Chapter 55:

END Vol. 2, Ch. 30: Far Too Super Awesome to Be Caught

The Integrity of the Super Club [Beta version]

For the next week, Rover never once stepped foot outside the Southbound High School Campus. Indeed, he literally lived there. He attended class when necessary, showered in the Super Club penthouse’s divine shower when smelly, and spent every other moment in the School Dungeon, leveling up his character and charting the unknown.Bookmark here

His efforts put him on the frontlines whenever a new area was unlocked or boss was confronted, and it was impossible for the other players not to notice him. Whether people liked it or not, he was partly responsible for the blazing pace at which progress advanced through the AR dungeon.Bookmark here

As the School Dungeon was now a cultural phenomenon, residents from all over Thugwood flocked there at all times. The law required everyone to have free, easy, unlicensed, unlimited, and unquestioned access to it. As a result, celebrities, gangsters, trillionaires, cultists, politicians, Militia soldiers, and everyone in between would often occupy the same place at the same time. The risk was high for transgressions, and students were wary of the masses of strangers allowed into the Big Tower lobby, although the rest of the campus was strictly off-limits; Militia patrols were effective at keeping the peace.Bookmark here

So far, the Skullface Crusherpants trio on the third floor had been the only boss battle, and with each new floor unlocked, the players’ excitement was put to rest after discovering nothing new compared to previous floors. There were plenty of new consumable items, weapons, armor, and accessories to be discovered, and they appeared at random in the randomly spawned treasure chests. However, even as the players reached the sixteenth floor, there didn’t seem to be any items that weren’t available from the second floor. Even the enemies remained the same.Bookmark here

If players wanted anything new, they had to be creative. And, indeed, some of the game’s technicalities were discovered:Bookmark here

Bookmark here

DISCOVERY 1: The maximum co-op party size in the original game was five players. In the augmented reality, it was one hundred players. Just as in the original game, any player in a party would be kicked out after five minutes of inactivity. This assured that people couldn’t easily gain levels and coins by joining a party and doing nothing.Bookmark here

DISCOVERY 2: As predicted, there were a lot of places in the School Dungeon only accessible with VR or other methods, such as Anti-Grav. Underwater caverns, high places, and narrow areas too small for a human were common. Because of this, the demand for virtual reality headsets and Anti-Grav had increased. Consequentially, the Super Club was quickly losing their advantage with VR in the AR matches as more people were hopping on the bandwagon.Bookmark here

DISCOVERY 3: The multiplayer AR functionality worked everywhere in Thugwood, not just in the School Dungeon. However, there were no enemies, treasure, or anything else that made it worthwhile to join a party outside the AR dungeon. Still, people would sometimes join parties to hang out with their avatars in public—there was literally no good reason for this, but they did it anyway.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Although there were no apparent leads on the locations of other School Dungeons, it was undeniable that this ‘Next Phase’ of Glove Alien Fight had finally gained widespread momentum…and it was destined to only pick up speed.Bookmark here

55!55@55#55$55%55^55&55*55(55)55_55+55Bookmark here

One day after school, Rover, Lumpy, and Adele played together in a three-person party, and they battled a Three-Headed Whippersnapper on the sixteenth floor.Bookmark here

“It’s common knowledge we’re all on a team,” Rover said over the earpieces during the battle. “It turns out our efforts at hiding were…bad.”Bookmark here

“Makes me wonder about the other stuff we’re hiding,” Adele sighed. “At least we don’t have to hide when providing support…except for the criminal goddess.”Bookmark here

“I still haven’t heard back from Captain Pretentious,” Rover added. He didn’t know what else to say about that.Bookmark here

“Give it time,” Adele said as she made her avatar run circles around the digital foe, dodging its Bastard Ball attacks of Stupid Elemental energy. She got a few hits in with her Chainsaw Glove Aliens before backing off, avoiding the enemy’s spinning attack. “She has a lot of stuff to set up on her end.”Bookmark here

“I was skeptical about her deal at first.” Rover kept his distance, hitting the enemy with long-range Ice Elemental blasts from his Ancient Magus Glove Aliens. “But, after we discussed and revised the contract, everything seems legit.”Bookmark here

Lumpy grinned. “Man, I’m really excited about this! We’re gonna be famous and possibly rich!”Bookmark here

