay him money for this??I took another one and quietly put it in my mouth

"Why arent you hanging out with Reiji?"he suddenly asked staring at me curiously. 

I looked away and went quiet for a moment "I don't know...."I whispered and let out a sigh

Is there something on my face? I wonder "Reiji?oh is that her name for short?I don't know,she said she will show me around the academy because the she said the student council president said so"

But serious she didn't have too.I'm fine on my own. I pitty her for doing something she's been forced to do

"I heard Reijimin been mean to you" Is reji being mean to you?"he said worriedly as he lean towards my face

"Oh no not at all, Reijimin seems nice but for some reason I feel like I'm getting bullied out there"I gently scratched my cheeks.

" Then I'll tell him he should be nice to you. I'm sure he would not refuse a presidents order"

" You can't order people to change Their mind or heart "I said with a smile "I want to be friends with her on my own and work hard for it without asking for anyone's help"

"I thought she like me...."I mumbled .shes the very first person I ever talked to ever since I came here.i really thought she can be my friend

"I'm quick to convince myself someone's like me.but when I'm wrong ....I always ended up being hurt"I mumbled

It's just that,the moment she walked besides me, something about it seems familiar as if we have done it all our lives

Oh my that was so embarrassing I ended up telling him everything that's going on my mind

"I told her to be nice towards girls tho.."he glanced at the corner and slightly scratch his cheeks"oh yeah I haven't formally introduce to you my name yet I'm Gabriel roseblade from 3rd year class"he added as he grabbed my hand and shook it up and down 

didn't he just hit a student with a tray on its face? and now he seems enthusiastic, easy going, cheerful, and caring overwhelms me.

"Alright,reiji supposed to take out for a walk around the school right?"

"I'll take you somewhere nice"

I don't think anyone will go near while heading there

we passed by the back of the general department building

I'm getting a bad vibe from this if someones Following us

I stopped my track and Gabriel glanced at me looking worried"Where are we going were almost out form the academy"

A little further and we'd pass the main gate

Then finally he stop"We're here" he said

We reached a small hill where we could see the whole academy from the top

It was the same place where I stood on the very first day as well

"This place..."

"I wanted to show you the sunset from here .it's super beautiful"

The sunset? 

"Yup.the sun sinks in the direction of the academy"

"Oh look!"I looked where he pointed and saw that the sun was setting

"Wow"Orange and blue hues intertwined the sky

A faint graduation spread across the sky and dye the clouds the same color"How beautiful.."

"There's more look"


The gradion of the sky appear ton the academy, dyeing it a light violet color

"Amazing I can't believe my eyes"

"Isn't it like magic?""

"Yeah it's so awesome"

"Right when I have a bad day,I come here and watch the sunset"

"It makes me feel a lot better"


Did he take me here to cheer me up


For what?

For talking me here"

"No problem I wanted to come here to"He didn't show it but I'm sure he was shocked too

"Don't you think it's wonderful"


It's so beautiful almost like a painting in a canvas 

"Definitely I've never seen anything so beautiful before"

"It's almost like the academy itself is under a spell"

Absolutely,a lot of amazing things happen here

Yeah that's true

"there's so many cities out there and some of them don't even have a music school"

"I'm so lucky to be able to get here"

"That's true!thanks to this school," I was able to learn laugh cry and felt was is truly mea to be a student,I've meet so many great people and Reijimin is the best thing ever happened to me"

 I couldn't help but to smile."they must be really good friends"I thought

"Finally you smiled!" 


I wanted to see you smile


He was worried about me"Hehe thanks"

"It was getting dark shall we go back?"

I nodded and we started walking back .I look around but the sun was already set and there wasn't a single soul in the school building 

It was when I heard the faint sound of a cello playing it sounds just like a beautiful sunset....its making my heart warmit's making me relieved its like notes are gently engulfing meit

hear that Gabriel?

"It's Le cygne"

Le cygne?

Le cygne is quite beautiful isn't it and I can feel the emotion conveyed through the music. The piece sounds very sad and meditative, and it invokes a sense of longing in me."

I'll take you to your dorm"Gabriel offered but I immediately refused "you don't have to "I faintly smiled at him"I had fun today thank you Gabriel "

"Sure thing princess "

"Aw Time flies so fast when your having fun"He cheerfully said and turned his back on me"Let's hangout again tomorrow princess"last thing he said before he started walking away

I gently wave at him until Gabriel was nowhere to be seen

Then I once again hear the music

"I didn't know the cello could make such a beautiful sound.."I thought to myself as I walked towards the fountain behind the building

"The high note sound transparent.. It sounds really sweet" 

"a beautiful and moving composition that evokes feelings of grief, loss, and sorrow. "she starred at space without speaking a word silently and envering without a blink for that long moment, her face was as vacant and expressionless as a doll as everything filled with silence 

despite thes oddness, she was simply and indescribably beautiful so beautiful that it sent shivers down my spines

"Layla"she called out and finally glanced to me"Listen to me because I will only say this once"

"Stay away from Gabriel "last thing she said before she left me

I was shocked. Being left all alone I feel like I was in a middle of nowhere. I don't understand why Reijimin like that 

Not in a mood I decided to walk around the campus

in a random corner of the school, a door that seemed forgotten use left slightly open

giving in to my curiosity, i gently opened the door to see that it led to a room filled with piles if old books

the pleasant scent of old paper wafted through the air.for some reason this room hives me a sense of calm...

i suddenly noticed that someone was reclining bu the windowsill

i couldn't tell who it was at first with the sun shinning so brightly through the window but as u approached i could instantly tell who it was

"azazel?"the person reclining by the windowsill was azazel

he was reclining to the bay window,sleeping

asleep,azazel was quite defenseless,far.more than i ever imagine possible

the light streaming in through the window drew a shadow across his handsome features

his long eyelashes slightly fluttered and he was breathing out of his shaped lips"what a beautiful face"

i spaced out my heart pounding as my face was flushed in shyness

I want to draw him.I have to ....

I took my sketch pad at began to draw him

i suddenly.noticed there was a book spread open on his lap

"Saint palantine academy a—?"

Before I could read the whole thing, the book was abruptly shut as i was looking at it

"why are you drawing me in secret?

"after you passionately staring at a mans sleeping face, draw him secret and now you try to spy on the contents of the book he's reading?"

"what?are you really that interested in me?"Azazel asked as he slightly tilted his head

"you were awake!"I jumped out in surprise and accidentally dropped my sketch pad and he somehow picked it up

"wait if you're awake why didn't you say so sooner"

"i was kinda curious what you would do"he responded as he stared at the sleeping portrait of him"i thought that you might kiss me if you thought i was sleep"

"Why would i do that"I said 

hey it kinda hurts me if you deny it ai passionately"he handed me back my sketch pad and smiled playfully 

seeing Azazel s teasing grin made him appear different from how he act at he lake

'I'll let this slide" Azazel proudly declare "But in return will you help me regarding about something?"he added  

is he not mad at me anymore?"your not mad at me anymore?"

Why would I?"he asked confusedly 

I thought you do"

"Oh by the way I have a reason for staying here.


Because I left you hanging"he said as he looked away"I felt really bad"

"I'm so sorry I just want to apologize"

"It's okay I didn't mind that much"I responded "I was just so happy you help me out"I added 

"Layla you're not mad at me

Ofcourse I wanted to say thank you

"Well then help me with a certain art project. Hangout with me tomorrow  "

"See you"

Okay see yah

I continue to wave my hand as I saw him off

When he was completely gone.i realized something

We forgot to decide where and when to we would meet.i tried to chaise after him but he was completely lost from my sight