Chapter 5:

Punishment & pleasure

Defiling the Rogue

Laverna stood there with a perplexed look on her face. Twelve kids had been freed from the ruins that were once believed to be abandoned. All of them were orphans with nowhere to call home. After handing over the kids to be trained by other members. Before Amilie and Rozalin could leave Laverna beckoned them to follow her into her room.Bookmark here

“I tell you to bring me treasure, and yet, you bring me a harem of little girls.”Bookmark here

“It was Rozalin’s idea. I told her not to do it, but she insisted.”Bookmark here

“Oh?”Bookmark here

“Yes. I just couldn’t stand to see those kids like that.”Bookmark here

“Rozalin…”Bookmark here

Laverna was silent for a second.Bookmark here

“I am proud of you.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Amilie, I thought I taught you better than that. Human life is to be valued. Besides, we now have twelve new members in our ranks. Rozalin, I am promoting you to the rank of Footpad.”Bookmark here

Amilie had the face of jealous child who didn’t get her way.Bookmark here

“Now, Rozalin you should run along. I need to speak to Amilie alone.”Bookmark here

“All right.”Bookmark here

After the door was closed Laverna smiled as she locked the door.Bookmark here

“I know what you’re going to do. Please, don’t…”Bookmark here

With a sadistic smile Laverna grabbed a long rope and placed it on her bed.Bookmark here

“You brought this on yourself, Ami.”Bookmark here

Laverna brushed Amilie’s bangs from her eyes and pushed her down onto the bed. Amilie could only watch as she slowly unlaced her boots and pulled them off, revealing her thigh‑high black socks. Little by little she peeled away Amilie’s clothes until she laid there naked on the bed.Bookmark here

“You are so beautiful when you have less on.”Bookmark here

“Please don’t punish me Lady Laverna.”Bookmark here

Amilie’s voice was like that of slave begging for mercy. Soft, gentle, nonthreatening. However, a cute tone and flattery did not work on Laverna as she began to weave the rope around Amilie’s body.Bookmark here

“You know flattery won’t get you out of this.”Bookmark here

After being bound in rope, Laverna used a specially designed bar — that could hold the weight of most girls — to hang Amilie from the ceiling like a wind chime. The second Amilie’s feet left the ground she could feel the rope dig into her skin. With her hands and feet wrapped and bound in more rope, she was unable to move, only hang there until Laverna decided she had learned a lesson.Bookmark here

Being in a hogtied position suspended in mid‑air, along with the areas the rope was tied around, Amilie could feel the strain around her two most sensitive areas — her breast and between her thighs. Even though it was painful, part of Amilie enjoyed being put in a predicament. However, Laverna knew Amilie’s body and all of its weaknesses.Bookmark here

Both of them had grown close the day Amilie joined the guild. Laverna saw herself in Amilie and wanted to teach her everything she knew. She spent more time with Amilie then she had any other member in the past. So much so that the two of them fell in love. They complemented each other in perfect harmony like a sadist and a masochist.Bookmark here

“I think it’s time for your punishment, Ami.”Bookmark here

“No, please. I learned my lesson…”Bookmark here

Grabbing a long leather stick with a flock of soft feathers attached at one end, Laverna smiled sadistically as she lowered Amilie to eye level.Bookmark here

“Please no. I can’t take that. Anything but that…”Bookmark here

“Don’t move a single muscle or I will have to start over.”Bookmark here

Starting from her neck, Laverna brushed the feathers slowly over Amilie’s skin. The sensation was torture to Amilie as she held back the urge to move. Feeling the soft, gentle light touches of the feathers made her nerves tingle as Laverna worked her way down to her breast. As she continued to go lower Amilie felt as if she needed to move, but she knew she couldn’t — equivalent to that of an itch that cannot be scratched.Bookmark here

The tingling became more intense as the feathers moved between her thighs and down her legs. Before long Laverna had reached her feet. Amilie wanted to moved so badly as the feathers stroked the sole of her foot, lightly moving up to her toes. *If I move now she is going to start over*, Amilie thought as she tried to keep her toes from wiggling. However, all was in vain as her toes wiggled slightly.Bookmark here

“Oh dear, looks like I have to start over.”Bookmark here

“No, please…”Bookmark here

Laverna continued as she had before starting at the neck and moving down. Amilie could no longer take it after three times and finally lost control of her ability to remain calm. She began to struggle against the rope as she laughed from the tickling feeling of the feathers teasing her body.Bookmark here

“You’re not even trying anymore, are you?”Bookmark here

“Please let me go… I will do better.”Bookmark here

“I’m sure you will.”Bookmark here

With a cute and seductive smile Laverna released Amilie from the bondage of the ropes. Amilie laid down on the bed as Laverna laid beside her.Bookmark here

“Am I free to go now?”Bookmark here

Laverna kissed Amilie’s lips gently.Bookmark here

“Of course, my little shadow thief.”Bookmark here

Amilie sat up as Laverna grabbed her underwear. Slowly, she began to dress Amilie.Bookmark here

“But next time, do try and be more considerate of others.”Bookmark here

Amilie watched as Laverna put on her socks followed by the rest of her clothes.Bookmark here

“I will.”Bookmark here

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