“…I guess.” Rover stunned the enemy with excessive lightning blasts, inflicting the Paralysis status effect and using the opportunity to finish it off without a problem. “I just wanna end the Glove Alien Fight craziness.”Bookmark here

“At least the game is fun,” Lumpy said.Bookmark here

“Yeah, it is fun.”Bookmark here

Lumpy added, “It was also smart of Skater Girl to consult that attorney dude she knows, so we know we won’t get screwed by any fine print. She’s so awesome. She’s really smart and stuff, and she knows people.”Bookmark here

“Jeez,” Adele griped, “you’ve been talking about Skater Girl all week, L. Just ask her out already.”Bookmark here

“I think I will.”Bookmark here

“See how easy it is, R?” Adele told her brother over the earpiece. “Lumpy didn’t have a breakdown at the thought of asking out a girl.”Bookmark here

“Hey!” Rover barked. “I-I did not have a breakdown!”Bookmark here

Quintegrity came cartwheeling out of nowhere, stopping upside down in front of Rover, maintaining a perfect pose mid-cartwheel.Bookmark here

“Are ya sure about that?” she giggled.Bookmark here

Her long, silky skirt started to fall due to being upside down, and Rover’s panicking hands had the decency to turn her upright before certain features were revealed to him. As she laughed in his face, he theorized that she was seriously just messing with him on purpose.Bookmark here

“A-Anyway,” Rover said, checking the earnings for beating the Three-Headed Whippersnapper, “this whole deal with Captain Pretentious isn’t gonna affect me much, other than help me reach my end goal. If we all have VR headsets, it’ll make our combined efforts a little easier because everyone’s gonna start getting VR headsets for the School Dungeon. Heck, people even might wanna team up with the Super Club just to be a part of Captain Pretentious’ new thing…despite their hatred for me. Honestly, building an army might be possible with this deal.”Bookmark here

“Totally!” Adele replied, balling her fists with enthusiasm. “Oooh…this is so exciting!”Bookmark here

All around them, hundreds of people were in Rover’s line of sight alone, only a small part of the thousands occupying the accessible School Dungeon areas. The material composing the environment glowed brightly and warmly in response to the populated activity. A social energy filled the place, a fun and adventurous buzz.Bookmark here

He picked up his tactical backpack containing his clothes, gaming supplies, and sleeping bag and put it on.Bookmark here

“You know,” Quintegrity told him, “there’d be no need to haul that heavy backpack around if you just stayed with me in the club penthouse.”Bookmark here

“I got this, babe,” he said with a smirk. “It’s like camping. It’s fun.”Bookmark here

She pouted in earnest. “Why won’t you just stay with me…?”Bookmark here

Rover’s nervousness tried tying his tongue as the girl’s doe eyes scrambled his circuits. “Uhhh…b-because, uh, you said few people know you’re staying there…and if two people stay there, then it’d be, like, easier to get caught. The Thugforce Militia is always hanging around the school, too, keeping the peace. I mean…I don’t think they’re as big as a problem as the Cohort Squadron, but…like…ya know…”Bookmark here

Her frown showed she was unconvinced. “You’re making excuses.”Bookmark here

The disappointment in Quintegrity’s tone completely overrode his mind. He looked at her, seeing the pleading desperation behind her blank stare.Bookmark here

After all, Rover knew her blankness wasn’t blank at all.Bookmark here

“W-Well…” he said, fidgeting, “I suppose…one night won’t hurt.”Bookmark here

“Yay!” She buried his body under hers as she tackled him to the vibrant ground. Dozens of people directed their attention to the sound of a teenage boy being smashed. “It’s a new milestone in our relationship!” She moved her face closer to Rover’s, enjoying the panic-stricken expression he wore, and she roasted his ear with her whisper. “How many milestones do you think we’re capable of reaching tonight???”Bookmark here

Hgrkk?!? Haaaggghh…grrraahhh…”Bookmark here

Afterward, Lumpy and Adele were tasked with dragging Rover to the next location on the sixteenth floor—the key to the seventeenth floor was being quite elusive that day.Bookmark here

55!55@55#55$55%55^55&55*55(55)55_55+55Bookmark here

Rover sat on the couch in the Super Club penthouse living room and listened to the running water while his girlfriend showered. He couldn’t fathom the situation he’d found himself in. His heart raced, his sweat glands were ceaseless, and his hormones waged a merciless assault on the fortress walls of his composure.Bookmark here

