Chapter 1:

Coming Out

I Decided To Become A Wandering God; A Record of Adventurous Newly Minted God

 It's been roughly a thousand years because today I came out hiding from this world. I was honing my skills, expanding my knowledge and traveling disguised all over the years without taking sides in any disputes of any parties at that time until today.Bookmark here

Looking at the reflection of the spring water, it's the same good handsome teenage face all over the years. Same looks but age is deceiving. That's a curse, a perk, gift, the thing I have – eternal youth and immortality which in my own words, being a god literally.Bookmark here

That's right, a god. I came to this world 1000 years ago. The memories when I first arrived here in this world overflooded my brain with information and my body went lots of modifications after one of the gods, Arvyn Snow also known as the [Bringer of Balance] and [God Emperor] of ancient kingdom civilization, merged with me due to our shared fate. I was an average brown haired highschool who became a god after the merge. The result of our merge included his personality combining mine, experience and knowledge coming to me followed by a cheat that gave way of defining what things could definitely break any MMORPG games at first glance, a new phrase "making a nuclear weapon even bioweapons a joke" and a golden label of Gary Stu character.Bookmark here

In honor of my other former part, I go by name Arvyn Snow.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

[Current Trending Top 10 Headlines On Earth]Bookmark here

1) Successful VRMMORPG Dream Achieved! Newly Beta Launched VRMMO Now Possibly Listed As One of War Game Alternatives In the Name of Sportsmanship, Global Peace, and Competitive Spirit!"Bookmark here

How neatBookmark here

2)ASEAN No More, Now A Country Of Unified Formerly ASEAN States!Bookmark here

Really? Must be nice to see them stand together.Bookmark here

3)Samsun Releases Galaxia S1000 Fold To The Public! Thousands Come in!Bookmark here

Foldable phone that can switch into tablet? That's gonna kill a wallet.Bookmark here

4)Global World Peace At Last! Global Terrorism, Financial And Population Crisis Ends Today After Years-long Suspects Are Found. Public Outraged At The Suspects!Bookmark here

And it took 1000 years for the world to find them? Wow the stupid rumors must be true then.Bookmark here

5)Is this Fantasy Or Is this End of Conventional Weapons? Presence of Mana Found in Living Beings! Anime Fans Go Wild At the Discovery And Went Exercise In Preparation!Bookmark here

I would do the same but I'll go kendo or something else at that age.Bookmark here

6) WHAT!? Global Health Risk Decreased By A Massive 70 Percent After Discovery of Mana!Bookmark here

That sounds like a memeBookmark here

7)BANZAI!? Japan's NEET Population Gone 0 After Discovery of Mana!Bookmark here

Okay?Bookmark here

8)World Health Organization's Statement on World Population's Health In 'Age of Magic'Bookmark here

Healing magic and stuff..good.Bookmark here

9) Magic Forbidden For War! Make Its Combat Usage Potential As Competitive Sport Available For All People Said World Leaders After Discovery of MagicBookmark here

Oh please there might be an illegal magicBookmark here

10)For Competitive Spirit! UN Proposes A Committee For 'Magic Research Society'.Bookmark here

I'm sure it'll be like the ones in light novels but it must be with care.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After two hours of making a trail in a forest labeled by my cheat, Baronwood Forest, I found the way out of a forest.Bookmark here

The distance from here to a nearby town called Valencia was 3 hours via transportation and 6 hours by walking. Walking and creating a transportation using creation magic was out for time being.Bookmark here

[Time : 10:30 PM]Bookmark here

I looked at the tallest tree where I put my slash mark on its trunk there. I decided to take a nap not before applying protection barrier. Bookmark here

Zzzz..Bookmark here

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