Chapter 2:

The Ascension Of The Red Reaper (I)

Avalon: Dark Ages Beginning

Meanwhile at the LobbyBookmark here

Tower 2 of Odysseus TowerBookmark here

Bookmark here

A woman had walked into the reception wearing orange overall with an ID badge attached to her chest. The Badge identified her Alyssa Grace (an honorary citizen of Colony 25 and a native of Avalon), a maintenance engineer with H- Builders Inc. She was carrying a briefcase in one hand and a large yellow toolbox in the other. She set them both down in front of the reception desk.Bookmark here

Alyssa Grace wasn't her real name. Her hair - blonde and a little greasy - was fake, as were her glasses, dimples and uneven teeth. She looked forty years old but was actually in her twenties.Bookmark here

She is a proud Indian, ex-Indian to be precise. And today she was here to claim the head of the Governor-General who was the chief guest of the Unveiling ceremony taking place today.Bookmark here

She was a part of the infamous resistance group known as the Indian Ark and their sole purpose of existence was to liberate Colony 25 and regain its's former glory. They were one of the many resistance groups who had the same goal and even among them her name was unknown. Nobody except for the Indian Ark knew her real name but in the business, she was in, a name was the last thing she could afford.Bookmark here

She is known as the Red Reaper and is one of the most successful assassins in the world. She had been given her nickname because she always killed her victims with a single shot between their eyes and she never missed.Bookmark here

The receptionist glanced at her.Bookmark here

"I'm here for the Crane," she said. She spoke with an American accent even though she had never been there in her life.Bookmark here

"What about it?" The receptionist asked. " Didn't you get the notice about all construction work being closed for today"Bookmark here

"Yeah. We did. But unfortunately one of our employees had forgotten to detach the cable from the crane so that it didn't consume energy. And since we were told yesterday that you needed all the cranes to be completely shut down I came here hurriedly to do the job." She fished in her pocket and pulled out a crumpled sheet of paper. " You want to call the head office? I've got my orders here"Bookmark here

It the receptionist had called the H - Builders Inc. he would have discovered that there was no corporation named H - Builder Inc. and it was nothing but a farce created by the Indian Ark for the infiltration of Odysseus Tower.Bookmark here

However, the Red Reaper had guessed he wouldn't bother. After all, it was a busy day and they had to get everything in top condition.Bookmark here

The receptionist jerked a thumb. "Go ahead!" He said.Bookmark here

She put away the letter, picked up her case and her toolbox and went over to the elevator. As she approached the elevator section she could hear two people talking more like arguing.Bookmark here

"Can you please erase yourself from existence?" Bookmark here

That voice. She could never forget it. Neha Agarwal CEO of Odyssey and also the pet dog of Avalon. Because of her, so many Indians have died. She was one of the many names under the hit list of the Red Reaper. But today was not the day she would kill her.Bookmark here

"Enjoy what time you have left…sooner or later your head would be mine" she whispered to herself. She swiftly walked towards the Elevator number 18 and pressed her hands against a small button with an upward sign. As she went in a delivery boy with a parcel tried to follow. Bookmark here

"Sorry," she said. "Closed for maintenance." The doors slid shut. She was on her own. She pressed the button for the terrace.Bookmark here

She quickly took out the earpiece from her pocket and switched it on connecting her with the mission control van down in Central Square. Bookmark here

"Hello this is Mehak," she whispered. " I have entered the building and proceeding towards the terrace as planned"Bookmark here

" Oh, man! You had me tensed!" The mission control guy replied. Bookmark here

"Don't you trust me?" She asked as innocently as she could.Bookmark here

"Trusting you is the last thing I will ever do!"Bookmark here

"Tch…you really are the worst," she replied in annoyance. "No dinner for you tonight."Bookmark here

"Ugh…whatever" He replied back through the intercom. " We will talk about this later. Right now we are running out of time…."Bookmark here

"I know."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

This entire operation had been planned only a week before. They'd had to work fast - producing fake ID's, learning the layout of the Odysseus Tower and getting their hands on various kind of sophisticated piece of equipment they would need to make this operation a success.Bookmark here

And they only had one chance. This wasn't the usual infiltration of cargo holds for food and weaponry rather it was a message to the Mighty Avalon that the Indian's won't remain silent anymore, they will no longer ignore the humiliation and torture their loved ones have gone through. Overall it was a declaration of war.Bookmark here

The lift door opened to the fiftieth floor. The fiftieth floor is the heart of Odysseus Tower. This was where their servers were housed, also their supercomputer 'Aristotle' that controlled heat, air-conditioning, security cameras, facial data of everyone entering and leaving the building and lifts throughout the building. Bookmark here

"I am here" she whispered cautiously. "How many guards are on this floor?"Bookmark here

The mission control operator ran a data check to confirm the information. According to the latest data uploaded by their so-called informant, there were only four lightly armed security guards who kept everything in check. Apart from them the cleaning staff also come here at 1:30 at noon.Bookmark here