Inside the tumultuous tides of his mind, his inner dialogue was like a chipmunk with electric bones:Bookmark here

Just calm down… It can’t be that bad. What’s one night with Quintegrity? What could go wrong? Or…what could go right?!Bookmark here

He swallowed a big gulp of air.Bookmark here

Oh man…what does she have planned? Is she gonna—Bookmark here

Shaking his head to rattle his brain, he squeezed the couch cushions with sweaty hands.Bookmark here

No! She won’t! She’s a good girl! Full of morals and charm…and…and…Bookmark here

She’s told dirty jokes before. And she’s shown signs of sexuality.Bookmark here

Ack! Who the hell are you?!Bookmark here

Your libido. You need to get it.Bookmark here

Get what???Bookmark here

Laid.Bookmark here

“WAAAHHHH!!!”Bookmark here

The sound of the bathroom door opening was like a bullet through his soul.Bookmark here

Here she comes, Tiger.Bookmark here

Stop it! Leave me alone!Bookmark here

You’re wondering what she’s wearing…Bookmark here

…I-I don’t think I can handle it!Bookmark here

You don’t have to handle anything. She’ll tie you into knots. Heh-heh-hehh.Bookmark here

“I’m done with my shower, Rover!”Bookmark here

Quintegrity appeared in the doorway to the living room. She was wearing a thin nightgown with her hair wrapped in a towel.Bookmark here

Kerosene seemed to pour from Rover’s brain and soak his insides. When the gorgeous girl smiled and giggled at him, the match was struck.Bookmark here

“Eegeegeegee…”Bookmark here

She laughed. “Aw, you’re so adorable when you babble like a baby!” She pranced over to the couch, her thin clothes fluttering from her motions, and she leapt onto the cushions next to Rover, sitting like a perched fox as her lips curled into playful points. “So…what do you wanna do tonight? It’ll be just the two of us, like a date, but without anyone or anything to get in our way.”Bookmark here

With the air in his lungs turned to cement, Rover’s face was locked in a stupefied expression.Bookmark here

Genuine curiosity overtook the girl. “Huh? What’s the matter?”Bookmark here

Say something, you dolt!!!Bookmark here

“Something,” said the monotonous drone from Rover’s throat.Bookmark here

She tilted her head and blinked. “Something’s the matter?”Bookmark here

Real smooth, man.Bookmark here

Untold quantities of willpower enabled Rover to turn his head away. Not looking directly into her soft mulberry eyes reinstated some control over his mind and body.Bookmark here

But that lovely after-shower smell she emitted… That was an entirely different monstrosity. It was unfair.Bookmark here

“I-I-I j-just…uh…h-have some things…on m-my mind.”Bookmark here

She wrapped her arm around him, leaning in and resting her head on his chest.Bookmark here

“Is it nothing I can help with?” she asked.Bookmark here

Perhaps it was the uncharacteristic timidity of her voice, but Rover suddenly regained his composure. He looked down at her, feeling the dampness of the towel on her head soaking into his shirt as he put his arm around her.Bookmark here

“You still have your doubts,” she said. “I understand. That’s why I’m here for you. To be honest, this whole thing is difficult for me, too. Oh! But don’t get me wrong. I don’t have my regrets…but I guess I also have some doubts.”Bookmark here

Mayday! Don’t you dare steer away from the sexy situation!Bookmark here

Shut up! This…this is more important.Bookmark here

“It’s true,” he told Quintegrity as the dark corners of his mind rose to the surface of his thoughts. “Just the same, stupid doubts that I’ve…” He trailed off.Bookmark here

Her uplifting tone returned. “I told you that I’m far too super awesome to be caught.”Bookmark here

“But what about the rest of us? If we keep doing things, we’ll end up missing something. One thing could make or break us.”Bookmark here

The pause before her answer worried Rover. It was as if she was silently agreeing with something he didn’t want to admit.Bookmark here

“Just be careful,” she told him. “It’s the same as what you always say to me.”Bookmark here

“…Right.”Bookmark here

“My greatest fear right now is the safety of my friends. When I think about it, I really wonder if we’re just a bunch of stupid teenagers being reckless. So…”—she looked up at him— “please be careful.”Bookmark here

