Chapter 4:

Forged letter

sweet providence

Why would Azazel suddenly went out his way to talk to me I couldn't help but to wonder as if there's something wrong going out there

When I came back to our dorm I throw myself to my bed 

"I'm sorry about earlier Layla"

Olive can be such a jerk

" Its okay, I don't mind at all"

" And oh Gabriel decided to show me around the school. I had so much fun"

You mean Gabriel roseblade?"Claide asked excitedly 

I nodded"Is he famous or something?"

Not just famous or SOMETHING,but really famous That's why he was said to the the next Gerald reizen

Was said to be?not anymore?

Uhm how to put it.he has behavioral issues

"Oh really? I think he's really nice and sweet"

You could say he's careless and constant ditcher.he caused a lot of other problema too,so he keeps getting held back from school same goes to the vice president 

I heard that he's even put into the detention chambers several times


I guess that was reiji meant by stay away from Gabriel

Well whether in a good or bad sense,he's still sweet

But even though he's like that he hasn't dropped out huh?

"It's said that he's really talented that's why he was said to be the next Gerald reizen"

"Gerald reizen?"I thought,Really he is that amazing

Well it's probably best if you don't get involved with him"Claudette said

"Gabriel huh?"when we first met I thought he was a wonderful person but...

I guess. It's best if I get not too involved

"Good night Layla"

"Goodnight Claide"We both got in bed and turned off the lamps

The room was dyed in a faint light from the moonlight that step in

My exhaustion having piled up,I was quickly assaulted by drownes and began dozing off

I can hear ...a violin playing

"What is this?"it was a very beautiful music.

" Chopin? On violin? "I asked confusedly "the music was haunting and evocative, with an underlying sense of both beauty and sadness in a very powerful way

I got out of bed following where the music is comings from when I noticed a paper folded in the balcony balustrade I immediately Opened the mail Knowing the letter was address to me

It was a beautiful scented paper. the scented paper had a sweet fragrance that was both relaxing and soothing. The scent was like a warm, gentle hug and it was very calming. I felt completely at peace as I read the paper under the moonlight. and the gift was a beautiful silver necklace of small diamond

Curious what's written on the letter I sat down on the floor and read it's content


"You must be freezing standing in the cold night air for so long

I wonder if that glowing world above is as beautiful as it is

A strange feeling comes over me as I gazed up at the night sky

The fact that such a beautiful light lies afloat in pitch darkness

Just as it be,will I ever be able to get there?

Can we gaze up at the sky this night?

"I will be waiting for you in the school passageway"



The music finally stops. I look around hoping to see anyone but no one was around 

Is this from Gabriel?I felt embarrassed 

 Is this really came from Gabriel?is this really true? Should I trust this letter? Out of my curiousity. I immediately shoved the necklace in my pocket as i grabbed my sweater and gently get out the room trying my very best not to wake up Claudette 

I appreared to be I the botanical gardens.there were many trees and beautiful flowers blooming everywhere

To be admitted into such a beautiful academy as this must mean I'm still dreaming

I looked up at the starry sky and close my eyes

I could still smell the faint scent of flowers in the air

"So it really isn't a dream"I really am here at the middle of the night here at the music school.i always admired

Unlike how the school building was during the day,at night it was dark and no one was around .it felt very creepy

I'm kinda scared I climbed the stairs while relying on the moon light coming from windows


"What are you doing there!""I was so shocked by the sudden voice that I thought my heart night stop


You are the new provisional student correct?

I nodded.i wish he wouldn't put " provisional in there "

I'm glen .I'll teach classes on music and arts.your teacher "

my Teacher....."

What exactly are you doing here?"it is already long past curfew" he added

"Well you see...."I need to came up with a good excuse"That's it!I forgot my textbook"


Yeah"I responded in a serious voice

"If I'm not mistaken you were wandering around the whole day under Reijimins request, correct?"


Then why did you left your textbook? 

"I didn't realize I didn't bring it with me

Why didn't you realize it Then? 

That's because I was careless"

"Layla,that lack of thought will have serious affect on your grades,you don't want to loss scholarship and keep that in mind you're just a provisional student"he said "well, for now""

Yes sir

"You must learn that ...@##$3#¢¥€¢✓`€✓¢[¢✓"He is far scarier than my mom this lecture seems like it will go on forever

"I will be waiting for you in the school passageway"I

Gabriel sent me a letter saying that he wanted to meet with me on the school grounds at midnight. Unfortunately, he never showed up and I never found out why. 

I was really looking forward to meeting with him and ask him about the poem. But, sometimes things just don't work out the way that we want them to butit was a very strange situation. I waited for him all night and he never showed up. 

Was it a part of his little prank? 

I don't really understand it, and I can only assume that he had some kind of change of heart. But, I'll never really know what happened that night - and that's okay. 

Sometimes in life things happen that we just can't explain - and that's okay.

I thought as the sun finally starts to rise


it's morning already and Gabriel never came

I wasn't able to sleep.Im sleepy

When I entered the classroom it was filled with students pleasant chatter

The cheerful atmosphere in the room made my nervousness away,I could hardly wait to start class

They're all music students right?

I hope I can get along with them

"Before we begin,Layla Jin?" 

"Yes sir!I jolted up in panic when I head my name

"She is a new student on her trial student"I didn't respond and just stared at him awkwardly 

"Aren't you going to say anything?"

"Tell us more about yourself "he added

" I love homework"I gulp and looked away trying to avoid eye contact

the class filled with laughter

"I mean I'm Layla Jin"I responded I'm a supposed to be exchange student from coffeeviIe arts. But now I'm here as a provisional student under my request for scholarship here at saint palantine "I said and now everyone's eyes are on me

"I love knowledge and learning, I love having deep conversations about the world and the universe, I love asking questions and challenging my beliefs, and I love having my perspective on things change. I'm curious about everything and want to be a lifelong learner. I love reading books and drawing. I'm interested in a wide range of topics, including psychology, philosophy, science, history, art and culture. I love talking about the big questions and exploring all possibilities. I love learning about how the world works and asking questions about how i can make it a better place for myself and the person I admire the most is Gerald reizen"

I gave the class a slight bow and their applause followed

I am going to show you an incredibly beautiful and talented artist who is a true prodigy. — Gerald Reizen one of the pride of saint palantines academy. I hope that it will inspire you to pursue your own artistic goals. "Sir glenn said as he took off the white piece of fabric covering a painting 

His painting "Fleur de Blue" is a truly remarkable work of art. The artist has created a beautiful and dreamy image of a woman under the moonlight. Her face is lit by the reflection of the moon, and her dress is a beautiful shade of blue. The painting is very emotive and captures the essence of the moonlight - and the feeling of love - perfectly.

"The painting is called fleur de blue You can't see any flower because the flower is the woman wearing a beautiful blue dress herself "he added 

That painting…."I felt pure bliss and happiness when I first saw this was beautiful and haunting, an overwhelming sense of peace and love.