Chapter 2:

The guild of thieves

Defiling the Rogue

The Phantom Wolves — an all-female guild of thieves — were known throughout the city for their acts. While they only stole from nobles and middle class citizens this left them with unfavorable impressions with both classes. They were seen as evil and as worse as the guild of assassins whispered throughout the lands.Bookmark here

Amilie had been apart of the guild for six years, during that time she had honed and almost perfected her skill of sneaking from shadow to shadow. However, she was still unable to match the skill and grace of Laverna. She moved in a way that Amilie couldn’t match — fluid was the only way to describe it, almost like magic.Bookmark here

Laying on her bed in her own room, Amilie was busy reading some of Laverna’s notes in order to better her skills.Bookmark here

“Hey Ami, I got a job for you.”Bookmark here

Even though it was odd at first, Amilie had grown accustom to Laverna sneaking up behind her like a ghost.Bookmark here

“What’s the job?”Bookmark here

“I want you—”Bookmark here

“To rob a noble?”Bookmark here

“No. I want you—”Bookmark here

“To head out of the city and start a guild in a new city?”Bookmark here

“No, stop interrupting. Besides you’re not ready to run a guild yet.”Bookmark here

“I think I’m ready.”Bookmark here

“You think so? Well good news, you get to take the new girl under your wing.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“You heard me. We have a new recruit and I want you to help her out.”Bookmark here

“Do I have to?”Bookmark here

Laverna smiled as she grabbed Amilie by the wrist — pinning her down onto the soft silk bed.Bookmark here

“Now, now, be a good girl and do as I ask. Or would you rather I string you up naked?”Bookmark here

“No please.”Bookmark here

“Then you will go out to the living room and meet the new girl, yes?”Bookmark here

Amilie sighed.Bookmark here

“Yes…”Bookmark here

With a cute but sadistic smile Laverna got off of Amilie after kissing her lips gently.Bookmark here

“See you in a bit.”Bookmark here

With an even louder sigh, Amilie sat up from her bed. *I don’t want to train someone new*, she thought as she stood to her feet. After putting on her outfit — consisting of a white short top with a matching short skirt; a pair of black thigh‑socks with knee‑high boots — Amilie heading into the living area where Laverna and another young girl were waiting.Bookmark here

The girl was dressed in a two tone colored corset with a skirt that revealed part of her thighs between the skirt and thigh‑high white socks. Her outfit was completed with a simple pair of laced up knee‑length brown boots. While the girl’s outfit wasn’t strange in nature, Amilie did find one thing interesting about the girl. Her hair was a split tone of black on one side; white on the other.Bookmark here

“Ami, meet your new trainee, Rozalin Fyothain.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, my name’s Amilie Velmore. Nice to meet you, or whatever…”Bookmark here

Laverna smiled as she looked Rozalin.Bookmark here

“She’s just nervous to be taking you under her wing,” Laverna said in a teasing tone.Bookmark here

“Shut it Anvil.”Bookmark here

“Oh my did I hit a nerve, little Imp?”Bookmark here

Amilie pouted like a child as she looked annoyed by Laverna’s banter.Bookmark here

“Anyways, Rozalin, welcome to the family. Ami will take you out on your first heist.”Bookmark here

“Okay, sounds like fun,” Rozalin said with a smile.Bookmark here

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