“What if we’re too far in already?”Bookmark here

“Then we keep moving forward. Even if we don’t get the Special Numbers, somebody will, and we’ll go after the next Legendary Cog…as a team. An army.”Bookmark here

He sighed. “I guess the best option would be to have you fight the guardians or Mech Bot Generals yourself. Do you think you can take them out quicker than last time?”Bookmark here

“Definitely. I’m much stronger this time around. Snickerdoodle is proof of that.”Bookmark here

Rover stared at the high ceiling with swooping architectural designs and fancy light fixtures. The fictional (but very real) dog paddled between the mini chandeliers, riding in his fishbowl.Bookmark here

“You say that,” he said, “but I still have my stupid doubts.”Bookmark here

Quintegrity sat upright. “Doubts are natural.” Her warm, sincere smile threatened to make Rover’s desires boil over, and he quickly looked away again. “Remember, though, that I’m unnatural. I’m supernatural!”Bookmark here

“So, you’re a ghost?”Bookmark here

“Tee-hee. Very spooky.”Bookmark here

“You know, Graphite suspects your ability to see the AR elements with your own eyes or something.”Bookmark here

She stood up. “I know.”Bookmark here

Rover looked at her. “Are you gonna tell him?”Bookmark here

She gave it some thought. “I dunno.”Bookmark here

The innocent grin she wore got under Rover’s skin. They were both quiet for a moment, and when she finally spoke, her voice hardly broke the silence.Bookmark here

“Do you remember when you asked me how I knew about the Mech Bot General?”Bookmark here

“I do. You said that you can’t just tell me, but you have to show me.”Bookmark here

For a second, her very existence seemed to dim and fade. “Wait here. I feel like it’s time to show you.”Bookmark here

Quintegrity walked to the next room and returned with a small jewelry box that she handed to Rover. It fit in the palm of his hand and was very simple, crafted from wood with small metal fasteners that showed their age. The tarnish was worn and the surfaces were covered in scratches.Bookmark here

He placed his thumb on the latch but paused and looked at her as if asking for permission to proceed. She gave a little nod, watching him as he popped the latch and opened the box. Its hinges were stiff and slightly misaligned, and he took great care to make sure the lid didn’t come off.Bookmark here

Inside was a single item: a piece of notebook paper folded multiple times. When Rover removed it, he could tell by the discoloration that the paper was old, although not as old as the box. Setting the box on the sea-marble coffee table, he unfolded the thin paper with gentle precision.Bookmark here

It was a handwritten letter, probably a man’s handwriting.Bookmark here

Quintegrity said and did nothing. That inactivity cued Rover to read:Bookmark here

To our dearest Quinn,Bookmark here

It is our greatest regret that we will not be able to join you on your journey through life. CEO Claudius has deemed your mother and I unfit for the protected civilization under his rule, and for this reason, we have been sentenced by the Substantial Board of Exile to face a life in the wastelands outside. As of the time of this writing, CEO Claudius, in his haughtiness and foolishness, is preparing to deploy five artificial officers of the Thugforce Militia. They are the Mech Bot Generals mentioned in my previous letter, and your mother and I fear them above all else, aside from your safety. You, daughter, have always been our number one priority.Bookmark here

If you should ever encounter a warrior of great machines awaiting in a place where your heart cannot dance nor sing, you must get away immediately, for if that warrior awakens, there will be no escape. It seeks only violence, and must be met with violence to suppress it.Bookmark here

Please, Quinn, no matter where you find yourself, only accept violence as a last resort, and even then, do not take the use of violence lightly. Life is far too short and fragile to include such a thing into it.Bookmark here

Alas, our time is running short. This may be our last letter to you. We pray you will heed the warnings and remember everything written in all of these letters. However, no matter what we tell you, make it your ultimate goal to use your own life as you will. Your mother and I were unfortunate enough to get caught in the pitfalls of our lives, and we believe with every sliver of our beings—down to the blueprints in our genes—that you will always and forever be far too super awesome to be caught in the same pitfalls.Bookmark here

If you are ever lost, remember what I mentioned in the other letters about the rhythms of the universe that reside inside everything, and quiet your heart, and listen. You will be guided without fail if you do this. The day my heart went deaf to this rhythm is the day my death began.Bookmark here

The bottom of the letter contained smudged smears of ink, and Rover was unable to make out what it was. Quintegrity noticed he was squinting to read the final portion, and she moved next to him on the couch and touched the stains with her finger.Bookmark here

