Chapter 1:

The Night When I Lost Her

Memory, Family, Bond

It's raining.

Everyone is running towards their own homes. I, too, am rushing to go home and eat warm food to ease this cold with my family.

But the rain is going heavier and heavier, and I don't bring my umbrella. So I decided to take shelter under nearby building.

It's 5 PM... Or not. My watch is wet by the rain and stopped working like it should do.

The night is approaching but the rain does not seem to end.

"I should get back before my family's worried,"

With that, I rushed back home like something is chasing me and going to kill me if I stopped running.

When I arrived to my destination, my family is already waiting for me.

"I'm home," I said.

"Welcome back. How's it going out there?" Ask my father while watching TV. "It's raining like something big is going to happen out there," I answered. My father only smiled a little to my joke and continues to watch the TV.

"Go warm yourself up before you catch a cold." That was my mother speaking from the kitchen. "Got it," I said.

After I warmed myself up, I changed my clothes and put my dirtied clothes in the washing machine. Then I went to the dining room to eat dinner with my family. On the table, warm food are waiting to be digested by us.

"Thanks for the food."

I feel like something is wrong. Yes, there is something wrong with the condition. Then I realized what is missing.

"Where's Karen!?" I said with a loud voice. "I haven't seen her since I got home!"

My father calmly answered my question, "Your sister? She'll come back when she's feeling like it." Shocked by his calm demeanor, I raised my voice again, "Feeling like it!? It's dark out there! Raining hard too! Normal person would've come home as soon as possible!"

Hearing my loud voice, my mother defends my father, "Relax, nothing is gonna happen to her."

"How can you say that with such a straight face!? If something's gonna happen to her again, I..."

My father let out a sigh, then said, "Can't be helped then. I'll try to contact her after we finished eating."

"Try!? After we finished eating!? What's wrong with you!? You must contact her now!"

"That's it, young man!" My father slams the table then raised his voice, "You raised your voice against your parents and you order your own father like you are a big-shot! You are grounded until morning!"

"What? This is what I get for worrying about my own sister? This is ridiculous! I'm done eating! Thanks for the food!"

I went to my room and tries to find my phone but can't find it anywhere. Then I remember that my phone is still on my jeans and I forgot to take it out before I put the jeans in the washing machine.

No hope for contacting Karen now, I reached for my bed then went to sleep. Readying myself for whatever comes the next day.