Chapter 1:

Oliver and Introduction

Being Normal Is Something That Everyone Wants, Right?

Monday morning, something not everyone looks forward. Nonetheless, the birds are still chirping signing the time to wake up. Let us find a great family to make this morning better. Ah, that house with white paint and a second floor is just perfect for this morning.

"Wheee! Another morning, another class!"

A boy gets up from his bed then puts on his clothes, and looking at the mirror to check is there anything wrong with his face.

"Okay, all set. Let this day be another energetic and fun day!"

The boy went down the stairs to eat breakfast while introducing himself, "My name's Oliver Patrick Crawford, but you can just call me Oliver! Welcome to my energetic and fun story! Have fun with our energetic story!"

On the hallway, Oliver met a young girl, 14 years old to be exact. And she is confused with Oliver's actions.

"Um, brother? Who are you talking to? You look kind of creepy just now."

"Uh, I get the feeling that someone is watching us right now. So I thought I'd greet them. You know, being polite or something like that?"

Hearing her brother's irrational reply, the young girl looked more confused than before. She sighs. "And? Do I have to follow suit?"

Ignoring his sister's question, Oliver shouts loudly, "And this cute girl is my beloved little sister! Jeanne Crawford's her name!"

Shocked by her brother stealing the spotlight, Jeanne decides to take over. "Hey! I can introduce myself! Why do you have to do my introduction?"

Hearing his sister's retort at him, Oliver put on his bored face. "But you said you don't wanna do it."

Her brother's words made Jeanne's face red with anger, but that doesn't mean Jeanne is the one to back down. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I'm 14 years old now! I can introduce myself, you know!" Told you she's not the one to back down.

"Well, you heard her. Let her have her way. Move the spotlight, guys!"

"Wait, spotlight? Did we have a spotlight in this house?"

"Eh, don't sweat the details. Just move it. Watchers doesn't have much time, you know."

Oliver's stupidity made Jeanne is more confused with his actions, but she decides to play along with it, "A-hem. Let me introduce myself again. My name is Jeanne Elizabeth Crawford. Call me Jeanne if you please. Nice to meet you!"

Oliver claps his hands in awe. "Whooo! That's my sister!" Again, Oliver's actions made Jeanne's face red with anger again. "I'm already 14 years old! I can do this much!"

"Whoa! Don't be that angry! I'm just praising you! Oh yeah, take note that I won't let you marry my sister! You have to get past me first!"

For the third time, Jeanne's face is red again, but this time is blushing because of Oliver's warning to us not to get close to Jeanne. Ah, that means Oliver is a sis--

"Geez, Oliver! Why do you have to restrict people who wanted to marry me? I can marry whoever I love, you know!"

Hey! I'm not finished! Sigh, whatever. Moving on, then. Paralyzed with Jeanne's claim to have someone she loves, Oliver reacts back. "W--what? Which boy do you want to marry? Let me fight him first! If he won, I'll let him have you!"

Irritated with the hallway commotion, a well-endowed lady came out from the dining room, don't forget the bouncing sound effect. It's F-cup, for your information. "Hey! Why the fuss in the hallway? Get in and eat your breakfast then go to school!"

Seeing the huge breasts, Oliver snapped his fingers then points at the lady.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce you."

"Introduce? What's this? Some kind of novel?"

"Eh, don't sweat the details. Just move it. Watchers doesn't have much time, you know."

The lady looks at Jeanne confused, but Jeanne only shrugs and shakes her head to signal the lady to follow Oliver's idiotic act. The lady responds with a sigh then bows.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm the mother of these two. Yes, their mother, not their sister. Or do you prefer that? And my name is Lucia Crawford."

"Oh! FYI, my mother's age is--" Before Oliver finished talking, Lucia punched him, "Don't bring my age in this, if you please. And, Jeanne?"

Her mother's actions made Jeanne's jaw drop and answers Lucia while shivering. "Yes!" Lucia looked at Jeanne with a smile. "Don't make the same mistake as your brother."