“It got blotted out by tears,” she said softly. “Evidence of the only time I remember ever crying.”Bookmark here

“What did it say?”Bookmark here

Her smile was serene as she stared at the letter. “‘May the funk be with you. Love, Daddy and Mommy.’”Bookmark here

“You said you don’t remember your parents,” Rover said, glancing over the handwritten words before landing his eyes back on the girl. “Is this all you have to know them by?”Bookmark here

“That’s correct.”Bookmark here

“Um…it says, er, your father said there were other letters—”Bookmark here

“I’ve never seen them. I don’t know what happened to them or why this is the only one that didn’t get lost. Before I returned to Thugwood, one of my most trusted friends who knew my parents after their exile gave it to me for my eighteenth birthday. My parents had asked him to do that. After that, I made up my mind. I wasn’t going to run and hide anymore. I was going to break in to Thugwood.” Smiling, she added, “Funny, isn’t it? I’m still running and hiding even though I’m here…but…not running away or hiding in fear. No matter what, I was going to be a normal girl, make friends, find love…”Bookmark here

Rover couldn’t look away from her as she took a moment to reminisce.Bookmark here

“I owe a lot to Headmaster. He understood I had nowhere to live when I enrolled at our school, and when I agreed to help build my own living accommodations,”—she gestured around at the penthouse— “he worked out a way to let me live here. After showing him that I was very funky and capable of helping around the school, he couldn’t refuse. Thus, I formed the Super Club to make my actions more official, like a front to appease the Southbound Thugwood High School Committee of Old People Whom Kids Hate. I didn’t tell him about my exile, though. Luckily, even though I had lived outside the Walls, my home schooling credentials were legitimate and didn’t trace back to the Substantial Board of Exile, and I was able to transfer here for my senior year. It sure helps to have connections, even if they are illegal! I had great teachers out there…and I consider them to be like my parents.”Bookmark here

“You had friends in the outside world, huh?” Rover asked.Bookmark here

“Yes, lots,” she said, taking the letter back.Bookmark here

Rover bit his lip. “What were these friends like?”Bookmark here

She folded the paper, following the well-established creases exactly, tucked it back in the little jewelry box, and snapped it shut.Bookmark here

“Sorry,” she said with a weak smile, “but I’m not in the mood to talk more about my life then.”Bookmark here

“Oh.” The boy understood in full. “That’s okay. You’ve revealed a lot already, so don’t overdo it.”Bookmark here

“Hmm, you made it kinda sound like a challenge.”Bookmark here

He chuckled, looking at the carpet. “I better not egg you on, then.”Bookmark here

The girl stood up from the couch, removing her soothing essence from the cushions and leaving Rover feeling extra alone despite their close proximity. He looked up at her, and a brand new experience gripped him from inside: heartbreak.Bookmark here

Quintegrity wore an expression of utter depression. A cold, deep melancholy blew through the penthouse, shattering Rover’s spirit with her truly lifeless aura. She trembled as her face took on a shadowiness, as if the light attempted to hide her feelings from him. It was futile, though, as he could clearly feel the pressure behind her scrunched brow and the slack in her cheeks and mouth while she unwrapped the towel on her head.Bookmark here

He was so stunned and devastated that he couldn’t react, although he knew he should have.Bookmark here

Don’t make that face, he thought, lost in the throes of the girl’s despair. Please…you said you remember crying only once, and I want that to be the only memory you ever have of it…so please stop making that face.Bookmark here

More disheartening was the fact that he couldn’t bring himself to say those words aloud. Yet, part of him believed—part of him hoped—it was better not to.Bookmark here

Her rose petal lemonade hair tumble down, weighted and darkened from the shower, an appearance consistent with the rest of her.Bookmark here

Draping the towel over her shoulder, she walked to the TV and grabbed the remote control.Bookmark here

“Here ya go.” She tossed the remote to Rover. The sadness was no longer visible or audible, but the boy knew better than to think it was gone. “Watch whatever you want. I have an idea in mind for dinner. I’ll start it here in a little bit.”Bookmark here

When she went into the next room with her jewelry box, Rover stared at the remote in his hand.Bookmark here

“Hey, TV-chan,” he called.Bookmark here

“Who the heck are you?” the irate female voice grunted from the television.Bookmark here

“Your master. Bring up the TV channel guide.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, whatever.”Bookmark here

