Chapter 1:

Unit 341

Mr. E and Ms. Chick In Unit 341


That one word sums up my whole life.

Nothing extraordinary and it’s all average.

Not until…

I met him.


“Naoko! Quit slacking off and help the shop especially with the deliveries.” Mrs. Fei, the owner of the chicken shop, told me. She caught me playing with my phone. I was busy trying to clear the route of my target in an otome game.

“Sorry, Boss. I’ll get to it. Hand me the keys to the motorcycle.” I said as the boss gave me the keys and I looked at our delivery app, I have to make four deliveries at the moment. I’ll just wait for the chicken to be delivered then I’m out of here.

The shop was buzzing with customers. I must be quick with the deliveries to help out here. While waiting, I heard a group of girls who are customers squealed in delight the moment the television featured some celebrity.

‘Superstar Elias Edwards makes a comeback after his military service!’ I saw the headline of the news and the girls were so loud, my ears might bleed. The Elias Edward on TV is handsome and cool, but nothing beats my husbandos.

What’s so great about the guy? I guess I’ll never understand since I’m satisfied with my 2D husbandos in my otome game.

“Here you go, Naoko. Make it quick.” Mrs. Fei said as she handed over the chicken to be delivered.

“Yes, Boss. I’ll be back.”


Now, this is bothersome.

I’m on my way to my final delivery. During the first three deliveries, I see the same face almost everywhere. His face is plastered to buildings, posters, buses, vehicles and it’s literally everywhere.

What was his name again? Eli-something?

Whatever, I’m on my last delivery. I better hurry up and be done with it.

When I arrived at my destination, I looked over our delivery app to double check the address. The place is huge, and I can already tell that the customer is rich.

‘Red Apartment, Unit 341’ it says. So, it’s on the third floor.

When I’m now in front of the door and knocking saying “Chicken Delivery!”, it was silent for a moment then I heard footsteps towards the door.

The moment the door opened; I was surprised to see the customer. I was reluctant on handing over the chicken. He looks so suspicious with the sunglasses and the mask, covering his whole face.

What was the name he filled in the delivery up again? I looked over the delivery details and checked.

It just says, ‘Mr. E’ and he already paid through online payment.

“Uhmm… Are you Mr. E?” I broke the silence, and he nodded in response, so I gave him his order.

“You already paid for it, Sir. Thank you for choosing our chicken.” When I nodded and about to turn around and be on my way. Mr. E suddenly grabbed my arm, and it caught me by surprise.


“Help me.”


“You have got to be kidding me.” I think I’ve gone insane. Not only did I enter some stranger’s home, but I also even let that stranger have his way.

I mean, he said he needs help, but I really didn’t expect him to need help with this.

By ‘this’ I mean…

“Sir, did you really just drag me to your home, just to help you with a rice cooker?”

I asked in exasperation.

“I’m sorry, Miss Chick. I already tried it my way, but the rice always ends up uncooked.” Mr. E said as he removed the sunglasses and the mask.

Wait a sec… did this person just call me…

“Miss Chick?” I said and looked his way, his face seemed familiar. Where did I see it before?

“Miss Chick. Perfect name for you since you deliver chicken.” Mr. E smiled and he’s beaming in delight.

Then it hit me. This person. The very person I kept seeing all day everywhere.

“Elias Edwards?” I pointed at him, and his smile turned into a grin.

“Woah! Took you long enough, I thought you wouldn’t recognize me.” The man let out a chuckle and went straight to the kitchen, unto the rice cooker.

“I’m not really a fan.” I said as I followed him to the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re a minority.” When I observed him closely, he was tall and handsome. His vibe is different from what I saw on TV. He seems to be more cheerful in person rather than cold and aloof on TV.

“Now, help me out, Miss Chick! Rice is a must have when eating chicken.” Again, with his beaming smile and carefree attitude.

So, I helped him with the rice cooker and even listed the instructions for him.

When I told him to wait for the rice to be cooked, he insisted that I’ll eat the chicken with him as a thank you.

“Aren’t you being careless? I mean, technically we’re strangers. Did it even cross your mind that I may be a crazy stalker?” I asked him, crossing my arms.

“But you’re not a crazy stalker. You’re not even my fan besides you went out of your way just to help me with the rice cooker.” He refuted and followed me as I was about to go on my way back to the shop.

“Well, I humbly refuse your offer. I took a lot of time, so I hope my Boss won’t scold me the moment I come back.” I waved him goodbye and opened the door.

“Alright, thank you, Miss Chick.” He said as he looked at me, straight to the eyes.

“Naoko.” I blurted out.

“Hmm?” He tilted his head to the side in confusion.

“I guess, there’s no point in you remembering my name. You’re welcome, Mr. E.” I shut the door and that was the end of our encounter.

But I didn’t realize that was the start of something new.


“Don’t you have a manager telling you to watch your diet? Don’t you get sick of having chicken almost every day?” I said to our loyal customer who kept ordering the same thing.

Elias Edwards

For a guy who’s supposed to be busy with his many projects, it doesn’t look like he’s busy at all.

And somehow, I kept being swayed by his antics that I even ate what he ordered with him.

Sometimes, I even help out with his lines for his role in an upcoming movie.

“I’ll just workout the fats so don’t worry about it. Besides, the chicken is delicious, Miss Chick!” The said superstar reasoned out as he set the cooked rice on the table and opened the box of chicken. Like a gentleman, he even pulled over the chair for me to sit.

He also took his seat and like any other day, we had our meal while enjoying our talk.

My past self would most likely pass out since I didn’t expect to be this close to a famous public figure.

I can’t even imagine I would let myself be associated with a high-class celebrity since all my life, everything is normal.

I must be lost in my thoughts that Mr. E snapped his fingers in front of me to get my attention.

“Miss Chick, is something bothering you?” Mr. E asked worriedly.

“How long are you going to keep calling me that?” I raised one eyebrow at him. Maybe he didn’t hear my name the last time I told him.

“Why not?” He countered back as he kept eating his meal.

“Mr. E-“ I didn’t even get to finish my sentence when he cut me off.

“How about you? How long have you kept calling me ‘Mr. E’?” it’s that look on his face again. His ocean blue eyes staring right back at me and made me speechless.

So, I mustered all my courage to say this.

“Elias.” I finally called out his name and he seem to be startled since his eyes widen by surprise.

“Say my name again.” His toothy grin somehow made my heart pound. What’s wrong with me?

“Elias.” It feels strange saying his name. It’s like a spell, enchanting me.

“Yes, Naoko?” What then? So, he actually heard me back then. His way of saying my name somehow feels special and there’s this warm fluttery feeling in my chest that I can’t figure out what exactly it was.

My whole life is just normal and it’s very average.

I plan to keep it that way but the moment he entered my life, I changed my mind.

Maybe, having one extraordinary thing isn’t that bad after all.

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