Chapter 0:


Defiling the Rogue

Amilie Velmore waited in the shadows as she watched the guards patrol the grounds of the mansion. She knew she had to be quick and move like a cat through the garden. *So, three guards, and they cross paths every hour on the dot. I got this*, Amilie thought as she counted the seconds in her head. After five seconds had passed Amilie saw her chance to move.Bookmark here

With haste and swift grace she danced from shadow to shadow as her footsteps remained silent. Once she was through the mansion grounds she moved around the back of the mansion until she came to a single large tree sitting a few meters from the mansion. It was tall enough that some of the branches were able to reach the second floor.Bookmark here

*Prefect, a great entrance made for a thief*, Amilie thought as she readied herself for some hardcore parkour. Without skipping a beat she made it to the second floor within just a few seconds. After sticking a perfect landing Amilie moved quickly to the nearby balcony door. It was a surprise for to find that the doors were unlock and opened without a fight. *Who leaves their doors unlocked*, she thought as she entered what appeared to be a bedroom.Bookmark here

Inside the bedroom was immaculate with pristine white walls and a carpet that rivaled the softness of a sheep’s wool. Amilie noticed a young girl sleeping in the bed. *That’s Ryilina Belfieoria, the daughter of the noble who runs this district. If I recall, she is about the same age as me*, she thought as she moved silently through the room. After opening the door as quietly as she could Amilie worked her way throughout the mansion until she found the master bedroom.Bookmark here

As she entered the bedroom she could hear the sound of one of the guards passing down one of the hallways. Moving with haste Amilie entered the bedroom and closed the door as quickly as she could without making much noise. Soon after she could hear the sound of the footsteps closing in and moving away. She held her breath in hopes that nothing would go wrong. Those ten seconds felt like hours until the guard was finally gone. Breathing a sigh of relief Amilie silently ransacked the room until she found what she was looking for.Bookmark here

A shiny golden watch rested gently in a box case. It was clear that the watch had much value but as to the exact value Amilie was unsure — though she believed it was at least worth ten gold. *All right, now I just need to get back to Rozalin. She is going to be so jealous*, she thought as she left the room. Taking the same route she had to get into the mansion Amilie entered the bedroom only to stricken with fear.Bookmark here

*Wait, where is the young daughter*, Amilie thought. Suddenly, the world went black for Amilie as she hit the floor with a thud.Bookmark here

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