Chapter 1:

Milk glanced at Oreo. "Is that... Double Stuf?" Oreo turned away. "I'm not the cookie I used to be. I got to be self-sufficient, I have to be-" "A cheap Crisco-loving BISCUIT? I tolerated your filling, but this is too much. Farewell, Oreo. Forever."

*Squish* The Tentacle Monster Underneath the School!

Kaede and Sakura are touring the various classrooms in search of clubs. They first try out ping-pong, tennis, and soccer, but Kaede is much too unathletic for any sport. So then they try less athletic clubs.

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Kaede and Sakura looked at Magic (headed by a girl in a zebra costume), magic (headed by a girl that loved to eat candy), and the amusement club (headed by a bunch of happy-go-lilies, probably).Bookmark here

They kept wandering around the school until they come across a cold, abandoned, creepy basement. Kaede didn't want to go, but Sakura dragged her friend right on in. For this was the last room they were going to explore for the day, and well, monsters weren't real, right?Bookmark here

The basement was a misty blue shade. As the girls wandered in, the fog grew worse and worse.
"I can't see anything in this stupid basement!"
"It's a sign! Let's join the Going Home club and Go Home!"
Suddenly, tentacles sprung up and wound themselves around the girls' arms and legs. An ear-piercing shriek shook the basement.Bookmark here

"Can-can you keep it down please? Tentacle monsters can hear too you know."
Kaede immediately broke a leg free and launched a high kick towards the monster while Sakura began transforming into a magical girl.
"No! I don't mean to hurt anyone! Uh, um, Dark Occult Magic - Lower Inhibition!"Bookmark here

<Aw geez, how do I explain Dark Occult Magic. Um, every creature has an elemental alignment and when some of these magicks get very powerful they get a modifier added to it, like Occult. I'm not evil, I swear!>Bookmark here

Sakura stroked the tentacles tenderly. "Hey there, noodles. I've been feeling awfully lonely as of lately. Want to do... it?"
"Aw, don't let Sakura-chan have all the fun! I want your tentacles all inside me!"
Noodles panicked. "No, no, no! I don't want to turn it into that kind of story! What will my family think?"Bookmark here

<Young monster, you know how generations and generations of tentacle monster IN THE PAST have been oppressed all because a few couldn't keep their tentacles to themselves. Now as a young monster IN THE PRESENT, I fully expect you to live to a higher standard. In a school basement. We have no other place to put you. Muahahaha! Er, I mean, ohohohoho!>Bookmark here

Noodles immediately cancelled the Lower Inhibition spell and left the girls dazed and confused. Then he pulled down the skirts so they fully covered the girls' inner thighs. Finally he changed his name from Noodles to Tickles because that's just what he'd rather be known as.Bookmark here

When the girls woke up, some of the effects were still lingering.
"Hey Sakura-chan, wanna touch each other?"
"Sure thing Kaede-kun. We can lick ourselves while Noodles watches...Noodles?!"
"It's now Tickles, thanks. Um, so as you can see, I didn't touch you."Bookmark here

"We were going to touch each other while you watched!" Sakura said.
"I was going to snap you out of it..."
"Like hell you were! I'm going to the school authorities and tell them, that, um."
"That there's a giant magical tentacle monster in the basement? I can hide, you know."Bookmark here

The room was silent. Then Tickles pinky promised (in his tentacled way) that he meant no harm and set the girls at ease. He made them promise not to tell anyone about his home and to visit every once in a while to play Flying Schoolgirls, a game where he'd wrap the girls in tentacles and wave them across the room.Bookmark here

"It's a lot of fun!" Tickles said.Bookmark here

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Sakura and Kaede were flying around in a game of Flying Schoolgirls.
"It's a lot of fun!" they said.
Kaede was doing cartwheels while Sakura was swimming in the air. They did flips and handstands too.Bookmark here

Tickles asked "Hey, does anyone want to enter the magic competition next week? I heard you can conceal a tentacle monster like me with some clever tricks, and it'll be great advertising for the Tickly Noodles Club!"Bookmark here

Kaede reaches inside her skirt and pulls out a gold coin.
"We're going to beat the pants off the magic club."
"Kaede, that's lewd. Don't pull gold coins out of your panties."
"But that's not where I pulled it from! I pulled it out of my-"Bookmark here

"Who wants Oreos? They're double stuffed!" asked Tickles.
Sakura and Kaede each had a cookie. Truly, a club where students can do gymnastics and eat cookies was a fantastic club indeed.Bookmark here

"Where'd you get the cookies?"
"I know a guy."
So Tickles had someone do his grocery shopping for him? How did he pay? What did he buy? Where did he get the money?
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"So about the magic show! Let's come up with some ideas."
Kaede raised her hand. "How about I be a snake charmer but instead of a snake, it's a tentacle?"
"Great idea!"Bookmark here

Sakura had another. "What about setting the stage backdrop to be the same color as Tickles, so we can perform Flying Schoolgirls?"
"Genius!"Bookmark here

Kyousuke raised his hand. "How about a super intense martial arts scene where I beat the pants off a tentacle monster?"
"That doesn't seem very magic-oriented."
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"Hey ladies. I'm-"
"The delivery boy. Get out!" Tickles shouted.
"No way dude., that's all in the PAST. This is my chance to get my harem."
Sakura and Kaede shouted "We are not your harem!"
"When I'm done fighting this tentacle monster, you will be!"Bookmark here

Kyousuke threw a series of rapid punches to counter Tickles' tentacles, then leaped into the air before performing a flying kick. Tickles wrapped a tentacle over his leg before completely binding him in an erotic pose.Bookmark here

Sakura and Kaede laughed while Kyousuke turned beet red.
"Hey Kyousuke, you sure you don't want to be part of a harem?"
"You can deliver that package to the Yaoi club!"
And so Kyousuke walked sadly away, consigning himself to the horrible PRESENT reality of being an Oreo delivery boy for a tentacle monster.Bookmark here

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It was the day of the magic show. The magic club kept messing up all their tricks. The Tickly Noodles club, performed all two of their tricks to great applause. Overall, it was a mediocre show and the only reason people didn't demand refunds was because it was free, just like the Oreos.Bookmark here

Why were the Oreos free? Where did Tickle's money come from?Bookmark here

"Hope you had fun!"
"Remember to be nice to tentacle monsters!"
And the Tickly Noodles club went back to the basement to play Flying Schoolgirls.Bookmark here

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