Chapter 1:

Angels and Criminals.

See Through Evil

My name is Cobalt Hall. I'm your average boring high-school student.

My parents are always off on some kinda 'vacation' or something like that, meaning I'm alone for most of my time home.

I don't mind though, I kinda like seclusion. I can lie down on the entire loveseat without worrying about Mom or Dad finding some tedious chore for me. I can watch whatever I want on the Tv.

And most importantly, I don't have to deal with the horrible seaweed and tuna sandwiches Mom used to make me eat for lunch.

"Living alone is the absolute greatest!" I shout from the top of my lungs.

"Shut up you obnoxious son of a bitch!" My old fart of a neighbor, Mr. Creger shouts in response from his yard. "Don't you have school to attend to?"

Oh crap! he's actually, right? The senile old bastard is actually right. I'd mark it down on a calendar, but I don't have the time.

I immediately slip on some cheap sneakers and carry a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my mouth, before rushing to my bike and setting of at full speed dressed in a pair of jeans and a shirt with an anime girl on it.

"Dammit! I may not be the most studious of students! But I'll be damned if I arrive even a second late!" I roar as I pedaled as fast as my feet would take me, dropping my sandwich in the progress. "Crap! Now I'm gonna starve too!"


While going plus ultra on a bicycle doesn't exactly give you a lot of time to sightsee. I can still admire the massive screens in the sky that were used to broadcast the news. There was a bit of doubt concerning them at first seeing as they distracted drivers, but everyone is so lazy these days, they all have their cars on auto drive anyways, so being distracted really doesn't do much.

"All right! I'm almost there! Just a little further." I wheeze as I perform a sharp ninety degree turn only to spot an oblivious girl and immediately clenched my front brakes with enough force to throw me from my bike and right into her knocking us both on the ground in a painful collision.

"Ah crap now I'm definitely gonna be laaaaa." I drone on upon seeing a magnificent sight indeed.

Suddenly I couldn't care less about making it to school in time.

I saw an angel wearing bright pink panties and a white skirt, just like in the animes.

My mind began to scream at me.

Don't look you pervert! You wanna die a miserable virgin?


"Whoopsie you weren't meant to see that." The pink haired angel says in an innocent voice as she dusts herself off.

"An angel? I mean, I didn't see nothin' nothin' at all." I say averting my eyes, for I know that with a single glance at her gorgeous face (And certain other parts) I would blush.

"Hehe, you're funny! See you later Pervert-Kun!" She says before leaving me with a flushed face and an enlarged...knowledge of the world. 

"Who the hell actually talks like that? We're in Ohio." I ask myself completely paralyzed by the girl's cuteness.

Meanwhile time keeps ticking and I need to make it to school, fortunately my bike managed to survive it's crash.


And then my boring school life began.

The students of my class pass around a small piece of balled up paper, originating from Black Hair Luca Domin you'll never guess why he's called that.

Luca is actually an old friend of mine who happens to be a giant pervert even by my standards. Yet in his perversions he finds respect in the hearts of the like-minded boys of our class (Which is like seventy five percent of them). At the small cost of never having any hopes of getting a girlfriend.

Finally, the paper made it to its fated destination, me.

'So, am I the only pervert who's noticed how hot Mrs. Lana is?' Is literally all it says, this kinda behavior was actually typically of Luca.

I look at the paper for a second before grinning and handing it to the guy in front of me after making sure he knew who wrote it.

Oh yeah. The guy in front of me happens to also be Mrs. Lana's son. What a coincidence right?

Luca soon tries to become as small as possible while simultaneously flipping me off.

With the excitement gone I gaze outside to sooth my boredom by watching the female track team do their laps. It was always a good time watching their booties bounce. Yet this time was different, as much as I've always enjoyed some nice tushy, my mind was somewhere else entirely. 

"Huh, I wonder what her name is. Will I ever know?" I whisper to myself as the angel haunts my thoughts like a specter.


"The actual eff is wrong with you man!" Luca shouts in my face as I approach my bike after class, he isn't necessary a big guy but compared to me even a noodle is big. 

"Oh, come on Luca, your breath smells like desperation and lubricant." I state truthfully.