Still surprised, Jeanne salutes like a soldier. "Aye! Command accepted! My lips are sealed!"
Lucia smiles while cracking her fists. "You guys hear that? Don't bring my age in this. Ever." Oliver salutes while upside down then passed out. Ignoring Oliver, Lucia turned her head to Jeanne. "Jeanne, where's your father?"

Jeanne, who giggled after looking at Oliver's hilarious position, stop giggling then runs to the bathroom. "Dad! Mom's angry! Better wrap your business fast!"

Hearing Jeanne's warning, Dad quickly finished his morning routine then runs to the dining room. In the dining room, Dad spotted the unconscious Oliver and saw Lucia is doing her work like nothing happened.

"Lucia! Jeanne said you're angry! What did Oliver do this time?" Looking at her husband, Lucia smiles and points to his crotch. "Dear, before you worry about me, you need to worry about yourself first. Look, the dragon has risen up."


"Don't just "ah". Look behind you. It's your adolescent daughter."

Dad looked behind only to see that Jeanne has seen his bare butt and made her face red followed by a loud shriek. No, the shriek is not from Jeanne. It's Dad who shrieks. Sorry to ruin your fantasy.

"Dad! Why you are the one who shrieks!? It's me who's supposed to shriek!"

"But, but, a loli who shrieks after she saw a great body is just too mainstream. Let's break the rule for once."

"Don't call me a loli! I'm already 14 years old! And don't call your body a great one!"

The argument made the one who started this commotion regains his consciousness. "What did I miss? Let me join!"

Seeing Oliver regains his consciousness and the commotion is still going, Lucia throws a frying pan and a pot to Oliver and Dad respectively and made them unconscious.

"Don't. Make. A. Commotion. In. The. Morning."

After saying that, Lucia signals Jeanne to help her clean the "scene". Jeanne, who only watched till the end, silently helped and dragged both males to the outside of the dining room.

"Let's just leave them like that. Can we eat the breakfast now, Jeanne?""

Jeanne only responded with a nod, then entered the dining room without looking back.

After some time passed, both males regained their consciousness at the same time only to find that they've been left by the females.

"Dad, we've been left by Mom and Jeanne."

"Yeah, I know."

"Does this mean that we're, uh, late?"

"Yeah, I kno--Shoot."

"Yeah, shoot."

Both of them goes into a panic and rushed to pick up their belongings to go to their own destination. Dad frantically leaves the house while saying something about Lucia.

"Damn you, Lucia! I'm gonna pound you tonight!"

That's what I believe he said.

After Dad left, Oliver calmly locked the door and hides the key in a safe place.

"Moral I got from today's morning is never to piss off your mother or the females of your family no matter what the situation is, or you'll get wrecked. You guys better remember that!"

Yeah, I believe everyone already knew that.

"You're still here? Follow me then. To make your day more energetic and brighter!"

No, I didn't say that.

"Whatever you say. Let's go to the academy then!"

If you insist.

"It's decided then! I'm not forgetting something, right? Because I feel like I'm forgetting something. Whatever, maybe it's not important. For now, let's just go!"

Yeah, you forgot to introduce your own father.


That's what I'd like to say. But just let me do it. The Dad's name is John Crawford. His job is just a regular office worker.

Well then, that's the end of Chapter 1 -- Oliver and Introduction! Hope you like it! Look forward to the heroine's appearance in Chapter 2!



What's this now?

"Don't make my life this crazy! My life is just a normal one! Like my dad's job!

Ouch, that's harsh.

"Everyone, everything you've read up until this point is not my real story! My real story is on the next chapter! Please read it!"

Yeah, next chapter, if I want to write it. I'm already busy with my work and you demand that you have another chapter? Let's just end this here.

"Oh no, I'm going to have my Chapter 2! Just you wait!"

Whatever you want, Oliver. I'm the one who creates this entire universe and that means I can control your story if I want.

"Whatever, I'm tired. Let me back out for a moment."

Running away? You scaredy cat. Oh sho--


"That's what you get, a flying frying pan, if you don't shut your mouth up. Keep in mind that this chapter is a beta story and also serves to introduce the characters! Look forward to the next chapter! Oliver Patrick Crawford signing out!"