Chapter 2:

An Weird Outing

Moon-san secret! Shhhhhhhhhhh.......................

Authors Note: There are few words that are written in Romanji.
Mizuki: Beautiful Moon
Wakata: Understood
Ganbarou: Good luck.(In this situation he is which himself good luck)*
The phone of Sadao buzzed with the message of Moon San stating that "Why don't you stop being a playboy?"

Sadao was quite shocked to see this message on his phone as he didn't expect that Moon san would have a problem with him.He thought for a while what to text and replied to the text.

The conversation goes like this.................

"Why don't you stop being a playboy?"-Moon San
"Why should I stop, Mi-z-u-ki"-Takayuki
"That it interfere in other love life you know"-Moon San
"Ummmmmmmm.......................What do you mean?M-i-z-u-k-i"-Takayuki
"Can you stop calling me that?(Mi-z-u-ki) "-Moon San
"Nope!M-i-z-u-ki.So explain me what do you mean?"-Takayuki
"Well, what-so-ever.It does interfere as, let's interpret that 'A' likes 'B' and they have mutual love but 'B' denies it by saying that you are 'B' love as she is fangirling about it, Wakata?"-Moon San
"Hahaha you really are good at explaining thing Mizuki"-Takayuki
"Well, would you stop calling me that nowwwww?????????????"-Moon San
"Nope! MIZUKI "-Takayuki
"Well Moon I would like to join you too, in helping to spy others out"-Takayuki
"Ehhhhhhhh......"-Moon San
"Ummm....It may be a good idea..but you have to VOW to yourself that you won't flirt with any girl"-Moon San
"Well I can't VOW that but I promise that the girl in the mission, I won't flirt with her"-Takayuki
"Hmph you still are a playboy a BIG WOMANIZER"-Moon san
"Well well well I can't-do anything about my pheromone Moon"-Takayuki
"Moon I would like to meet you"-Takayuki
"Hah...?You sure for have guts.Well, I would give you chance.If you want to meet me then guess me and meet at 12'o clock noon in crescent time square"-Moon San
"If you can identify me then its well and good but if you don't then it's your fault.Bye"-Moon San

(Yuriko Miyuki)
Hmph! What a naive person as if he can identify.Well I need to attend that weird social outing due to my fathers business and my whole day would be ruined but at least by toying with him would make my mood a little better you know.Ha Ha Ha Ha, What naive person.While on the other hand maids were scared what the hell was their mistress was planning, was she thinking of firing them.Oh, my gosh *_* I need to make my mistress way more happy in order to not to get fired.As the job was easy and the salary was high so why would they want to be fired.As Yuriko got out all the maids were pretty depressed but then seeing her so happy they were shocked 'coz whenever she usually laughs that means that someone is in danger.They weren't sure so they didn't move an inch but then she patted on one of her maids and said"You did a very good job bringing suitable dress" and she left off grinning.That maid was shocked in these years she never told that the dress she chose had a very good sense as it didn't matter to her how beautiful dress it didn't concern her but this was very first time that something like this happened that just for a simple skater dress she got parsing and now every maid thought she isn't a normal mistress but an extraordinary creature. Yuriko went to a room in the first floor which was next to her room.The room was filled with piles of files.She put on her glasses and started to examine the documents and she made notes out of it.In a matter of second, her laughing face disappeared she seemed to be serious and concentrated on her work.

(Takayuki Sadao)

It was quite a funny experience talking to Mizuki. I wonder if she is a normal high school girl or have something more in her bag but now I think about it how the hell I am supposed to identify Mizuki..?!Hmm..... maybe she looks like moon or has some type of aura that is related to moon. Ganbarou*.He picked up his headphones and started listening to his song.


Mmmmm..... You know what there is huge personality gap between them.I don't know how are they going to get along but let's go in accordance to the script.

(Takayuki Sadao)

Maybe I should go a little bit early.It's now 11:30, I think 11:45 would be perfect.A white T-Shirt and black checkered coat and jeans should be good.oh its already time I should soon reach Crescent time square street.Now it's time for my mission discovering Mizuki. Let's see which girl matches her aura more.


Aa ha! There is a girl who seems to be shy maybe she could be Moon in disguise.Let me check her out.

(Yuriko Miyuki)

{A different conversation}

Miyuki: I think our both our company invest in different stocks a little bit we may hold the grasp that which stock is better to be invested and which company gives a better refund.

Business Partner: Hmm... That could be a great idea for the future and what plan for the installment for our damage..?

Yuriko: Maybe we should take a policy beforehand for that and anything e.......

Business Partner: Ummmm..........Yuriko san...?

Yuriko: Aah Gomen! Yes if you have anything else..?

Business Partner: No nothing more...........Ah yes about the engagement.............with my son...?

Yuriko: I am least interested in those shitty things and if you think my words are impolite, pls I am telling you in advance I have no intentions of having any other connection other than mere business partners.

Business Partner: Ah......I ...

Yuriko: So the business meeting has come to end, our company hopes to have a better relationship with your company in near future.

Yuriko stands up and greeted her business partner a few farewell words and started grinning.Well, it gonna be interesting from now on and forth.

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