Chapter 3:

The encounter

Defiling the Rogue

Amilie and Rozalin walked down the street with their hoods drawn up. It was nearing the hour of dusk as they weaved through back alleys looking for a suitable target for *extensively borrowing* items in their possession.Bookmark here

“So when will we actually get to steal something?”Bookmark here

“You have to wait. Picking a person’s pocket is both a craft and an art. Waiting is the key. A thief has to plan out what they wish to do, study their target. Learn what they can and then strike when the time is right.”Bookmark here

“That… Sounds really boring. I would rather pick their pockets when I see the first chance.”Bookmark here

A deep sigh fell from Amilie’s mouth. *And this is why I didn’t want to train anyone*, Amile thought as she scanned the city streets for a target and any guards. After walking around the city for another thirty minutes, Amilie noticed two young men who were showing off a rare treasure they had found while adventuring into an slightly unknown ruin.Bookmark here

The treasure was a magical enchanted dagger that was made of the hardest element known to man. It was surprisingly still in mint condition — aside from a small crack in the hilt.Bookmark here

“What do you think a dagger like that would sell for?”Bookmark here

Amilie thought for a second, trying to calculate the value of the weapon.Bookmark here

“Probably a good three‑hundred gold pieces. Honestly, I have no idea.”Bookmark here

“I think I found my first target.”Bookmark here

“No. People with items of large value are harder to steal from than more mundane items.”Bookmark here

“Oh come on, what, are you scared of getting caught?”Bookmark here

“I’ve been in the guild for six years. I know a bad deal when I see one.”Bookmark here

“It’s just two guys, no guards. We can easily take them if they try to fight and get away.”Bookmark here

“You clearly don’t understand the guild at all. There are rules that we live by.”Bookmark here

“Lame.”Bookmark here

“Never steal from another member. Never kill anyone on the job. Never steal from the poor, only those more fortunate then you.”Bookmark here

Amilie continued to watch the men as they entered the market square and checked out the various. Armor, weapons, medicine, flowers, food. The market had almost everything people could want or need. This made it one of the busiest locations in all of the city.Bookmark here

“I don’t know about you but I’m going to get me a new dagger,” Rozalin said as she started to make her way towards the men.Bookmark here

“No, wait…”Bookmark here

Before Amilie could stop her, Rozalin was already within a stone’s throw of the two men. *Idiot, she is going to get herself caught*, Amilie thought as she worked her way past the mass of people. Moving as quickly as she could, Amilie could see Rozalin about to make contact with the men that had the dagger. It was sitting on his hip as clear as day for all to see. *I have a bad feeling about this. Someone who openly shows their most treasured items is either a fool or has way to protect it*, Amilie thought as she studied the dagger.Bookmark here

To the untrained eye the dagger appeared to just sit there in its sheath, strapped to the man’s belt. It fell just below his hip and was an easy target to take by simply bumping into the man and removing the dagger as contact happened. Amilie knew there was someway the man would protect the dagger. She knew she needed to stop Rozalin before she got herself caught. However, Rozalin was already going through with her plan before Amilie could get to her.Bookmark here

Amilie watched as Rozalin tried to snatch the dagger off the man. Rozalin grabbed the hilt of the dagger as she bumped into the man. Amilie soon realized the reason the man wasn’t to worried about losing his prized dagger. A small string that blended in with the color of the hilt was tied tight around the dagger. As Rozalin pulled the dagger to her the man felt a slight force tugging at his waist.Bookmark here

“What do you think you’re doing?”Bookmark here

Rozalin tried to play off the fact that she was stealing the man’s dagger — using her cuteness to her advantage. She smiled an adorable smile and spoke in a cutesy tone hoping to worm her way out of getting in trouble. Amilie had finally made it to Rozalin’s side.Bookmark here

“I am so sorry about that sir. My sister tends to be attracted to shiny things.”Bookmark here

“I don’t care. She tried to steal my dagger, guards!”Bookmark here

“Run!” Amilie said as she grabbed Rozalin’s wrist.Bookmark here

Bolting from the scene like a cat sprayed with water the girl moved through the crowds of people. As Amilie looked back she could see the two men giving chase. *Guess these guys want blood*, Amilie thought as she ducked into a nearby alleyway.Bookmark here

“We should fight them,” Rozalin said as she broke free from Amilie’s grip.Bookmark here

“Did you even listen to what I said about the guild and our rules?”Bookmark here

“It’s obvious the two won’t give up so we should fight them.”Bookmark here

The two men had finally caught up to Amilie and Rozalin. They had their weapons drawn and were ready to fight. Amilie sighed as she pulled out a studded cudgel that had been resting on her waist belt.Bookmark here

“Here, take this blackjack so you don’t kill them,” Amile said as she threw the club to Rozalin.Bookmark here

“Don’t you need a weapon?”Bookmark here

“Who said I was going to help you?”Bookmark here

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