Chapter 6:

Taking a bet

Defiling the Rogue

Amilie looked over the mansion as she sat down on the edge of a rooftop. Rozalin continued to eat her bread in silence until an idea popped in her head. It had been three days since the two of them had freed the children and they taken a few days off to relax.Bookmark here

“I bet you can’t steal something valuable from that mansion.”Bookmark here

“It’s as if you don’t know who you’re talking to Rozalin.”Bookmark here

“Tell you what, if you can sneak in there and steal something of value I will be your slave for a whole day.”Bookmark here

“Oh yeah? Well, having you wash my clothes could be nice.”Bookmark here

“Ha. First you have to steal something from there. If you fail then I want that red scarf you wear.”Bookmark here

While Amilie didn’t want bet her scarf that her mother had given her, she also couldn’t allow her thieves’ pride to be bruised. Still, Amilie was confident in her abilities and skills that she could easily complete the task that Rozalin had asked.Bookmark here

“Okay, you’re on. Tomorrow night we will meet here and I will show just what a Shadowfoot can do.”Bookmark here

After confirming the bet Amilie headed back to the guild an met with Hakaru Tsukuriki who was known for dealing in information on many areas around the city. As Amilie entered the study, she noticed Hakaru standing over a table with a quill in hand. She was completely focused on drawing on a piece of parchment that she had failed to hear Amilie enter the room.Bookmark here

“Hey Hakaru, you got a second?”Bookmark here

Hakaru jumped at the sound of Amilie’s voice.Bookmark here

“Oh, Amilie… It’s just you.”Bookmark here

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. I was hoping to get some information.”Bookmark here

“Information wants to be free, but information is expensive.”Bookmark here

“How much for some info on the Belfieoria mansion?”Bookmark here

“Depends, how much do you need to know?”Bookmark here

“Entrances, an exit, number of guards in and out, best time to sneak in.”Bookmark here

“That information won’t be cheap.”Bookmark here

“When is information ever cheap?”Bookmark here

“True. Let’s say a total of five gold.”Bookmark here

Pulling five gold coins from her pouch, Amilie placed them on the table and sat down in a wooden chair as she waited for Hakaru to speak.Bookmark here

“Okay, here’s what I know…”Bookmark here

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