Chapter 8:


Defiling the Rogue

Dressed in a maid outfit, Amilie stood at Ryilina’s side. One full month had passed before Amilie had agreed to become Ryilina’s servant girl. Ryilina sipped her tea slowly as she looked over to Amilie. In exchange for being Ryilina’s maid plaything, Amilie was able to have a stable income — more than she could have made being a thief. Not to count free food and drink. She was well taken care of by Ryilina and while her days were easy most of the time, the nights were a mix of pleasure, and punishment.Bookmark here

Amilie would find herself in bondage predicaments of all kinds. All of them lead to her being in a state of pleasure or pain by the end of them. However, having her body defiled was a small price to pay for the life she had now. Even if she didn’t always enjoy the work or the punishment, it was still better than the life she had led before.Bookmark here

“Amilie.”Bookmark here

“Yes, my lady?”Bookmark here

“You’ve standing all day, haven’t you?”Bookmark here

“I have, my lady.”Bookmark here

“Come then, sit down here.”Bookmark here

Ryilina moved from her chair and offered it to Amilie.Bookmark here

“My lady, I couldn’t—”Bookmark here

“Sit or I shall tickle you.”Bookmark here

Without delay Amilie sat down. Ryilina smiled as she knelt down, her fingers gently raking Amilie’s thigh‑high white socks. Removing her black flats slowly, Ryilina lightly rubbed the soles of Amilie’s feet.Bookmark here

“Does that feel better?”Bookmark here

“It does, my lady.”Bookmark here

“Good.”Bookmark here

Ryilina gently kissed Amilie’s socks as she stared up at her with a seductive look. The first time Ryilina had worshiped her feet Amilie felt strange. It didn’t tickle, but she still felt an odd tingling feeling between her legs. Feeling Ryilina’s tongue against her soles and toes made Amilie moan softly as she gripped the sides of the chair.Bookmark here

“I’m glad we found something we both can enjoy.”Bookmark here

“I’m glad you didn’t report me to guards.”Bookmark here

“If I had you would have been tortured and most likely killed.”Bookmark here

“I know… It happened to my mother…”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry…”Bookmark here

“She was only trying to steal to survive. They tortured her in a prison cell and then executed her publicly. When I last saw her she was beaten, battered, and bloody. It looked like the guards had done many things to her. I can’t say that they rape her and broke the bones in her body but she didn’t look like the mother I once knew.”Bookmark here

“Hey, it’s okay. You have me now.”Bookmark here

Ryilina kissed Amilie’s lips gently and smiled.Bookmark here

“Amilie, I will take care of you, forever.”Bookmark here

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