"Are you sure that's all?" Bookmark here

"Yup that's all." He replied. " And remember his order you are supposed to kill no one except the Governor"Bookmark here

"Tch.. that stupid good for nothing commander" she cussed. "Why do I need to spare these pet dogs"Bookmark here

Here we go again. Red Reaper was not just known for her unbeatable killing streak but also her short-tempered attitude as well as haughty personality. Bookmark here

"And why do I need to listen to him! I am the most successful assassin in the world you know! And while he is just a bug!"Bookmark here

"Here you go again, Princess." He replied. " Orders are orders you need to follow them whether you like it or not!"Bookmark here

"Whatever! Just tell me what I need to do"Bookmark here

"Now we're talking. I have already placed a tranquilliser gun in your suitcase use that to knock the guards unconscious. And then head over to Aristotle and then inject the flash drive into the USB port. You should find the flash drive inside the toolbox. Once it's done I will handle the rest"Bookmark here

"All right. I am moving out" Mehak turned off the lift, using the manual override key given to her by the receptionist, then went over to the glass door separating her from the control room. She opened her briefcase. The lower part was a laptop computer. The lid was fitted out with fake drill which was the gun and the tranquilliser in the place of other tools, each of them strapped into place.Bookmark here

Mehak cocked the gun. Took a deep breath and she was ready.Bookmark here

'I will avenge you Isha' Bookmark here

She slowly pushed open the glass door without catching the attention of the security guard. Luckily for her, the guards weren't wearing the Achilles armour, those stupid pieces of tech make not killing impossible. There were three guards standing right in front of the metal door with words carved in them which read 'ARISTOTLE'.Bookmark here

That was her first target. Bookmark here

Now she just needs to find the right moment to strike. She has three options first is to directly engage in combat which she needs to avoid, second is to go in and act as Alyssa Grace and then take them out but that will consume time and third is to simply shoot them.Bookmark here

Yeah, the last one sounds good!Bookmark here

Three targets huh… Thirty seconds will be enough to take them out. Bookmark here

'1..2…3..Bookmark here

She enters the room without making a noise and shoots the first tranquilliser dart. Bookmark here

8…9…10Bookmark here

The second oneBookmark here

18…19…20'Bookmark here

And the third one.Bookmark here

The only thing the victims remember was a woman smiling sadistically at them while their head hit the cold marble floor.Bookmark here

"Another perfect victory for the world-renowned assassin. You should praise me more you know." Mehak started her usual self-appraisal. This was nothing new for the mission operator rather he would be worried if she didn't do it.Bookmark here

"Yeah yeah, my lady. You are the best" Bookmark here

"Nice nice compliment me more," Mehak replied in a sing-a-song manner. " And what did you wanted for dinner tonight?"Bookmark here

On the other side, the mission control operator Naksh was simply amazed by the girl. How simple is she? Bookmark here

"Anyways I want you to inject the flash drive as fast as possible. We only have a little time and hacking into the mainframe can take more than an hour if I am lucky"Bookmark here

Mehak crouched down to inspect the body of the fallen security guard. She needed the card key to enter the 'Aristotle' room and she was sure that one of the guards had it. Bookmark here

The first guy looked young, he was maybe in his twenties and by the looks of his uniform he was a new employee, there's less chance of him having the key.Bookmark here

The other guy had his face smashed into his coffee jug, he had the features of an old man his hairs were grey and greasy, he might be the one with the key….Bookmark here

"Mehak can you tell me how many guys you took out??" Naksh asked frantically he sounded desperate as if wishing whatever he thought was wrong.Bookmark here

"Three?"Bookmark here

"Shit there was supposed to be four-"Bookmark here

Right before he could have completed a bullet grazed Mehak's cheeks, initially, it was aimed at the back of her neck but thanks to her instincts she was able to dodge it; not entirely but enough to save her life. A salty warm liquid trailed down from the place where the bullet had grazed and dripped into her mouth.Bookmark here

"Blood! Tch…Now you have done it you bastard!"Bookmark here

The fourth guard was inside the toilet when Mehak wreaked all havoc, he had seen the girl shooting his comrades but he didn't care after all they were no more than slaves if the king while him in the other hand was a pureblood from the mainland. He didn't need to save them he just needs to wait for the right moment and then strike at the intruder in this way he will become the hero who saved Odysseus Tower.Bookmark here

'I will definitely get a raise in pay. Thanks for dying'Bookmark here

Mehak was a purebred assassin, she is the type who will always go for the kill and yet today she was trying so hard not to spill blood. I tried so hard and yet…and yet you had to go out of the way and destroy everything.Bookmark here

You are the one person who I won't allow to live!Bookmark here

Her senses were sharper than before. She swiftly ran towards the pureblood crouched down, took out her dagger hidden in her left socks and slashed the neck of the person.Bookmark here

All of it happened in just a few seconds.Bookmark here

"Mehak no kil-"Bookmark here

"He's dead!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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