"That's cause Mrs. Lanas son made me drink a bottle of capsaicin lubricant!" Luca continues as he pants heavily. "It was really spicy too."

"Guess you should stop being so crass."

"Screw that! No boobs no life!" My friend exclaims shamelessly.

"Well, I'm going home. Sweet dreams my morally corrupt friend." 

"Up yours Cobalt." Luca says as he begins his walk home.

My turn now, I guess.


My mind is now completely overtaken by that girl and her lovely...well everything. 

I know it's bad to drive distracted, but when something like that enters your life...

My mind is so gone in fact that I don't even notice a giant white truck racing right in front of me horn blaring like a siren.

But in a fraction of a second I steered away.

Not today Truck-Kun!

Suddenly though, an awful feeling took place in my gut. And it was originating from an alley.

"I'm no fool I know better then to do that! Hah, hah. Not gonna trick me!" I exclaim as I dismount my bike almost instinctively.

In spite of my words, my feet continue to carry my body towards the dark suspicious alley.

"Damn you, curiosity! Haven't you ever heard of the cat?" I complain to myself out loud.

The first thing I notice is the smell, like cigarettes and blood. Then, I see it.

A body, surrounded by two men. One was a slender man dressed in a tux, and the other was a wall of muscle dressed in a tank-top and cargo pants.

The body appeared to have been beaten and stabbed almost beyond recognition.

Yet a single lock of hot pink hair helps me to identify it immediately. 

My bile begins to climb my throat as I cover my mouth dreading what may happen if I make a sound.

Yet my hand proves to be useless as I puke all over the place. The thugs snapped their heads to me like a couple of predators eyeing prey.

I attempt to run only to slip on my own vomit and fall on the hard concrete ground.

"What now boss?" The big guy asks.

"Do I even need to say? This isn't a good look for us. I bet he's with System like this brat?" The scrawny guy says, sealing my fate.

"Wait? I don't even know what you're talking about! Please don't do this." I plead as the big guy lifts me up by my head.

"Sorry kid this isn't really my style, but orders ya know?"

The big man's thumbs soon completely covered my eyes as he slowly began to press into my skull with them.

I kicked and screamed, I punched and begged, but nothing stopped the unfathomable pain.

The man dropped me to the ground where I curled up into a ball shielding what was left of my eyes.

"Leave them. They're gonna serve as an example for anyone stupid enough to screw with the Hounds of the Dusk."


Next thing I know there are voices all around me two in particular sound like their arguing. A girl is arguing to save me, and a man is arguing the opposite.

"What is he doing here?"

"Does it matter?"

"What if he-"

"Sees something? Somehow, I doubt he'll be doing any of that. Just save him, unless you want me to get dad involved."

"Whatever you say Ms. Jackal, but he won't ever see again."

 "I wouldn't be so sure, what about the prototype?"

"Ms. Jackal. You really are the devil."

"Oh really? I just heard today that I'm actually an angel."

"So was Lucifer."

And then more darkness and pure nothingness.


With that familiar voice my eyes immediately open to see the angel I thought was killed right in front of me. Her long pink hair, her deep blue eyes, her huge, beautiful sweater puppies. Its really her.

Wait a second? I still have eyes.

Upon reaching my realization I scan the area and notice I am in a highly advanced hospital, way above my pay grade. And not only do I have my vision back, but they're better than ever.

"Well, that got you up. You really are a pervert." The angel states in a completely different voice than I expect.

"Yup. I mean Nope." I say quickly. "Wait how are you still alive?"

"I was never even hurt; you saw me playing possum." the angel says casually. "Those guys didn't even touch me, I was lying there as bait, and they took it. I'm kinda famous in the underworld you see and so once they saw me they saw an opportunity to gain reputation."

 "Of course I was just waiting for them to drop their guard so I could take them. But then you got involved and I had to act earlier then planned."

"But there was two of them, and that one was huge." I interject doubtfully.

 "You underestimate the power of firearms." She speaks briefly, her gentle voice accompanied with a charming smile. "Now then for the important bit. Seeing as you owe me your life and all that. How about you become my pet?"

If not for her unchanging tone of voice or expression I'd believe she was joking.

But with those two being as they were, I have no choice but to assume she's serious. In my shock I have only one word to answer her.