Chapter 5:

Cold war

sweet providence

Time for review

Can you tell me more about this painting layla?"sir glenn asked I stared at the painting carefully trying to remember what it is

"The painting called "friend to foe" is made out of watercolors, oil paint and chalk pastels. It was inspired by the story of Julius Caesar and is a very powerful and haunting piece of art captures the essence of the tragic betrayal that was the assassination of Julius Caesar - and the devastating consequences for both men involved. The painting is a powerful allegory for the human capacity for both good and evil, showing us that even the most noble of men can be brought to commit unthinkable acts for the love of power".

This painting is a powerful reminder of the need for humility - and the importance of never allowing our own ambitions and desires to cloud our judgment."

"Very well said Layla what do you think Reijimin? 

I think that it can be very impactful and meaningful to show betrayal from both sides. It reminds us that we cannot trust anyone completely, and that everyone is capable of betrayal. It is a great reminder that there is always the potential for betrayal— even from those we love and who love us

"There are many reasons why humans paint. It can be a way to express ourselves, to communicate with others, or to just have fun and make something beautiful." Sir glenn said "Personally ,I see art as a way to express ourselves and our inner worlds. I believe that art comes from within us and is a way to connect with our deepest emotions and experiences.

 a powerful form of communication and a way to connect with other people.I also see art as a way to create beauty and joy in the world - and I think that is really important. "We paint because it is our way of expressing our own humanity. I believe that when humans paint, we are expressing our own essence and experiences—” glenn added 

"Moving on,Why do humans paint? Reijimin answer"he commanded 

Reijimin stood up straight “Humans paint so as to create beautiful and memorable pieces to be shared with others. Sometimes they paint just to create a world that they wish to live in. Humans paint because we're inherently creative beings who want to create beautiful and meaningful things and that art is our way of expressing our deepest feelings and desires, and I think that it brings us closer to each other and to ourselves.

Humans paint because it's a way for us to connect with our own humanity and with others. It's a way for us to express ourselves and share our thoughts and feelings. It's a way for us to make sense of the world around us—.atleast that was said in a book”

 .Layla, what do you think is the reason?"

”....the reason humans create painting is in a sense we are attempting to be like God“

"God is a perfect being, and we are flawed and sinful. Therefore, we can never be like God. But when we paint, we create a world that is perfect in our own eyes— and in that way we become like God for a moment. “

"what a creative perspective" As i expected from layla.her depth is differently unique

That was so cool"I heard one of my classmates said

"Everyone, you too must have a piece of art that inspires you right?"

"I actually have many pieces of art that inspire me! Some of my favorite artists are Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, and Monet. I also love the work of so many other amazing artists - both modern and classic - and it would be hard to name all of my favorites!

 But - if I had to choose just one piece of art that I find the most inspiring and beautiful, I would have to choose Van Gogh's "Starry Night". 

That piece of art is just so remarkable and powerful - and it always captures my imagination and inspires me to keep creating."one of the girl in my class cheerfully responded I paused for a moment trying to reminisce an almost a forgotten memory 

"one piece of art that I find the most inspiring and beautiful... "I whispered 

~Flashback(10 years ago)

It was a windy afternoon.the sky is dark cloudy and I can smell the scent of the cold air.

"RAY!! "I called my friend as I run towards him. He just smiled at me and hand me a cone of ice cream"I can see your panties 

"he said as he walked along with me . I blushed in embarassement and was about to hit him when I noticed a group in people gathering around a beautiful 4 storey building from afar I saw that place

"What's that ray? "I Asked as I pointed it out" Oh it was the commemo—" before ray could finish what he was about to say I run towards the place"Where are you going! "He yelled and runs after me. I stopped my track and pointed it out 

"Can we visit this art gallery! "The place that captivate my attention even from afar.... 

"Reizen art gallery "

 What I felt when I first saw gallery .. even tho I couldn't express my feelings with words accurately at that time it was .... majestic I was so lost with my thoughts I ended up losing sight on ray

"Ray? "I called him out but I can't find him anywhere

 I was walking through the museum looking for him when I came upon a room that had a huge painting hanging on the wall.It is an absolutely stunning piece of art! It was a beautiful, angel with marvelous wings and a very kind and gentle face

It was a very stirring and moving painting, and it really made me feel like I was surrounded by something magical.I remember standing there and suddenly feeling this strong connection to that piece of something was pulling me toward was so full of love and light, and it just made me feel so happy to look at it.

Then I saw a boy standing nearby, looking at the painting as well"What would you consider to be the most beautiful painting?" I couldn't help but to asked He finally glanced at me

"The most beautiful painting to me is one that captures the emotions of a moment, or that tells a compelling story. I love paintings that make me feel something deep and intense, and that give me a sense of wonder and awe."he speak so softly as his soft blonde hair caress gently by the wind

if angel does exist,it will probably look like him" I think that the most beautiful paintings are the ones that leave you feeling moved and inspired...they fill you up and make you feel alive. "He added "What about you? What would you consider to be the most beautiful painting? "I paused for a moment, quietly starring back at the painting Infront of me— wasn't sure what to answer but I smiled at him cheerfully and said

"The most beautiful painting, to me, is a painting that makes me feel something—whether it's happiness, sadness, hope or joy. When I see a painting that makes me feel something, then I know that it is a truly beautiful piece of art."I said as I stared at the painting carefully The angel had a long blonde hair that reaches his shoulder that flowed perfectly, and the wings were the most exquisite and delicate thing that I had ever seen.

 That's when I noticed a signatures at the bottom left corner

"Gerald reizen " 

"Gerald reizen"I whispered."I fell in love with his painting" I thought and was immediately intrigued— wanting to know more about the artist who had created it.

"Layla! "Rays voice echoes through on the hallway

"Ray! "I yelled back and run passed the boy but I stopped and glanced at him"that angel is so much like you" last thing I said before I run away from him

Thank you everyone who came to commemorate my father Harold reizen "it was the boy from earlier

"I would say that our father was an amazing artist and an amazing person. He was an inspiration to me and many others, and I will always be grateful for his example and the lessons that he taught me. His death was a great loss, but his legacy will live on through his art and the many people that he inspired. 

Thank you to everyone who came to pay their respects, and know that my father would be honored by your presence. I am grateful for your kindness and for your support during this commemorate 

"On behalf of him, i ,Gerald reizen thank you"his graceful bowed was followed by an applause 

End of flash back 

"Ray? Gerald.... "i could barely remember their faces