As he scrolled through the millions of channels, Quintegrity prepared things in the kitchen. His mind was blank as he was uninterested in watching anything. He randomly selected the anime Senpai Battlefront S, stood up, and joined his girlfriend in the kitchen.Bookmark here

“Thought I’d give you a hand,” he said. “I can’t let my cooking skills atrophy, can I?”Bookmark here

Quintegrity’s eyes dazzled as she gripped a sturdy leek, and her smile stretched far and wide.Bookmark here

“I suppose I’ll let you be my sous-chef for the evening,” she replied, slamming the leek onto a cutting board and karate chopping it into minced bits. “Snag a knife and show me whatchoo got!”Bookmark here

“No problem!” Rover yanked open the drawer with an arsenal of blades, many of which seemed to be weapons designed for slaying ogres. He grabbed the most normal one. “Here’s my blade!”Bookmark here

“Great! Now…boil a half-dozen eggs!”Bookmark here

“W-With a knife?”Bookmark here

“If you fail, it’s to the brig with ye! Arr…” She thrust her hands at him—the hands that had just minced vegetables like nothing.Bookmark here

“Hey! H-Hold on!”Bookmark here

Giggling, she told him, “Ya know what? When I think about it, I guess our relationship really did reach another milestone tonight!”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” he replied with a nod and a smirk, “I guess it really did.”Bookmark here

The passing of time healed the malaise, and it wasn’t long before the two were synchronizing around the kitchen, lost in the moment, lost in each other. After dinner, Rover and Quintegrity cuddled on the couch and watched anime. The boy attempted to keep his blood pressure to a minimum, which was challenging as he looked for any possible opening to reach yet another milestone.Bookmark here

He was hoping to kiss her.Bookmark here

This has to be it!Bookmark here

However, she fell asleep, nestled against him with her head on his lap. Seeing her with her eyes closed and hearing her gentle snoring was surreal, as if he was surprised she even needed to sleep at all.Bookmark here

Feeling his eyelids grow heavy, he turned off the TV. When he tried to stand, Quintegrity wrapped her arms around his waist, still fast asleep. He pried and pulled, but he was trapped in her hold. Not wanting to sleep sitting up, he tried lying down, which was quite awkward with Quintegrity hugging him like that, but he managed to stretch out. Still sleeping, she squeezed him tighter and buried her face into his crotch. His panicking was silent, albeit violent and primal, and he fought his body’s natural responses to the fullest as the girl’s snoring sounds reverberated from between his legs—the last thing he wanted was to poke her in the eye.Bookmark here

Dawn could not arrive fast enough.Bookmark here

*******Bookmark here

<<<STATUS>>>Bookmark here

Rover… Lvl 1,215Bookmark here

AthletaCom Points… 12Bookmark here

All Money… {T}337,705Bookmark here

Allowance… {T}336,705Bookmark here

Food Slip… {T}1,000Bookmark here

<<<EXPENSE GOALS>>>Bookmark here

Anti-Grav Skateboard… {T}499,999Bookmark here

<<<CURRENT EQUIPMENT>>>Bookmark here

Weapon… Ancient MagusBookmark here

Armor… Daring VestBookmark here

Acc. 1… Heist HoovesBookmark here

Acc. 2… Getaway SocksBookmark here

<<<PERIPHERALS>>>Bookmark here

ControllerBookmark here

VR HeadsetBookmark here

<<<SPECIAL NUMBERS>>>Bookmark here

#1, #4, #10Bookmark here

<<<LEGENDARY COGS>>>Bookmark here


Bookmark here

***AUTHOR'S NOTE***Bookmark here

And another volume is complete!Bookmark here

Anyone who has followed along all this time...THANK YOU!!! This story is totally ridiculous, but I still wanted it to be good. I only hope that it actually is good, or at least passable. The only way I can ever know is with feedback from my readers, so leave a review and tell me everything you loved and hated about it. That's the only way I can get better as a writer.Bookmark here

I think I stated before that this is planned to be a trilogy. That means we're about 2/3 done, although Volume 3 might be a little longer than Volume 2. If it's shorter, though, then...whatever.Bookmark here

I'll do my best to have Volume 3 up and running sooner than later. However, given the world's situation, I can't give any promises on how long that'll be. Still, I hope you'll stick around for it!Bookmark here

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